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  1. Active Sky Evolution (aes) for FS9

    Hi all, I've managed to sort the issues out that I was having with the REX weather engine. Within the main REX (FS2004) interface, under "Configuration Manager", at step 3 have the following settings: - Enable Auto launch REX weather engine = ticked - Eable auto launch FS = unticked - Minimise REX when FS starts = ticked - Enable Metar Real Visibility = ticked - Enable VATSIM weather = ticked * Enabled realistic storm wind shear and updrafts * Enable realistic icing effects - Enable TStorm dominance when CB reported in Metar = ticked Those that are marked with a * were the settings causing my stalling issues at high altitudes. With these settings turned off, the REX weather engine works just as good as Active Sky 6.5 now and I am getting the correct up to date weather (within a period of 15 mins depending on server updates). Hope this of help to others :) To get REX weather engine working with FS2004 (FS9): 1) Do not load FS yet. Disable any background processes not required (to boost available resources). 2) Open the REX weather engine from your start menu or desktop shortcut (run as admin is recommended). 3) Load FS and load your flight so you are parked at the gate/stand. Do not start any checklist yet. 4) Within the REX weather engine window (press Alt + Tab until you reach this window), click on "Load WX" and then "Minimise" :) 5) Alt + Tab back into FS and the rex engine should update the weather (you'll see scrolling text informing you). 6) Fly :) Feel free to load the main interface to get up to date weather metar data for a specific airport (main interface > weather [select real time weather] > enter the icao code and click submit).
  2. Active Sky Evolution (aes) for FS9

    Thanks for the input so far all. RE: REX Weather Engine ... Doing a flight from EGLL to OMDB at cruise now (FL390). I've nearly stalled twice now due to the wind changing suddenly. Due to this, I've turned off REX Weather engine and am using the default Jeppesen engine instead. Is there any settings that may cause this in the REX config manager or weather options? RE: FS Global Real Weather; too expensive for my liking with ASE being a good £10 cheaper. So if I were to upgrade; I'd get the Evolution :)
  3. Active Sky Evolution (aes) for FS9

    Me and my mate have only just realised that REX has it's own weather engine for realistic weather. We're going to give it a try before deciding whether or not to upgrade to the ASE. From what I can tell so far, it is up to date and providing what we want :) I don't recall a server update :/ but it certainly has not been providing the correct weather for some time. Thanks for correcting me, it was a typo (I'm dyslexic).
  4. Is it cheaper anywhere else as I can only find it on SimMarket at the moment :( I need to upgrade as had enough of ActiveSky v6.5 not updating properly. Thanks
  5. Man A380 Arr/Dep times please June 3rd

    Hi @WotanUK, Thank you for the fast reply. Please can you clarify which of those times you listed were depart times and which were arrival? Planning on going to the viewing park as I cannot drive and therefore get the train across :)
  6. Man A380 Arr/Dep times please June 3rd

    Hi all, Me and a friend are planning a spotting trip to manchester. Can someone please let me know the arrival and departure times for 3rd june please :) I'll looked up the timetable on Emirates but it doesn't say what the time listed is (i.e. the zone). Thank you in advance :)
  7. Replacement "simroutes" Free Route Planner please

    Sent a message to him this morning. I've tried that simbrief and it is good except that it doesn't include the 1703 navdata cycle for FREE. Granted 1603 is backward compatible (somewhat) but I prefer using the web site for now :)
  8. Hi all, I used since it was released but now it has practically ceased to exist. Doing a simple google search I found Are there any others ones people can recommend? Please don't link to payware products, thank you.
  9. Installation Failure-800/900

    I've just had this issue. Remember to run installers as administrator ! If you've already installed the 600/700 models then reboot! Try it and see if 800/900 installer works now. If not then .... To fix it for me, I found that FS9 was still running within the Task Manager and had to end it ... do this by ... 1) Open Windows Task Manager (right click your Task Bar [bottom bar on windows desktop] and select "Start Task Manager") 2) Click the processes tab 3) Organise the "Image Name" so it is ordered A-Z 4) Find the fs9.exe 5) Right click on it and select end process tree 6) Now run the installer and it should be working :)
  10. UK2000 Scenery 1-8 for FS9 has gone Freeware!

    I've created a setup.exe to install the up to date AFCAD files as the original no longer works for some reason. You can download them here. Follow instructions to the letter otherwise you will have issues. I'll keep this uploaded for as long as I have the space on my Google Drive.
  11. UK2000 Scenery 1-8 for FS9 has gone Freeware!

    In case anyone wants them, I've uploaded the up to date AFCADs from my backups I had. These are the 19.11.2005 ones (download). You can probably still get more up to date ones from the avsim library. I highly recommend my EGNM one for everyone also.
  12. UK2000 Scenery 1-8 for FS9 has gone Freeware!

    They work together fine. When you install extreme versions, all you need to do is delete the old uk2000 Parts 1 - 8 bgl files for the airport you are replacing (e.g. Birmingham you would go to "...\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\uk2000 scenery\uk2000 part 5\scenery" and delete all BGL files that start with "egbb") :)
  13. UK2000 Scenery 1-8 for FS9 has gone Freeware!

    Static Aircraft Issues after running scenery setup program [solution] Why are there still static aircraft models, AFTER I selected no static? The ‘No static’ option in the installer is only meant for large airports like Gatwick, Birmingham etc. If you want to remove smaller airport static like Bournemouth and Norwich then you need to manually delete the file that generates them. For Bournemouth it would be “eghhstat.bgl”, or Norwich would be “egshaircraft.bgl”. For example with Part 2, at EGGB (Bristol) and EGTE (Exeter) there are static aircraft regardless of selecting no static aircraft within the scenery setup program. 1) Make sure FS9 is NOT running, if it is then close it! 2) Navigate to the following folder: ...\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\uk2000 scenery\uk2000 part 2\scenery 3) Delete [or rename to be safe] the files: "egtestat.bgl" and "eggbstat.bgl" (they may include numbers). If renaming I suggest add the prefix ".backup" to the filename (e.g. egtestat.bgl.backup). Hope this helps others :)
  14. UK2000 Scenery 1-8 for FS9 has gone Freeware!

    Certainly worth it. Considering when they were initially released I paid like £20 for each part.
  15. UK2000 Scenery 1-8 for FS9 has gone Freeware!

    HAHAHAH! I feel so embarrassed right now. I just visited the site in like over 2 years so lol.