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Found 75 results

  1. Just updated to 0.4.82. When adjusting a camera setting I normally used tye 'V' icon in the menu bar to update the current preset. Now it adds a preset without updating the one I was using. This is annoying because you have to delete the original preset. If you are not aware of this error and you press the icon multiple times you end up with a list of new presets.
  2. Hi All, this is a small update I released while working on version 1.8 in parallel. See here for the 1.6.7 announcement. Direct download: Windows - macOS - Linux (64 bit) Changes from Release 1.6.6 to 1.6.7 Little Xpconnect was updated to 1.0.3. Minor changes only. Little Navconnect was updated to 1.6.3. Minor changes and French translation. Improvements French translation by Patrick JUNG alias Patbest. Added TXT flight plan format usable by JARDesign or Rotate Simulations aircraft. Added adjustable limitation for maximum points of aircraft track. Flight plan GPX export saves procedure points and altitude for route points now. Bug Fixes Fixed problem where procedures were assigned to the wrong runway in search window. No runway filter is now back in procedure search. Fixed errors in ATS route string generation where a DCT was inserted after SID or before STAR statement creating invalid routes. Fixed problem where X-Plane basepath was not found as Save as or Export default path. Fixed exception when compiling new TACAN approach in P3D version 4.1. Fixes for translation support. Fixed crash after startup when airport procedures changed. Fixed problem with gap on map display and wrong distance calculation for SIDs starting with an initial fix. Fixed error where loading FMS flight plans can result in a missing flight plan line in elevation profile. See the included CHANGELOG.txt or here online for a complete list across all versions.
  3. SIOC

    Hi Guys. Yesterday, I installed the Win10 Securityupdate KB4043961. Since this Update, SIOC does not work anymore. In other words, I can see on the SIOC Monitor, that the Opencockpits MCP knops and Switches do take control there, but no Digits work and they do not light up. The whole MCP is dark. And the MCP does not work at all in the Flightsimulator P3D V4.1. Even an uninstall of the Update did not help. I had to recover a backup, I made before I updated the Windows System to the Securityupdate. Now it works again. But it makes no sense and it would be dangerous to ignore future updates, that are most cumulative updates. Unfortunately there is no Support from Opencockpits and their Community is down and does not work. Anyone with any ideas, what to do to solve this issue?
  4. Since the latest update I am unable to extinguish the caution light. and I have two faults showing , 1. Body gear steering error message 2. fuel transfer x4 I am unable to find the source of the error messages. Furthermore the autopilot disconnects itself and after recycling everything for about 10 minutes I am able to get it to function . That happens occasionally and not every time. I'm am using FSX steam edition. Another issue is the 737 ngx 600 update from the operation center keeps appearing after I start the ops center. I do the update but at the next start it reappears. Anyone having similar issues? Shannon Loder
  5. Hello , I am just a new simulator player since july 2017. I have bought FSX steam edition recently and flying B 737-800 mostly. I am intending to update it with PMDG 737NGX but not sure I can do that. The download costs 70 USD and before invest I want to know if: 1 . is working the PMDG 737NGX with FSX steam edition as well? 2. When bought , how can I install it? 3. When installed , what is the best way to learn about full control of plane. 4. I read topics advising to invest rather to P3D. Does it have sence to update FSX-SE? thx for all kinds of help.
  6. Hi, Recently saw your presentation at Cosford and have always liked your immersion products, however if I were to buy the Aerosoft Airbus immersion now would it still work with the hopefully soon to be released "2018" or "Professional" edition (what ever its going to be called) for Prepar3d V4? I realise the product is already P3D V4 ready but will it port over to the new plane when released. Just don't want to buy something I not going to use. Thanks
  7. Hi, an update is planed for 10.10.2017? The patch for P3Dv4 incoming.... :). Im not sure but probably this version from now will do not work with P3Dv4.1.
