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  1. Want to give another shout out to Mitch and with it many thanks for brightening up our night time experience at these airports.
  2. There is file from the FS9 glory days available in the library: TreeGen v1.0 which added more trees, but I don't know how its textures will mesh with ORBX.
  3. Superb job, guys. It was much needed as that old terminal was an eye sore. Many thanks!
  4. Really great work on all of these projects, Mitch. Hope it never gets old. 🙂
  5. The line in the scenery.cfg that begins with Local= is actually a shortened path that shows FS where the scenery folder that contains the .bgl files is located. For example the line: Local=Addon Scenery/KOAK can be translated as the path for the .bgl files: FS9/Addon Scenery/KOAK/scenery (but note that although this scenery folder is not listed, it must be present in the KOAK folder). I would check your scenery.cfg file to see if the missing addon sceneries have a valid path. Do you have a backup or old scenery.cfg file? If so, compare the entries for your missing sceneries to see if anything has changed in the .cfg file.
  6. Did you check the path i.e. (local=....) in your addon sceneries in the scenery.cfg to see if there were any changes? Usually if FS cannot find a scenery its because the path is incorrect.
  7. You certainly know how to turn the lights on at these old airport sceneries! Great work and thanks!!
  8. users> AppData> Roaming> Microsoft> FS9
  9. I've only used the TDS and POSKY 739 to test my re installation, and both have the same wide turn radius regardless of attempts to correct it. I may reinstall my PMDG 737 fleet and check some of those but I haven't flown those for several years now. Like you, I never had any issues with this before, it all seemed to work right from the get go. All .cfg files were copied from back ups where everything worked fine previously so, until I come across a solution, I'll just make adjustments in turning. Thanks for replying.
  10. Many thanks for reminding me of Nick's NI setup. That was the one I needed. I applied your suggestions for improving the turn radius but I'm still having to nearly go full throttle to make a 90 degree turn anything less results in a too wide radius. I'll try and do more brake calibrating to see if I can get a solution there.
  11. Following a new drive installation I can't get a couple of things functioning as well as previously. First, for the 737 previously, I could turn on a dime on the taxiways with rudder pedals, throttle and toebrakes. Now, for some reason, its much harder to get a tight turn radius on 90 degree turns when moving forward again from a stopped position. I searched the topic and tried some of the suggested settings for the aircraft.cfg, but these only seemed to improve it by a little. Second, I lost my nearly perfect AA settings for my GeoForce 1070 card and none of the Nvidia Control Panel settings work very well. I also tried using latest Nvidia Inspector to apply some of the recommended legacy settings but after hitting APPLY, it keeps reverting back to the default profile upon exit. Appreciate any suggestions on how to improve these issues.
  12. It looks like you have another scenery file for PAHN interfering but without textures. I would do a search for PAHN within you FS to check for duplicate scenery outside of GB.
  13. Something similar to this happens occasionally when if I have ran FS9 several times between a reboot. If I reboot before a flight I don't seem to have any quirky issues start showing up later.
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