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  1. Never had a problem with full screen on W10. Alt-TAB in and out no problem either, except when I go back to full screen I get a glowing border and then I hit Alt 2X and it's fine.
  2. Their wings are clipped............ https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/india-spicejet-airlines-pilots-coffee-intl-hnk/index.html
  3. Dang, curiosity got the better of me and now I wish I hadn't seen that. So sad. RIP to all the victims.😢
  4. I don't know if any have experienced this, but I wanted to try DX10 preview ahead of maybe ordering Steve's DX10 fixer. Now previously I ran in DX9 with everything maxed and even running an A2A aircraft and it held solid and locked at 60fps. After switching back to DX9 it's all stuttery now and I haven't changed anything in Nvida inspector or the sim. Kind of frustrating because it ran so well before the preview. Any tips or ideas appreciated!
  5. Try a different AA setting. I find when I change the AA settings in Nvidia Inspector it can sometimes do this.
  6. Astounding. Amazing that a 19 year old sim can look so good.🤯
  7. I thought the lone piper walking down the hall was very poignant and an image that will stick in my head, but yeah it would have been cool seeing the complete descension. My coverage was the CBC so I imagine there was one feed that all the networks around the world used to put their own commentary to. One thing I found impressive was how smoothly those Grenadiers handled that 660 lb. coffin.
  8. Watching the whole ceremony that started here at 5 AM. The precision, pageantry, and emotion have made this a fitting and beautiful sendoff for Her Majesty. Well done to the U.K. for the flawless orchestration of this astounding event. Gotta' say I was very proud seeing the RCMP leading the way.
  9. I started kindergarten here in Canada in 1966 and we sang "God Save the Queen" at the start of our day. The next year,1967, we switched to "O Canada", I'm not a monarchist but yet I feel sad that this marks the end of an era. RIP our gracious Queen. One thing for sure, I wish they would keep Elizabeth II on our money though, not a fan of the new King.
  10. Still waiting for a Jetsons future.........
  11. I'm old enough to say I had a Fireball XL5 playset for Christmas. I think the parents pulled a few strings to get that.
  12. I am with Ian on this AV as in "have". So would that mean people banned from the forums would be AV-nots?
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