  8. Hi All, Announcement is here. This update includes several bugfixes, small GUI improvements, a revised manual and support for the OpenAir airspace format for X-Plane. Direct download: Windows - macOS - Linux (64 bit) Changes from Release 1.6.4 to 1.6.6 Version 1.6.5 was an internal beta release. Little Xpconnect did not change. Little Navconnect was updated to 1.6.2. Improvements Added OpenAir airspace format compilation for X-PLane. Also reading airspace files from from YOUR_DOCUMENTS_DIR/Little Navmap/X-Plane Airspaces. You have to create the Little Navmap/X-Plane Airspaces directory manually. Added new airspace types Wave Window and Glider Prohibited. Removed restrictions on user defined waypoint names. Names are now adjusted according to flight plan format when saving. Enabled user defined waypoint names for X-Plane FMS format. Changed rating checkbox to drop down list in airport search. X-Plane 3D airport state is now considered when calculating rating. Added display of simulator type to connection status in statusbar. Airspace buttons are now disabled if no airspaces are loaded. Now clipping long airport and user waypoint names on map. Removed no SimConnect header label in connect dialog. Added display of AIRAC cycle to database dialog (X-Plane only). Added scenery file display for airspaces in information window. Added download button to update notification dialog. Better error handling and reporting of too old files with version < 850 when loading X-Plane scenery. Now checking X-Plane CIFP filenames before loading. Now showing dialog on certain crash types to avoid silent crash to desktop. Made loading of add-on.xml more robust for files with wrong encoding. Added coordinates to CSV export to clipboard from flight plan and search result tables. Bug Fixes Offline map themes Atlas and Simple: Fixed missing lakes in map. Fixed problem loading FS9 flight plans. Attempt to fix zoom distance creep while using moving map. Fixed error in airspace copy process from older database schemes where bounding rectangle was messed up. This resulted in an Too many objects message in the statusbar. Solved problem with gaps between SIDs, STARs and the respective transitions resulting in wrong display and distance calculation. Fixed problem where STAR was not reloaded after database switch. Fixed issue where airspace display was not updated when changing cruise altitude with empty flight plan. Fixed user waypoint format for FLP so that it can be reloaded. Fixed confusing 0 errors dialog appearing after loading X-Plane database successfully. Fixed Connect on startup checkbox state not saved in some cases. Fixed status bar connection indication remaining in disconnected state sometimes. Fixed potential crash on failing network connection. Calculate based on given altitude is working again. Previously failed with Cannot find a route. Now correctly considering minimum and maximum altitude ranges when calculating to avoid non-overlapping airway altitude ranges in one flight plan. Fixed error in flight plan saving logic where cancel did not stop saving. Alex
  9. Hello, I recently attempted to update the DHC-2. I uninstalled it first as instructed using the "MVAMS" product and selected my P3Dv4 installation. After uninstalling i now have nothing, no request to run again, no shortcut, nothing at all.How am i to reinstall this product? Thanks
  10. Hi All, Announcement is here. Direct download: Windows - macOS - Linux (64 bit) Changes from Release 1.6.3 to 1.6.4 Fixed crashes when reading X-Plane CIFP files with unknown approach type. Fixed crash with older X-Plane apt.dat files where runway name for VASI is missing. Fixed error where altitude restrictions were not recognized when given as flight levels. Enabled support for older apt.dat files with version down to 850. Added support for all altitude restriction types in procedures. Improved error reporting reading X-Plane dat files to avoid crash to desktop. Added error collection for X-Plane compiler. Now only stops reading the current file on error. Added workaround for P3D v4 add-on.xml files with inconsistent encoding. Fixed inconsistencies around context menus and procedure restriction display. Moved hidden URL to top in update notification dialog. Updated included PDF manual. Alex
  11. Hi everyone, I'd like to create this thread in order to regroup all the ideas this community has to improve FSW so DTG devlopment team can see all our expectations on one page. Having a team listening to the Flight Sim Community for creating the perfect sim is rare so I hope this thread will be useful for all of us. In order to keep this readable, your posts can contain 2 categories: - small improvments that could be implemented rapidly - big and long-term improvments (real world weather etc...) Please dont comment or discuss too much, keep it simple and readable, give your ideas that's all. Let DTG Team judge what is worth it and what can be done or not. I'll start: Short ones : _rain sound could be louder to feel and fear the elements :) (or be adjustable, the environment slider is currently not that efficient) _make a " visual smoke effect" if you look at the wings from the cockpit when flying through clouds to simulate the plane is REALLY in it. _make ATC speak faster like in real life _ Head anticipation in turns when taxi and flying (like in XP Realistic addon) Big ones : _ a "FSPassengers like" feature whith passengers screaming in turbulence (make us avoid the clouds) _Windows Voice Recognition for ATC would be awesome like in Tower3DPro _ ATC speaking with accents depending on which continent or country we fly
