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  1. Nice shots. Is the scenery using TE from ORBX?
  2. Thanks. I have all the patience in the world for MSFS bug killers and performance tuner to catch up and more serious 3rd Party plane developer to arrive first before I touch another Carenad'a' 😉
  3. Great shots. Just curious which plane (I assume payware) was used?
  4. The only add-on in this "genre" at the moment is Skymax Pro 4. I took a look at XVision, and now learned about xEnviro and now xAmbience Pro 😉 I guess I will wait or researching some more. I only fly in VR so performance is important to me. I skipped the 50% upgrade for Skymax Pro 5 after the review as "meh". May be the only I need is XVision.
  5. So does XEnviro worth a buy now?
  6. Your screenshot of XP11 of Chiliwack did not look like it has Ortho L17 at all and looks like XP11 default to me, are you sure?
  7. How did we get here? I think Mod needs to lock this thread. The OP's purpose and intent of making a statement was that no matter what people do with XP11 it will not be MSFS2020. Sure, but what's the point? I for one think the XP11 world is good enough. The objective of your hobby IS to fly the plane, and that it behaves reasonably well. I mainly fly the Carbon XCub in MSFS2020 for the visual and 30-45 mins leisure "pretending flight", pretending because the plane was behaving weirdly but I did not care, because I was enjoy looking outside. On the day I want a serious flight, I set it all up with XP11, at FL300, the scenery diff and the env. is not as important as the plane. The day when most Flight schools announce that the use MSFS2020 for student training is the day I pay attention, as of now the SDK (according to developers are subpar) and other than ridiculous priced Airport sceneries that you looks once, not a whole lot of seriously behaving plane models in this sim.
  8. I only have Gizmo, required my many X-Aviation products, Avitab, and yes, I don't run freeware plugins, as you said, too much headache and every time XP updates, some of these will fail, but it's freeware. My point of fixing XP11 and go slow on 12 is simple, unless there is a real hard reason to break everything to be in 12, why causing so much disruptions with a new version? Unless the business model is to introduce new version introduce new issues, trigger costly update. Having said that, if there is a new version, I will be parsing and watching if the new features are that break through and justify the time and cost. Otherwise, I will just ignore it and stay where I am.
  9. If the sim default has everything then 60$ is nothing. It's the hundred if not thousand of bucks you then have to shell out for add-ons and then watch the bugs to jump. To me this cycle is ridiculous. If as you stated (and presumably you had the inside track) then XP12 is indeed worthy of a look. However, I will wait and see if it truly will deliver or v13 or 14 anyone? There are classes of simmers, those who built 100K custom cockpit and those who have limited budget. I have been spending money on this sim thing for years and to be honest still wondering if the value I got out of the bucks is good. Listen to your argument, you may as well tell the 3rd party dev to close shops. These folks also do not have millions of development budget, if the way to make money is to introduce a new version with features that should have been in the previous version then force people to spend money to upgrade because of their existing "investment", at some point sensible simmer/hobbyist will quit the whole thing altogether. I also found your suggestion of taking up train watching a bit rich. There are all different type of simmers and not all of them has thousands of bucks to spend or have a bottom less wallet.
  10. Ok, so I was late to the topic, and after scanning through 7 pages, I am no where near knowing where XP 11 is going from here. LR is not saying anything, and aside from releasing 11.52r1 has been quiet. To be honest, I am not looking forward to 12 at all. Not sure where they make the money from, but keep improving 11 and sell more copy of it seems to be a better option to me. Unless there is a real reason and gain to be made with a major breaking release, as user, I just want the outstanding issues fixed. Many problems like atmospheric depiction has been promised but never delivered, with a seemingly 'next version' reply. This sim thing is a perpetual buy the next HW improvement trick. I waited 5 years to get the latest (well I bought the RTX2080SC too soon, should have waited for the RTX3080) but when I fired up the various sim again, the best performance is still "meh". May be in 10 years, we will have quantum PC and then we will finally have a dream sim (yeah right), but the software guys will once again manage to make it run slow again. What I want is very simple: run smooth and look good enough that I will fool myself that I am flying the plane and seeing reasonably behaving weather, not occasionally break by stutters and reloading that remind me that I just spent thousand of bucks to be reminded again that I am sitting in one place and the word not allowed thing is not real at all. 😆
  11. Really? Oh yes, Google was my friend - found it.
  12. Since this is a "rant" hmm therapeutic thread, here is mine: I gave up on MSFS2020 and VR. The latest Oculus software was supposed to give me smooth performance, which it did, once. All subsequent setup still gave me the slide show. May be I will try again in year. Yes MSFS2020 eye candies are amazing, but since I only fly in VR, it's useless. I still have P3D4.5 and XP11.52 they work fine, and that's what/where I spent time flying. Oh I did not add anything new at all. It helps 🤕
  13. Well one thing that I can confirm: with the latest update of Oculus Software I can actually use the Quest 2 now with MSFS2020 VR. Before this update it was a slide show for me 😉
  14. The current Oculus implementation of OpenXR is sub-optimal, as such you better off with using Virtual Desktop and SteamVR OpenXR client. So bottom line is this, don't bother with Oculus link. I am in the same boat. In fact, I shelved MSFS 2020 altogether right now because the VR experience is so bad with my Quest 2 with Oculus Link. My household is busy, so the Virtual Desktop solution does not work for me because my traffics to the router is not the only one.
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