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  1. Finally I have solved my problem. PSXT is running on a remote pc over Network, on a Wireless broadband connection. Tried to connect with LAN, and now it's working. I got confused and didn't think that this was the problen, because PSXT v 13 was working fine on the Wireless connection. Keld
  2. It seems like I have to use the old v 13.0, which works, and not use the later versions, where the traffic disappears from FSX after some minutes.
  3. Hi Nico My problem is that the traffic disappears from FSX, but I have all the green bars in PSX and RealTraffic shows the live traffic.
  4. Dear Nico I have the same problem. I run networked and have no problem running an older edition af PSX, the v 13.0, with Real Traffic7.2.71. I think i started to have this problem after v 13.0 and have tried all versions since then and are now on 15.10 with same result. I use WOAI liveries and uses AIL and Parkpos Generator on my FSX pc to generate the XML files. I copy/paste these 2 files to Installation_Liveries and Airports folder in PSXseecon folder on networked PC. I just can't figur out why v 13.0 is working and the newer do not! I have a logfile using 15.10, which stopped. I did'nt stop the sim as written in the log file "Exiting: USER CLOSED SIM", but I closed PSX and RealTraffic after PSX stopped working Wed Aug 14 08:01:04 2019 (utc) version 15.10 PSXT (32 bit) MAIN_WINDOW_X=400 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=20 LIVE=true for Prepar3D v3/v4 or FSX ***************************** parameters ***************************** MAIN_WINDOW_X=400 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=20 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=Wed Aug 14 PROGRAM_VERSION=15.10 INSTALL_PATH=C:\PSXseeconTraffic ALWAYS_ON_TOP=false MINIMIZE_WHEN_GREEN=false LIVE=true SYNC_FPS=true RANDOM=true HEAVY_MIDDLE_AIRCRAFT=true LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=false HELICOPTERS=false INCLUDE_UFOS=true INCLUDE_NOTYPES=true AUTO_MODE=false GROUND_TRAFFIC=false LIVE_IF_USER_AIRBORNE=false COLLISION_USER_GND=true COLLISION_LIVE_PARKED_GND=true LOG_MATCHING=true LOG_PARK=true LOG_XML=true UPS=25 NON_REAL_REMOVAL_THRESHOLD=30 LATERAL_RANGE=40 FLOOR_ALTITUDE=-1000 LIVERIES_FOLDER=installation_liveries AIRPORTS_FOLDER=installation_airports FLIGHTPLANSFOLDER= BLOCK_CALLSIGN= ********************************************************************** Reading airport's data from airport files in "installation_airports" Reading airport's data from airport files in "parked_updates" 1 airport added from "parked_updates" 9898 airports found Initializing server at port 10747 Waiting for data provider to connect to PSXT ... Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... Microsoft Flight Simulator X connected Data provider connected Aircraft type information read from "data\types.xml" *** author: PSXseeconTraffic *** version: 12.11 *** date: Sat Dec 1 Wingspan information read from "data\wingspan.xml" *** author: PSXseeconTraffic *** version: 13.0 *** date: Sat Dec 1 max possible half wingspan: 35.9 *************************************** liveries summary *************************************** 414 liveries read from file "installation_liveries\AI_liveries.xml" *** author: AILGenerator *** version: 4.10 *** date: Fri Aug 2 0 registration codes no generic Boeing liveries no generic Airbus liveries no generic Embraer liveries no generic Bombardier liveries no generic ATR liveries no generic Private liveries 41 unique airlines 35 unique aircraft types Default livery set for aircraft category Heavy, type B763, # liveries: 28 Default livery set for