  12. hello :) I wonder , on x-aviation ,the download limit is a 3. but ,if the jetstream as a update 1.03 > 1.04 ,the réinstal can get the latest update and download this ? Without touch the max download limit ? or if the jetstream as a update 1.03 > 1.04 ,i download with the link in x-aviation website ,and ,after 3 update ,request an reset ,and this ,for all plane ? it's a lot of workload for x-aviation support... and ,if ,like me ,i réinstal windows regularly ,and ,after all update ,i take it. I may have a problem ? thank :)
  13. I purchased the boxed version of PMDG777 from some time ago. I installed and have used it in FSX for some time now with no problems, but recently purchased Prepar3d v4 and wanted to try the aircraft in that program. I went to to download the latest update but it wont acdept my key from the box. I have tried several times and even contacted aerosoft support and I get this reply: Tom Weigandt (Aerosoft - Support Service) Jul 31, 20:27 CEST Dear Sir, We have seen some customers whose serials were not accepted by our servers when updating to the latest versions. This issue is tracked down to the fact our database did not contain all key series (mainly for the boxed release). Our mistake, sorry. This is now corrected and all serials should be accepted. Please try again, when things still fail send us the serial that is not accepted via email at Kind regards This issue is still unresolved because I still can not access the update. I'm hoping someone here can offer some much needed assistance. Thanks in advance! Glyn Bolyer
  14. I have been having issues with all textures on the 737-600/700 ever since I upgraded to the new update. If I uninstall the new update and install the previous version this goes away but as soon as I delete the old one and install the new one it creates a line on the back of the aircraft running under the passenger windows and through the left aft exit. Any ideas? Picture at Shyam Kumar
  15. Hi support team, finally i've installed the new updates of the PMDG aircrafts via the repair mode inside the installer. After the update, i started P3DV4 and a black screen appears instead of the normal mode. In my opinion it has something to do with the update or my install method (repair mode), because it was the last thing i did before. I already deinstalled all PMDG aircrafts, but the problem still exists. I hope anyone can help me. Thanks Best regards Fabian
  16. Hello pilots! As we all know, PMDG has released updates for their stunning products somewhere back in June or July (can't really remember, I had final exams around then). I own the complete NGX series, 777 series and the updated 747-400 V3 for FSX. Now, as I said earlier, there are updates for these products. However, I actually do not see a reason to update these, and I mean the 'uninstall-and-reinstall-the-product' update. Why? Well, I've had six (yes, six!) big crashes with my FSX this year. These crashes very from an addon scenery file that just completely disappears, to FSX crashing when I start the game, this all with me not changing anything. You may be wondering why I tell this. Most of us PMDG users know their way around a computer. I definitely don't. When a big crash in my simulator occurs, 1) I freak out for like two hours before even getting the courage to try and rectify the problem, and 2) I'm entering my graduation year this year, so, I do not have the time, nor the knowledge to rectify such problems. And now my FSX is in a stable position, and I've had before that just uninstalling something and reinstalling the same problem crashed my sim completely. Now, I know that lot's of people are going to say that I just need to upgrade to P3D, and they're probably right. But, I've spend around €1000 on FSX, PMDG products (whom I absolutely love) and scenery products. Upgrading to P3D means that I need to spend all of that money again, maybe even more, because P3D software is expensive. Furthermore, because I'm in college, I only fly three to five flights per week. So all of these factors lead me to conclude that I'm actually not going to update the superb PMDG products. But I want your opinion, because am I just refusing to 'eat the apple because the pear was not tasty', or do you think it's reasonable what I'm saying? :) Love to hear from you! Sincerly, Tom van de Wetering (Sorry for my not 100% grammatically perfect English, I'm from the Netherlands).
  17. Hello all, I would like to upgrade my Simulator with ChasePlane. Now I have a question about the product: When I buy now the Beta Version for $39, am I allowed to download the final Version 1 or need I to pay again $39 for the final Version 1? I hope someone can help me...
