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  1. Hopefully there will be some fixes. Based on positive reviews I bought this, and have been very disappointed in the look and performance.
  2. That brings to mind this horror, a most unCanadian national anthem!
  3. Here's an obscure sci-fi film with and aviation slant.......
  4. Claude's heartbreaking performance in Mr. Skeffington is unmatched. Thanks for posting both the movie and the Claude Rains info!
  5. Thought I recognized that puss, wrestler turned actor, Henry Kulky!
  6. I have an embarrassment of riches as far as 1960's TV series DVD's are concerned. Seeing as a lot of TCM is bantered around here I would submit a treasure I found on TCM back in the spring, "The Next Voice You Hear" starring one of my favorite actors James Whitmore. Really uplifting in these fractious times. I watched another DVD I owned the other night and that was 2000's "Remember The Titans" , another one of my favs. It might seem a little sappy and maybe pie in the sky but in this age of BLM, it would be nice if we could all make things work like this football team did back in 1971.
  7. I was thinking of buying their Halifax and Quebec City sceneries and these were once available at Simmarket, but now they are unavailable. All their other sceneries are up so I wonder what's going on?
  8. Love Doc Martin, Broadchurch, Downton, etc, I would also recommend Kingdom starring Stephen Fry. I loved the original ACGAS and this looks good.
  9. Yep, I've done all of the above. Another thing I found disappointing is the fact that Nvidia Inspector doesn't play well with Windows 10. I have AA to a point, but there are still distant jaggies that I didn't get in W7. But new systems ship with W10 so I don't really want to got through the hassle of trying to install W7 when some of my other programs work very well with W10.
  10. Does anyone experience performance problems with this? I have a high end computer that I just purchased this summer and the 146 suffers from the odd stutter and it's bit of a resource hog. Intel I7 10700 F 2.9-4.2GHz 16G Ram Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti
  11. I purchased mine from Simmarket in September. It might have been under FSX but like Luis said, it works for both sims.
  12. Did some last minute pumpkin carving.......
  13. He just needs the Speed Racer sound effect.
  14. https://www.flightglobal.com/safety/wizz-a321-left-out-of-balance-by-seat-allocation-mishap/140542.article
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