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  1. hgschnell

    New source for AI traffic

    There is a fine description: http://kaese2002.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html
  2. hgschnell

    Default Weather

    FSMeteo is another option:
  3. hgschnell

    Afcad question. (Cargo planes at gates)

    AIFP3 has an excellent tool "Traffic and Parking Analyzer" to check these things!
  4. hgschnell

    Latest Ai Traffic Packages?

    There are a lot of newer flightplans: http://www.alpha-india.net/
  5. hgschnell

    Misbehaving ai float base

    Do you have a tower frequency? Are your flightplans IFR or VFR?
  6. hgschnell

    FS9 Lighting

    It is a 256x256 halo.bmp with big "stary" lights and it is the cause of your problem. If you think it is better, you have to live with it. I prefer a halo.bmp with 512x512 resolution, smaller lights and sharper edges.
  7. hgschnell

    FS9 Lighting

    Thanks, it is not the original FS2004 version of halo.bmp. Use the original or a better one from here: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?CatID=fs2004&SearchTerm=halo&Sort=Added&ScanMode=1&Go=Change+View
  8. hgschnell

    FS9 Lighting

    Please upload your father's halo.bmp. Otherwise I see no chance to solve the problem.
  9. hgschnell

    FS9 Lighting

    There are several different halo.bmps in the library. Find the one you like best or go back to the default. You have to adjust the scalar values for brightness, especially if the new halo.bmp has a different solution (512x512 vs 256x256 default)
  10. hgschnell

    FS9 Lighting

    Check your halo.bmp in FS9\texture folder. It looks changed...
  11. hgschnell

    Cuban shorelines problem

    Glad I could help. The list of default sceneries was my intention...
  12. hgschnell

    Cuban shorelines problem

    I suppose there is another scenery interfering, perhaps far away. Your way to isolate the scenery is the best way to find it out. I have Toni's Cuba (and some more freeware sceneries of cuba) installed and no problem in this region.
  13. hgschnell

    Cuban shorelines problem

    The LWMViewer 1.4 shows you the used bgls. Load Fs9, go to the airport and load LWMViewer. In LWMViewer click FS2004 - Follow...
  14. hgschnell

    Suitable cargo prop for Win 10

    I remember the same problem now. I copied my order number a second time and pasted it and then it worked, strange...
  15. hgschnell

    Suitable cargo prop for Win 10

    I simply went to www.captainsim.com, clicked "check in", entered my email adress and product number and a security code to login. Then I clicked on my product and "extended download service" to get an email with a fresh download link. This way I downloaded a file called: "csc130_1100.exe". I double clicked it (without XP compatibility mode) and all went fine. The exe had an icon with the "admin shield". So I suppose it executed in admin mode.