  18. Little Navmap update and bugfix Release Most important change are bugfixes regarding crashes with P3D v4 scenery data. Announcement on my page with all links. Direct download link Windows Direct download link macOS Direct download link Linux Notes The littlenavmap-nosimconnect.exe was dropped in Little Navmap version 1.4.4. You can use littlenavmap.exe on all computers now, no matter if SimConnect is installed or not. The map theme can change after the update in some cases. Simply change it back to your previous theme. The GUI style can change after the update in some cases. Go to the options dialog to revert back to the style you used before. Changelog from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4 Added light (Positron) and dark (Dark Matter) maps from CARTO. SimConnect is now detected and loaded dynamically. The file littlenavmap-nosimconnect.exe was removed since it is not needed anymore. littlenavmap.exe can now also be used on bare computers without SimConnect or flight simulator installation. Added notification message if SimConnect was not found in connect dialog. The file link in the information window is now removed if the file cannot be found. This happens on remote computers with copied databases. Added start positions to runway information. These are also available if the airport has no runways. Improved aircraft progress display and fixed multiple omissions. Fixed potential crashes when a style is unavailable. Half transparent aircraft icon fixed. Fixed problem with links in scenery database error dialog opening inline. Changed to Qt library 5.9. Note that the GTK style is not available anymore in Linux. P3D v4 runways, aprons and taxiways are now read correctly. This affects all BGL files that are created using the v4 SDK compiler. Fixed crash with P3D v4 BGL files and other crashes that appear after applying the P3D v4 hotfix 1 and loading the scenery library. Added support for P3D v4 add-on.xml packages. These are now read from subdirectories of C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\add-ons and C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons. Full changelog.
  19. Am I correct in thinking that the 777 will be updated for FSX soon after the issues with the 777-300 for P3D V4 are worked out? Thanks, Mike
  20. Hi all, I've just pushed the latest version of PTA (v2.51). To update, visit the "My Account" section on the SimTweaks website, view your PTA order and download it from there. To install, just overwrite the .exe that's supplied with the updated zip file directly over your current PTA install. I've also included my own preset for those of you who are looking for something to get you started (I think it's pretty sweet, but then apparently I have a huge ego, so take what you will from that :D). v2.51 Changes - Improved activation logic - The "Clouds shadows tweak" is back. Due to changes in the Prepar3D v4 shaders code, this tweak has had to be rewritten with NEW parameters and ranges. Check the help pane for the new possible values. - New post-processing shader "Technicolor2" added adapted from Reshade 3 to P3D the rendering engine. - New post-processing shader "DPX3 adapted" added from Reshade 3. it should make the image look like it's been converted to DXP Cineon - basically it's another movie-like look, similar to technicolor. Thanks for your continued support. Matt.
  21. Dear PMDG team, Is there another update coming up for the QOTSII? The Issue tracking thread is being quiet for a while now... I do not mean that there should be an update, just curious to know if you guys found any issues to get corrected and if yes, what kind of issues. Second, any news on the 747-8 extension? Really looking forward to this one! Best regards
  22. X-Craft JUST released the new 2.1 of their e-Series jets. If you already bought these planes off the ORG just sign in to your ORG store account and re-download them. A lot of big fixes but the biggest one I am happy with is the auto-throttle no longer going bonkers like the Devil himself is trying to murder you! These are both fun aircraft to fly!
  23. A few weeks back I posted in Hangar Chat about being rushed into hospital. So I figured I'd update you all on how I am, and tell you an amusing tale in the process... So, you may recall I initially thought I had 'man flu' and was putting up with being very ill, in an attempt 'not to be a pussy' about feeling ill. Eventually however, it got so bad that I staggered into the local hospital's casualty department, and within five mins of seeing a triage nurse, I was on a trolley with blood samples being taken and IV drips going in my arm and the very obvious indication that I would not be going home later that day lol. After a lot of tests, it was determined that I had a streptococcus infection, pneumonia, a collapsed lung, and a few other bits and bobs too (as if all that wasn't enough). After around four of five days in a ward where they were shoving antibiotics into me IV and testing blood pressure etc every hour, I was transferred to another hospital with a more specialised ward for what was wrong with me. This led to me having a lung drain put on me (quite a painful op) and three days of that hauling the infection off my collapsed lung. Now, here is where the fun starts... Far be it for me to slag off doctors and nurses, but sometimes the way they are managed can leave a bit to be desired, so when something is wrong, I've always felt it is incumbent on us to not stand by and say nothing about it, for if we do, then things will not change for the better. It didn't take me long when on that new ward in that new hospital to realise that something was definitely amiss in terms of overall care. In fact there were a lot of things which could have been