aircraft category Middle, type B738, # liveries: 79 Default livery set for aircraft category Light, type BE20, # liveries: 1 No default livery found for aircraft category Heli ************************************************************************************************ User aircraft title: FSLabs A320X IAE - SAS Scandinavian Airl User aircraft model: A320 User aircraft half wing span: 17.8 meter Connecting QNHReader to UDP port 49004 ... QNHReader connected Connecting TrafficReader to UDP port 49003 ... TrafficReader connected QNH: 1013 Park airport is: EKCH (CPH) Out of business information read from "data\outofbusiness.xml" *** author: Nico *** version: 1.0 *** date: June 23, 2019 Parkpos file "parked_updates\EKCH.xml" for Kastrup *** author: Nico *** version: 1.0 *** date: June 23, 2019 supplier: FlyTampa 104 parking positions, of which 1 real live parking position (0%), with 1 real live option, and 2 defined hours last update Wed Aug 14 Allocation of parked aircraft could not be based on the actual hour. 36 positions to be filled (34%) parked at A12: VLG1_ A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_CFM_VLG-Vueling Airlines_EC-ICT no park at C30: no livery match parked at A23: SAS3_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_SAS-SAS_Norge no park at F94: no livery match no park at D1: no livery match no park at C26: no livery match parked at G124: UAE7_ B77L =s= WoA_TFS_B777-300RR_UAE-Emirates parked at D4: SAS8_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_SAS-SAS parked at r137: RYR9_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_RYR-Ryanair_DAI_Nykoping no park at r58: no livery match parked at r54: DLH11_ A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_CFM_DLH-Lufthansa parked at A30: SAS12_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_SAS-SAS_Star_Alliance no park at C37: no livery match parked at A34: SAS14_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_SAS-SAS parked at C28: DAL15_ B744 === WoA_AIA_B744_PW_DAL-Delta Air Lines parked at G121: UAE16_ B77L =s= WoA_TFS_B777-300RR_UAE-Emirates parked at A4: AUA17_ A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_CFM_AUA-Austrian Airlines_OE-LBP parked at A26: SAS18_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_SAS-SAS_Norge no park at r53: no livery match parked at A9: FIN20_ A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_CFM_FIN-Finnair Old Color parked at C27: BAW21_ A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_IAE_BAW-British Airways parked at B9: DLH22_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_DLH-Lufthansa-PrivatAir parked at B8: SAS23_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_SAS-SAS_Norge no park at B10: no livery match parked at B19: SAS25_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_SAS-SAS parked at A27: SAS26_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_SAS-SAS no park at F98: no livery match no park at G113: no livery match no park at G130: no livery match no park at F93: no livery match parked at A22: SAS31_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_SAS-SAS_Norge no park at F92: no livery match no park at C10: no livery match no park at F91: no livery match parked at A28: SAS35_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_SAS-SAS_Star_Alliance parked at D2: SAS36_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_SAS-SAS no park at E70: no livery match parked at A25: SAS38_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_SAS-SAS_Star_Alliance no park at E72: no livery match no park at E75: no livery match parked at A14: PRI41_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_PRI-Primera