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  1. Hi; if its any consolation i have had this product ever since it eas released. Uninstalled it once and was never able to install the update since. No help from Skysim either. you are not alone.
  2. I have exactly the same issue. My FS9 takes forever to load FSRealtime has a terrible time trying to connect and my framerates are at an alltime low, usually steady as a rock at 35 locked. gameux. dll is not on my system. I too have tried a system restore to no avail. Hope someone can offer a solution. It's a long wait till Flight Simulator 2020.
  3. You can find it in the file library. Search for KPHX
  4. I had a look at this also and downloaded. I noticed there are files in there that have fly tampa names, not knowing if this is okay or not i decided to forgo installing. Also there is no instructions in English.
  5. A dying computer is never a good thing. Hope all works out for you.
  6. Had a look at the screenshots from your link to CYWG. Words fail me Greg, I'll just say that what you are doing is outstanding. Still outstanding seems inadequate. .
  7. I concur, great scenery. Any chance you could use your charm to try and get AES. Would make it an A+ then. Cheers.
  8. HI; Am i allowed to post an image in this topic of a scenery problem i am having with Freeflow Bahamas, or do i need to put the screenshots somewhere else and link them. Help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Thanks Groovy, gave it a try and seems good. Cheers
  10. Hi ; Long time user still of FS9. I have always wanted to have UT Europe but never got around to it. I have many European sceneries free and payware installed. If i were to install UT Europe at this stage would i be risking problems with my installed addon airports? Would hate to screw those up. Just for instance things that come to mind are Gap Greek sceneries, Project Canarias, lots of Aerosoft airports and the like. Thanks for any ideas, Cheers, David Alsolots of UK 2000 Extreme airports as well.
  11. Happens every year. Try FS Realtime. correct time will be displayed when we get to the old change date
  12. Jets and props. Bombardier Dash 8, Embraer 170, Small private planes and Biz jets. Get's me where i want to go in this great virtual world. Long live FS9
  13. I would assume this is for the op as i have never visited Simviation, Regards
  14. Hi, just installed fsrealwx and when the program opens it states 20 days of trial period left. Do you need to purchase to continue using the program, I understood it was a free program. Regards
  15. Thank you Graemeb. You have saved me many hours of work. Cheers
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