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  1. @PebbleBeach @polosim @hgschnell @darrenvox @JAT @chris_eve @Camsdad13 @Dedl It's available guys. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 🙂 https://library.avsim.net/whatsnew.php?Sort=Name https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=90128696#comments_start
  2. If someone knows alternative website or forum that would upload my scenery faster than these turtle websites, I'd be more than thankful. Seems like none of them is responding, and I want this before New Year to be released.
  3. Not sure why is it taking so long for sites to upload the scenery?
  4. Thank you mate. Well I had some health problems, so I kinda paused everything regarded simulators and technology till I get better. I am feeling good now, but I had to give up a lot of things. Anyways, the scenery is waiting for approval at the moment on three places. I'm quite not sure why is it taking so long. I submitted my scenery on FlightSim.com, Avsim.com and Avsim.su. Basically, all we have to do is wait them to publish. Thank you man, thank you for the kind words and wishes. You're a good man. May I say this is only a warm-up? Because I plan to continue developing NewYork, as well as World Trade Center. Basically, you can expect new and even more realistic version of World Trade Center in 2022. I also have a plan to recreate all new built towers since 2004 to present that are missing, so 2022 will be a good year, God willing.
  5. I always loved airplanes, airplane movies, airplane documentaries, and I was even intrigued by plane accidents and how they came about. As a kid, I was really interested in how 9/11 happened. How is it possible to hijack an airplane and redirect it where you want? To be honest, with such curiosity I looked for a decent flight simulator to see if it’s really that easy to take a plane and fly it where you want and do what you want. But I was wrong there, because being a pilot is something really difficult and precise. So, here we are 6 years later I’m still learning and I have a bunch of more to learn. But one thing is for sure, as long as there is a computer and aviation I will always use FS2004. Until, I manage to get into the real actual cockpit hopefully. 👨‍✈️
  6. I will release the scenery this week. I am currently correcting small details to make the model look neat in the end. You have to know that this model is structurally 1:1 identical, but apparently I left out some of the details like road, signs, fences and small details like that because I think they're unnecessary. However having in mind that this a flight simulator, the closest you will get to this complex are the buildings while flying past them with an airplane or helicopter, and the buildings are very good so I am pretty sure that this scenery will make NewYork in FS2004 more realistic and interesting for you. 😊
  7. Not sure tho, I am afraid if I release it that people will abuse it or even modify it so I really don't know when or what is the best way to release this to the community. If you have any idea what is the best way to release this, I'd be thankful to hear your suggestion.
  8. Maybe once I finalize the little details and copyright as well. I definitely will.
  9. Admins, feel free to lock the topic. I've finished my scenery, take a look guys. Best regards.
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