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    PPL + IFR SEL HP/CPLX 150TT , Ive flown - 172N/SP(g1000), & DA-20, PA-24, and PC-12NG Aviation bug since I was a youngin . KLAS WN Ground Ops

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  1. CaptainLychock

    Guess the secret project at FlightSimExpo (Poll)

    Shared cockpit for the fleet? 😉
  2. If you are flying Part 61 and doing your own ground school, King School hands down. The online videos are kept up to date and you can always go back to watch them over and over if needed, and to refresh anytime after you receive your rating. Part 141 Shepard Air. hope this helps.
  3. CaptainLychock

    Shared Cockpit for PMDG 737 ? Please vote

    Very overdue for such a complex addon, I cannot wait if it does ever happen.
  4. CaptainLychock

    Perhaps the Ultimate Home Simulator?

    Very small world, flew in John's sim back in 2014. Very nice gentleman, and very cool setup. Looks like he did some upgrades since I was last there. -Cheers
  5. CaptainLychock

    Viva Las Vegas - Who is planning to attend?

    50/50 chance I might go to the event.... This might be what you are referring to,
  6. CaptainLychock

    [18OCT17] So what is going on at PMDG?

    Finally a PMDG product with shared cockpit! "wishful thinking" Thanks for the update.
  7. CaptainLychock

    RSR, let me kiss your feet ^^

    Glad its making it way to P3D!.... Now since its known as the "test plane" for FSX it should continue to hold the name for P3D, and have new features that P3D can offer. PMDG please make this the first in the fleet to have shared cockpit, you have 64bits of greatness, put it to use =)
  8. CaptainLychock

    iFly 737NG for P3Dv4 Released

    Never had an issue doing any RNP..
  9. CaptainLychock

    iFly 737NG for P3Dv4 Released

    If you haven't checked already, the NGX is 89.99, you get what you pay for, 30$ difference isn't really much if you think about it. Oh and for the 200%, I was just tossing that out there. Quality just over cockpit screen shots is a no-brainer. -cheers
  10. CaptainLychock

    iFly 737NG for P3Dv4 Released

    For 30$ more over the ifly737, the PMDG NGX is 200% worth it.. just saying.
  11. I say yes, a MD-11 would be nice, for the most part having a different variety other than a Boeing airliner.. But just to toss it out there A classic bird would be nice aside from all this glass panel stuff... MD-80, 727, 737-3,4,5..... And to toss some whip cream on top, how about some shared cockpit on our new P3Dv4 platform, you have the memory to do it now. (Bright spotlight on PMDG staff).
  12. CaptainLychock

    Smile, still on my Dial.

    A lot of 0's and 1's too haha
  13. Thanks for the input, I read the OC, I did exactly what it said. I just have no notification on the gear or anything considering a update for the 747.
  14. Hey team, My ops center updated, but I have not received any update notification on the aircraft. Current version is 3.00.8132, is this correct? (still digging in the forums) -Thank you
  15. CaptainLychock

    the sound..

    +1 Loving the sounds... The buttkicker makes it even better with the low freq sounds.. STUNNING!.... Thank you PMDG!!!