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  1. How does anyone know what airspace they were in?
  2. Whatever said and done, this sim is miles(decades?) ahead of anything produced so far. Once third party aircraft come in, i will enjoy it much more( not a fan of INOP). thus far i am enjoying the mooney in all its non study level glory. Kudos to the developers.
  3. he should be wearing a helmet
  4. a game to some, simulator to others.
  5. Yup. Overloaded. connection times out every time.
  6. Their download link doesn't seem to be working.
  7. sorry if i am breaking anyone's illusions but there has been nothing as path breaking as msfs2020 to come out till now. others will have to catch up.
  8. Airport for private/executive aircraft.
  9. Every time I fly, i discover something new. Now i find myself exploring the Indian countryside which as been depicted with great accuracy. I could never do this before even with global and vector installed in p3d. xplane does not model India properly at all. Even small generic airports are so lifelike. The buildings look India specific and for the first time i could make a distinction between New Delhi and Old Delhi. The vegetation also seems to be region specific. No, i cannot find my house as it is not modeled to that degree, but it is so close! I dont mind the default GA aircraft. They are beautiful to look at and fly well(non pilot here). Weather effects are lovely and immersive. This is the start and things will only improve from here on. I dont feel like going back to P3D/xplane at this point. I am just waiting for great 3rd party devs such as a2a to bring out realistic planes to compound the enjoyment. I dont see myself buying any add-on scenery as in my opinion, they are simply not required. Happy flying. Take care.
  10. no probs here. installed in four hours at an average of 12 MB per sec.
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