better, and talking to my fellow patients on the ward only served to confirm that. However, everyone seemed too reserved to complain about it (typical Brits). But you guessed it, not me, I've always been a bolshy sod lol. Chief among complaints was that the staff rarely communicated with the patients to let them know exactly where they were in terms of care and progress, and being that some people on the ward (myself included) were in a fairly serious and potentially life-threatening condition, I found this unacceptable, other more trivial but nonetheless important overall matters included very poor food, which was in fact so bad that most patients were resorting to buying additional food and having relatives bring stuff in. Suffice to say that I ended up with a laundry list of complaints and some phone video evidence of what needed improving. With all that gathered, I demanded to see the healthcare trust's manager, or someone of equivalent status, so that I could make these concerns known. Now, you've never seen hospital staff get a rocket lit under their arses so quickly when you say something like that to them lol. Within about half an hour, I had some head honcho at my bedside, where I explained to them that the real problem was that care and healing comprises two things: physical care, and mental care, i.e an holistic approach to getting people well. One is no good without the other, and I told them in no uncertain terms that whilst they might be fulfilling the physical care side of the bargain, this would be for nothing if people were not kept informed of their progress and what was to occur next in their care plan, and to be kept in the dark with regard to such matters would in fact be detrimental, and I and others were experiencing just exactly that. To round it off, I challenged said head honcho to eat one of the meals which would be coming around that day, and asked them if they would happily give it to their dog, let alone eat it themselves lol. Because I certainly wouldn't have given it to my dogs. To illustrate: By the time I came out of that hospital, I weighed less than 70 kg because of the poor dietary provisions, I was so thin and weak that I literally looked like I'd come from a refugee camp rather than a modern hospital. Not good when one needs to build strength. Anyway, the upshot was, following me expressing my grievances and those on behalf of my fellow ward members, things changed quite a bit in there, with much more communication going on, and within a day and a half, I was out of there, this at my insistence because I felt I would be better off out there and managing my own medication. Although one suspects they were glad to see such an unruly patient go lol. That was about a week and a half ago. I'm currently at home, gradually coming off the medications, and getting stronger. To help with my mental healing, I'm indulging in something I haven't done for a long time - building a model aeroplane, since to do so requires a bit of mental exercise, what with all the research into detailing, markings etc, this again being the two stage healing process, helping your mind as well as your body after having sat doing so little in hospital to challenge one's mind. So, the time came to pick which aeroplane to model: Well, given my bolshy pain in the butt actions against the authority of the hospital (not without good reason), there really could only be one choice couldn't there? Good old Gregory 'Pappy' Boyington's F4U-1 Vought Corsair of VMF-214, aka the Black Sheep Squadron lol. I know that a lot of the 'tale' of Boyington and VMF-214 is sometimes more a case of shrewd US Navy propaganda for a hungry press back in the States during the dark times of the war in the Pacific than much of the reality, but as with most legends, they're usually based on some truth, so I figured it was a fitting choice. Here she is so far...
  24. Hello, I have a question about how may I update the VOR, NDB, Waypoints, etc. for my simulator, P3D v3.4 I have the AIRAC Cycle 1704 and inside I have a lot of files and folders, and I really don't know how to install this. I saw a videotutorial explaining the process for X-Plane 10 and 11, and for those simulators is very easy. You have a RAR file which says and For X-Plane is so easy as uncompress those files in certain folder of the simulator (Xplane 11 or Xplane 10), you use Xplane10_native for X-Plane 10 and xplane11_native for X-Plane 11, and that is all, very easy. However, for Prepar3D I have no idea about how to do this. I see there are a lot of folders inside, and I suspect those folders are for certain aircraft you can purchase... for example I see the zip file, and it is clear that file is to provide the AIRAC data cycle 1704 to that particular plane. However, what I want right now is to update the simualtor, that is, the VOR, NDB, waypoints, etc. get updated. I want the default aircrafts be updated, and the default database for all aircrafts, inside P3D v3.4 be updated. How may I do this? I really don't know what file should I run to update the simulator. Your help would be much appreciated!
  25. Hi fellow members, I'm having some trouble since recent update (0.1.672) Alpha exp 1.5. Since this update my chaseplane keeps crashing unexpectedly within 2 to 3 mins of P3D loading flight. Doesnt matter whether i proceed to do preflight checks or just have the aircraft sitting there without doing anything. I've tried changing all different settings within chaseplane & also restarting it as the un-experimental mode, however it just seems chaseplane seems to jeep crashing. I've also tried finding the error log file on my system numerous times and can't find it. Any help would be much appreciated or to hear from others with similar issues. Many thanks, Simon :)