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  1. I have a similar system upgrading from a RTX 3070. I'm getting much higher FPS (measured with external counter) since it can utilize NV Frame Generation. That was my main intent for upgrading and I'm pleased with the results.
  2. I think I’ve read the opposite on their Discord but haven’t tried it out yet. I was planning to substitute the 146 for the CRJ. I already belong to an airline and have the CRJ license.
  3. APL 2 is flexible to your availability. You can choose to fly on a schedule for bonus points, but you can also choose “worry-free” scheduling to fly when you want for no loss in points.
  4. Released! https://www.justflight.com/product/146-professional-microsoft-flight-simulator
  5. I recently set up X-ATC to work with P2A (in P3D) and it seemed to work okay. I believe you have to setup specific regions and possibly select the appropriate one for your flight. I referenced this video for the setup.
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