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  1. I have never heard of using a VPN to fix this. Could you elaborate? Thx
  2. This is from the release note: "In Aircraft & Avionics Update 02, we added new telemetry to help investigate the “bandwidth is too low” and connection loss issues users in the community have reported. While the investigation is ongoing, thanks to data gathered during the flight we were able to narrow down the search. For example, we now understand the issues are not limited to specific regions or locations. With the global release of AAU 02 this week, we’ll have the opportunity to gather data on a larger scale and continue working towards a solution." So there you have it. I am now one of those affected. I guess they could not find the root cause so they decided to release the update to gather more data. As for me, the sim is now unusable. One of my option now is to get in touch with MS and log a ticket to see if they can find anything with what happened to me.
  3. Hi folks, As per this https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/release-aircraft-avionics-update-02-1-33-8-0-now-available/597642 the AAU2 did not resolve the connection drop/low bandwidth issue reported with beta but merely add support to collect diagnostics. Well as I have been experienced recently (before I knew about this), all my recent flight ceased to work with the message pop up about lost network connection, low bandwidth after 10 mins or so with default aircraft even, the sim froze and I had to kill it with task manager. My network connection was also busted afterward and I had to restart my PC to get it back. So my question to those in the know is: why AAU2 was released with that issue, what's next that I can do to restore my sim, short of re-installing. How do I remove AAU2? Thanks in advance
  4. I have bought a couple of these. Waited a long time for the K350i as well. Alas, I removed P3D 4.5 half a year ago already. Certainly nostalgic to look at these now given away free. Certainly good birds for folks who still use P4D platform. Have fun
  5. If you are looking for the Reverb G2 v2 in Canada, it's currently on sale at 629$ Cdn (26% off), pls you can also use the 50$ off coupon for purchase that is more than 500$, so it will be 579 $cdn +tx. Really a sweet deal, and I am glad I waited (HP Reverb G2 (Canada)) but just go to hp.com/ca and check it out if you are in the market for one. I have no idea how long the sale will last. I suspect that it's on because HP want to get rid of stock, now that they have announced that they are getting out of the VR headset business. Even with that info, I have seen review about it quality matching the Varjo Aero, which is currently the rave but costing 2000 $ USD (ouch).
  6. Thanks for the info on the F1 GTN, I do use it, so if it's done for after 5.3 HF2, and as you said that the latest version went backward in performance than I guess I will stay put atm.
  7. My apologies to resuscitate this thread. I have been absent from P3D for almost two years. I still have P3D 4.5 on my machine, and now would like to know if P3D 5 is now ready for me to jump up. Latest thoughts please. Thx
  8. No it's not. I have been using the Quest 2 and VR with MSFS2020 without any issue. If you Google "Oculus Link" you will see what I meant. Having a dedicate HP headset is fine, but I prefer my setup because I play other really cool stuffs with the Quest 2.
  9. If you use NVidia Surround with triple monitors, thus driver broke it. I can't enable the feature anymore.
  10. Very good thread with many good suggestions. Thanks
  11. Nice shots. Is the scenery using TE from ORBX?
  12. Thanks. I have all the patience in the world for MSFS bug killers and performance tuner to catch up and more serious 3rd Party plane developer to arrive first before I touch another Carenad'a' 😉
  13. Great shots. Just curious which plane (I assume payware) was used?
  14. The only add-on in this "genre" at the moment is Skymax Pro 4. I took a look at XVision, and now learned about xEnviro and now xAmbience Pro 😉 I guess I will wait or researching some more. I only fly in VR so performance is important to me. I skipped the 50% upgrade for Skymax Pro 5 after the review as "meh". May be the only I need is XVision.
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