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  1. your current set up is similar to mine. I have msi 3090 gaming x trio running in my sys with i9 9900k. No issues except i had to upgrade my ups to a minimum 1500 VA (850 W). Keep that in mind.
  2. Nice. I see governments playing out anti terrorist/anti hijack scenarios in the near future using this technology in MSFS.
  3. the 3xxx series cards seem to be hot property now. Ive got offers way above what i had paid ( i bought my 3090 for a significant markup of close to $2500 equivalent). I will not sell though. I really love the raw power of the card. I had to actually upgrade my UPS to keep up.( requires a 1500va min)
  4. Humping static hippos! Seems the animals and humans lack animation.
  5. Seemed to be a very ambitious and overpowered aircraft. The only example crashed and took the pilot with it. Engines were custom built Nissan V6. The PT-6 re imagination would only increase the ridiculous power. Does it have increased top speed compared to the original?
  6. Now all we need are some study level aircraft to compliment the brilliant scenery.
  7. Submitting a ticket is the way forward in this case.
  8. Just pointing out a fact. the last line was a guess. yours is as good as mine.
  9. I got so frustrated with a similar issue that i just told xaviation to delete my account. Fastest support ever! Account deleted in less than 5 minutes with all my previous tickets flagged as closed because "customer requested deletion". they were glad to see me go i guess.
  10. thanks for the input. What is your approach speed on the MiG21? I keep it at 380 and touch down between 350 and 320. And apologies to the OP for the Hijack.
  11. Can you recommend some good heptrs in xplane, I mostly fly the MI 8 in DCS.
  12. Have you made the orthos public? If so i would like to try them out. Link please.
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