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  1. If you PM me with an email address I can send the update to you.
  2. The update contained (4) centerlights_xx.bgl files (01-04) dated 5/30/2013. It overwrote the originals dated about a year earlier.
  3. You probably know this, but just to make sure, by default, ADE compiles the AFCAD files into its own FS9\Projects folder unless you selected the path to FS9. Be sure to remove the old AFCAD file after creating the new one, and secondly, the flatten ADE file (ending with ADE_TER.bgl) is best placed in the FS9/scenery/world/scenery folder.
  4. Hans, I came across this message from the other site while searching for the ESMS scenery so I thought it might be of interest... I mounted in my FS9 an old scenery from Aerosoft with some Scandinavian airports. One of the airports is ESMS Malmö in Scandinavia1. Whatever I try, always the AI aircraft follow the taxiways of the original FS9 stock airport, running through buildings abd so, and hence do not stop at the desired terminals. What can be the reason why they do so? I checked carefully all possible sceneries conflicting with ESMS, but I found nothing that could be of any influence on that prblem. I've tried also to build some exclude files, but neighter did this help. Does somebody know any reason why this is so? Greetz Jive1 I've found the reason why I had that problem.... When the center point of a modified scenery does not exactly meet with the scenter point of the stock scenery, the original stock scenery will not be replaced by the modified one. That is the only explanatio that I could imagine, since... I had moved the center poInt of the modified scenery right to the middle of the modified Afcad, and that gave me the problem. When however I moved the centerpoint of that modified Afcad back to the place meeting with the center point of the stock airport, the error was gone! Everything is OK now! Just for information to other simmers who might have a similar problem.... Greetz Jive1 https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?263313-ESMS-Malmö-airport-Sweden-problem
  5. I share your excitement! Stunning pics. Many, many thanks for the update and to David for sharing his amazing talents. Even the razor wire on the security fence (img 7) left me speechless!
  6. Any chance this might still ripen or has it fallen off the vine?
  7. Back in the day there were a couple of scenery utilities that generated more trees. They are still in the library and one, treegen.zip, has backups for the original FS9 tree files. If nothing else, you can try and use those files to restore and see if that corrects the issue...
  8. Message me with your email info and I can send you the update fix if you didn't get it.
  9. Guys, thank you so much for putting your talents together and bringing another superb airport scenery to FS9. Steve
  10. So glad to see this one coming along...at a loss for words, Mitch....so here's a big SHOUT OUT "WOO-HOO!!!" Thanks for your dedicated work.
  11. Renaming that traffic file will eliminate the default traffic. You need TTools which easily decompiles Traffic030528.bgl into three text files: one for flight plans, airports, and aircraft. Open the flightplan.txt file in Notepad or similar program and search for EGKB. Then delete each flight with the airport. Save the file and then recompile.
  12. See this: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=david+marshall&CatID=root&Sort=Name&ScanMode=0&Page=11
  13. Hmmm. The only other thing that comes to mind is if you had APChart previously installed and at that time your FS9 was in a different location, the old location is still listed in the registry for APChart and is why FS9 can't be found. A registry edit is the only way to change that, if that's the case, I think. Its must be a registry problem because I downloaded it and it installed just fine into my FS9 and Win10. G/L.
  14. Did it say it could not find fs2004 after you used the browse button to direct the installation to the its folder?
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