Air no park at E71: no livery match parked at A17: AUA43_ A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_CFM_AUA-Austrian Airlines_OE-LBP parked at A15: AUA44_ A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_CFM_AUA-Austrian Airlines_OE-LBP parked at G133: UAE45_ B77L =s= WoA_TFS_B777-300ER_UAE-Emirates parked at A11: SAS46_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_SAS-SAS parked at F1: TRA47_ B738 === WoA_FAIB_FSX_B737-800_W_TRA-Transavia PH-GUB parked at D3: SAS48_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_SAS-SAS no park at F97: no livery match parked at D12: PRI50_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_PRI-Primera Air no park at G114: no livery match no park at r55: no livery match parked at H107: AZA53_ A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_CFM_AZA-Alitalia no park at F90: no livery match parked at A7: SAS55_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_SAS-SAS_Star_Alliance parked at F4: EZY56_ A320 === WoA_FAIB_FSX_A320_CFM_EZY-Easyjet Jordan parked at A32: SAS57_ B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_SAS-SAS_Norge parked at G127: UAE58_ B77L =s= WoA_TFS_B777-300ER_UAE-Emirates no park at r57: no livery match parked at C49: VKG60_ A320 === WoA_FAIB_FSX_A320_CFM_VKG-Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia IBK2901 EI-FHV CPH ->LGW B738 =x= WoA_FAIB_FSX_B737-800_W_DAL-Delta Air Lines Sat SWR169A HB-IJD CPH ->ZRH A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_CFM_SWR-Swiss_Euro MMD103 OY-CLY SGD ->CPH AT75 =X= WoA_OSP_ATR72_500_FIN-Finnair White EZY42MJ G-EZMK LGW ->CPH A319 === WoA_FAIB_FSX_A319_CFM_EZY-Easyjet Lisbon IBK3222 EI-FJK OSL ->CPH B738 =x= WoA_AIA_B738_W_TUI-TUIfly 'Hapag Lloyd' DTR37K OY-RUV RNN ->CPH AT76 =X= WoA_OSP_ATR72_500_FIN-Finnair opb Finncomm IBK57F EI-FVU AGP ->CPH B738 =x= WoA_AIA_B738_W_RYR-Ryanair_DAE_CostaBrava SAS106 SE-RER MMX ->ARN B737 === WoA_AIA_B737_W_SAS-SAS_Norge BTI2TA YL-CSH BRU ->TLL BCS3 =d= WoA_FAIB_FSX_B737-800_W_TRA-Transavia France Soleil RYR8223 EI-FIR GOT ->PRG B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_RYR-Ryanair_CSI_Hahn BRX306A SE-MKI BMA ->AGH AT76 =X= WoA_OSP_ATR72_500_FIN-Finnair opb Finncomm SAS61B OY-KBB OSL ->CPH A321 === WoA_DJC_A321_IAE_SAS-SAS CSN452 B-2028 AMS ->PVG B77L =X= WoA_TFS_B777-300ER_ACA-Air Canada RYR9XF EI-FTJ AGP ->CPH B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_RYR-Ryanair_DAF_Nykoping WZZ5PR HA-LPZ BGO ->SZZ A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_IAE_WZZ-Wizz Air BAW812 G-EUYU LHR ->CPH A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_IAE_BAW-British Airways DLH825 D-AIUK CPH ->FRA A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_CFM_DLH-Lufthansa SXS2C LY-NVV CPH ->AYT A320 =x= WoA_DJC_A320-200_IAE_THY-Turkish Airlines_OC IBK3195 EI-FHK ARN ->CPH B738 =x= WoA_AIA_B738_W_RYR-Ryanair_DAE_CostaBrava removed from A15: AUA44_ A320 1 min park time, AUA3KR at 0 meter position at A15: AUA3KR A320 OE-LBM CPH->VIE (airline + type match) AUA3KR OE-LBM CPH ->VIE A320 =C= WoA_DJC_A320-200_CFM_AUA-Austrian Airlines_OE-LBP removed from D3: SAS48_ B738 1 min park time, avoid coll with IBK3195 EI-FHK ARN->CPH B738 at 34 meter DLH8KA D-AIUU MUC ->OSL A320 === WoA_DJC_A320-200_CFM_DLH-Lufthansa <IBK B738> hour 8,9 added to D3 (# 2) Removed D3 option: <NAX,SAS B738,A320> parks at D3: IBK3195 B738 EI-FHK ARN->CPH CTN480 EC-MLC ZAG ->CPH CRJX =d= WoA_AIA_B738_W_RYR-Ryanair_DCL_Dreamliner 08:05:09 Live: 18, Parked: 35 SAS635 OY-KAO ARN ->FRA A320 =s= WoA_DJC_A321_IAE_SAS-SAS push back fr A15: AUA3KR A320 OE-LBM CPH->VIE SAS49L OY-KBR CPH ->FCO A319 === WoA_DJC_A319_IAE_SAS-SAS_Retro