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  1. I am with Ian on this AV as in "have". So would that mean people banned from the forums would be AV-nots?
  2. Yep, forget all his Dark Knight stuff that they've been cranking out these past thirty years, Adam West will always be Batman to me.
  3. As a Canadian, I had no idea there were only 14 interesting spots to fly to in the whole country.😄
  4. Probably late in the game here, but I experienced the same problem with updating the Sky Sim DC-9. I got no response from the team. However I extracted the update from the installer and manually updated the plane myself. If you haven't already done so I can help you out with that.





  5. Cool. I have been using GE Pro for years but they just don't look as good. And those 3D lights? I've never been able to get them to look like that!
  6. Looks great! What addon are you using for the Lake Tahoe night lighting? It looks really good.
  7. More stuff here............. https://books.google.ca/books/about/Flying_Magazine.html?id=VT7C_Y4Wm54C&redir_esc=y
  8. These friends of mind hang out on my desk.......
  9. Amazing the lengths that people will sink to in the name of view numbers.
  10. "Video is age restricted" LOL! I love the Kaiju genre and series such as Ultraman, UltraSeven etc. I always love the monster fight scenes when the combatants take on human characteristics.
  11. ATS, GPL, PGA2K1, NR2003, PC2, and my current obsession, Wreckfest. There is something very relaxing about vehicular destruction on a racing circuit or demolition derby arena.
  12. But will it SOUND like the Jetsons.
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