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  1. Hello Scott, Thanks a bunch for posting that conversion tutorial. I saved that one for a snowy day :smile: Neil
  2. Hello WingZ, Just when you think you've read all the various tweaks and edits....I've never seen anyone mention to not use both "default" and "extended" terrain radius values. I'm going to try for the heck of it myself. What improvement do you see when commenting out the default line? Neil
  3. Also, to Ses and Sascha, I managed to get my blurry issues resolved by tweaking my FS9.cfg file, so much better on that front. Played with EVO settings a lot today, and am finding some nice balances. Still more fun to have. Still looking around for those heavily forested areas though? Overall, it's really starting to come together. I'll post some pictures when I have it exactly where I want it Neil
  4. Where are you flying to see the heavily forested areas? I tried a few spots in North Central USA, and Ontario, where I though I'd see that kind of coverage, but did not see it? Thanks! :smile: Neil
  5. Howdy Ses, "Have you thought of coming to the nVidia side of things?" Ha! Next system build :smile: Hopefully within the next year. Best, Neil
  6. Sesquashtoo and Sascha, (and bowingic) Thanks guys for your responses. I removed the Shader files, and installed "SweetFX 1.5.1", and seem to have much better results, that would be expected from using SweetFx. (bowingic - just Google search SweetFX 1.5.1", you'll find a download link). Experimenting with the settings now for some fine tuning. My initial query about blurred ground textures I believe is an FS9.cfg issue/solution, as opposed to the add-on's. I've always had an issue with ground textures not "popping into focus" until almost right on top of them, which leads to very close proximity looking good, and anything beyond blurred, and won't pop into focus until I am pretty close to that "tile" of ground surface. Sesquashtoo, I have an older ATI 5770 card, and use Radeon Pro to adjust settings. I think I am getting the max out of my card settings, so hoping for some further advice on FS9.cfg settings. Thanks very much, once again. Neil
  7. Sesquashtoo and Sascha, I am using EVO along with Reshade 1.1.0 with SweetFX_2.0 and must say, your shots look so much better that what I am achieving up until now. I have tried some of Sascha's .cfg settings, as well as others, but have not found the magic bullet to get: "and no morphing to blur textures clear out to the horizon. You can still see the definition of field shapes, for instance, the lighter tan ones, right at the point of the horizon....no more blur to collage of color, as FS9 used to display. In fact, only the tiles closest to the plane, would be in focus. No longer....everything has composition. No matter where I fly, no more degradation towards the horizon" For many years I have tried solve why my ground textures start to blur out so close, as in a couple of miles at the most from my plane. I feel like I've made every .cfg edit file known to man, and still never get that view you show in the screenshots above. Do you both have any advice/tips that I can try? Thanks very much, Neil
  8. Though nobody responded to this topic, I'll post my cure in case it helps someone in the future. I had to install the directx redistributable pack from June 2010. After that, reinstalled SweetFX, and turned off AA in game, and all is working as intended. Thanks much, Neil
  9. Good Day, I recently started using two different texture enhancement packages. One called TNW, and one called EVO. They each have their strengths, and I commend the authors for their accomplishments. My goal is to enhance the environments further, using SweetFX. Relevant system components are AMD Phenom II Quad Core/ATI 5770 card/WIN 7. I have since been trying to get SweetFX installed and working, with disastrous results. The main issue is, after installing all the files in the root FS9 folder, and adding the SweetFX folder to the root, FS9 fails on start-up stating it can't find DX9, and to reload it. I am running on DX11, and also have the DX9 run time libraries, etc. When I remove the "d3d9.dll" file from the root, FS9 will start as expected, but I have no effects from SweetFX. Put it back, FS9 won't launch, spitting the DX9 error up. I have spent 3 days reading posts on numerous forums, tried different versions of SweetFX - with, and without the Shader package/installer (When trying with Shader, it throws up a failed to execute something or another, when starting a saved flight. Not sure why the failure, but the errors stay on the screen even though the flight loads ok. Whole 'nutha story!) I'm reaching out to any experienced user of SweetFX, who also uses Win7 & DX11, who may have had my issue, but found the magic to get it working. I'd love to play around with it, and aspire to achieve some of the magnificent visual effects that can be had, when using it properly. Thanks very much to all who respond, it's very much appreciated. Neil
  10. Good day everyone, Gave EVO a try this last week, and think Sascha did an incredible job. I like what I see, and enjoy the new look very much. One undesirable effect I noticed is that the shorelines (I can only confirm this on inland shorelines of North America) seem to have extended outward, effectively pulling all of my float base and outpost sceneries up on land - so, half the docks and various other objects that should be in the water are on land, like the water has receded during a drought. I notice this on all of my installed Roger Wensley sceneries, and my own outposts created with EZ Scenery. Sascha had been very supportive, and suggested that I try replacing a few coastline files, as well as a couple of other UT* files, but we can't seem to pinpoint what file(s) it is in his EVO pack that would cause this. I can restore back to my pre-saved texture folders, and all is back to normal. I write here wondering if anyone else has noticed this, and if so, have you been able to correct it? If so, may I ask how? Thanks very much to Sascha, and to anyone who replies. Neil
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