OY-KBD OY-KBD CPH -> A343 =d= WoA_AIA_B763_PW_ACA-Air Canada_Star_Alliance IBK31K SX-MAH PRG ->CPH B734 =x= WoA_AIA_B734v2_LogoLight_PGT-Pegasus_Beko 08:11:07 EKCH is at 5.7 nm, parked aircraft removed 08:11:07 No more parking at EKCH (CPH) 08:11:07 "parked_updates\EKCH.xml" saved 08:10:39 Live: 16, Parked: 35 LOT6EF SP-LDE WAW ->BLL E170 === WoA_AIA_EMB_175_LOT-Polish Airlines '600th E-jet' SAS756 EI-FPX GDN ->CPH CRJ9 =d= WoA_AIA_B738_W_LGL-Luxair KLM1393 PH-BGG AMS ->LED B737 === WoA_FAIB_FSX_B737-700_W_KLM-KLM Royal Dutch Airlines RYR45QZ SP-RSK GDN ->STN B738 === WoA_AIA_B738_W_RYR-Ryanair_DAF_Nykoping SAS646 EC-JZU HAM ->CPH CRJ9 =d= WoA_FAIB_FSX_B737-800_W_KLM-KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Retro Exiting: USER CLOSED SIM 08:15:32 User closed PSXseeconTraffic QNH Reader has stopped Traffic Reader has stopped *************************************** live traffic livery matching summary *************************************** Wed Aug 14 08:15:33 2019 (utc) 30 liveries needed 46% (14) were completely matched, of which 0% (0) upon registration code (r) =s= 1 livery for airline and similar type generated =x= 6 random liveries for type =X= 4 random liveries for similar type =d= 5 default liveries generated The missing liveries were for the following airlines and type codes: BRX AT76 BTI BCS3 CSN B77L CTN CRJX DTR AT76 IBK B734 IBK B738 MMD AT75 SAS A320 SAS CRJ9 SXS A320 ******************************************************************************************************************** MAIN_WINDOW_X=400 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=20 Wed Aug 14 08:15:33 2019
  5. Hi Hussar I have all exclusions made in my security programs and have latest update for AS Next. Will open a ticket, have got very good help from HIFI before. SAS264 Keld
  6. Do anyone have any ideas on what is wrong. It only happens when I fly the FSLabs A320 and not when flying PMDG AC or Majestic Dash 8. When it happens I restart ASNext on my client pc and everything works for the rest of the trip! Keld M SAS264
  7. Last week, maybe after an update, I suddenly could'nt view the 2-d cockpit in my PMDG aircrafts (737 ngx and 777) and A320 from FSLabs when I press F10, which is my normal keyassigment. The 2-d cockpit is visible for 1 second and then an outside view is coming on. I have tried reassigning F10 to 2-d cockpit inside FSX controels without any luck. What have happened? Keld Mogensen, SAS264
  8. Did you remember to put UIAutomationCore.dll file into your FSX folder? Keld Mogensen
  9. That also worked for me. I use FSX and found Camaras.cfg inUsers/ %appdata%/Roaming/Microsoft/fsx
  10. Have the same problem, but need a more precise explanation on what to do. Where do I find Cameras.cfg? SAS264
  11. KMSAS

    FPS issues

    Yesterday I bought Chase Plane and Precipit FX and installed and tried it in FSX today. My framerates use to be around 30 but after the installation it was around 13-14 fps. Is it Chase Plane or Precipi FX. Do anyone know which of the programs is the cource off this? SAS 264
  12. I have Windows 7 Home Premium sp1 64 bit (Danish) and I downloaded Vistalizator and the MUI for Windows 7 64bit sp1 last week and read the details how to use it. I did what was explained and it changed my Danish Windows 7 language to english-us and speech recognition worked. So now I'm using FS2Crew for PMDG 737 NGX Reboot and it's challenging and fun. I was a little worried before installing this program, so I made a system restore point and a full system copy, but happily I did'nt have to use it :-) Regards, Keld Mogensen
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