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  1. Renaming that traffic file will eliminate the default traffic. You need TTools which easily decompiles Traffic030528.bgl into three text files: one for flight plans, airports, and aircraft. Open the flightplan.txt file in Notepad or similar program and search for EGKB. Then delete each flight with the airport. Save the file and then recompile.
  2. See this: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=david+marshall&CatID=root&Sort=Name&ScanMode=0&Page=11
  3. Hmmm. The only other thing that comes to mind is if you had APChart previously installed and at that time your FS9 was in a different location, the old location is still listed in the registry for APChart and is why FS9 can't be found. A registry edit is the only way to change that, if that's the case, I think. Its must be a registry problem because I downloaded it and it installed just fine into my FS9 and Win10. G/L.
  4. Did it say it could not find fs2004 after you used the browse button to direct the installation to the its folder?
  5. You might try FS9 registry repair tool in the Flight1 library at their website.
  6. This will happen if you saved your work and compiled the airport and then did additional work but did not save it again before you did another compile.
  7. Perhaps ga-traffic_setup.zip by Markus Brunner? Never used it so don't know any more than what's in the description.
  8. Sorry to hear the problem continues. The only other thing that comes to mind is that sometimes bits and pieces of a program that is not "completely uninstalled" previously will remain in the registry and will cause problems with a reinstall and the program will not work. The solution requires, of course, cleaning out the registry of all references to FS9 (with all of those inherent risks of registry editing) and attempting a fresh reinstall of FS9.
  9. Well, I ever had an issue with rundll32.exe and FS9 not starting, but a search on FS9 and rundll32.exe produced a couple of old threads pointing to gameux.dll as the problem: "In case anyone should search for this problem in the future, here is the answer. Run regedit.Delete any entires under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameUXJust leave Games and MachineSettings in there" "Got a work-around: Took ownership of the files 'gameux.dll' in both the System32 and the SysWOW64 directories and renamed them. Fs9 starts first time with no loading of rundll32.exe or gameux.dll." If you haven't already found this, might check into it by googling the above.
  10. I don't think you have a .dll problem if Windows doesn't give you a message box on start with the name of the one that's missing. If you are trying to insert an old fs.cfg file with settings for hardware you no longer have, it will certainly screw things up. You need to put a default copy of it (if, as you say you can't find one) in the location I gave in an earlier post if FS can't boot and rebuild it on its own. If you have commercial addons did you reinstall these also so Windows has the registry and any proprietary .dlls are also installed? If Windows still does automatic updates on Win7 then it will reinstall KB3086225 unless you select to manually choose your updates.
  11. Did FS launch correctly before you added back any of your addons? Also, a common issue with Windows 7 was the KB3086225 update. Did you check for it in your update listings? It will have to be removed for FS to start.
  12. Also, those missing .dll files went into the main folder and not into the module folder best I remember.
  13. Its been several years since I have reinstalled FS9 into either Win7 or Win10 but I remember being prompted for some missing .dlls which I found either on the web or in previous running backup copies of FS9. For starters your FS9.cfg should be here: C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9 And in F9 Properties, I found this checked run this program in compatibility mode for WindowsXP(Service Pack2). Other than that please give any error messages that you get when you try and launch the program. I would test the program first before adding back any third party aircraft, scenery or other addons.
  14. Greg, Absolutely beautiful. Well done and thanks so much for your contributions to our hobby. All the best, Steve
  15. Enjoy seeing the updates, Mitch. So nice to see this airport getting a redo. Thanks!
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