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  1. I gave up on Carenado a long time ago. Sorry to hear about your trouble, but I don't understand why people keep rewarding this developer. The bad reputation keeps piling on, yet folks still buy the stuff and keep them in business. Why?
  2. This beautiful shot is perhaps the only reason why I still have FSX-SE around and with only the PMDG MD-11 in it. This bird is amazing which makes you forget about the FSX autogen pop-up annoyance etc and enjoy the beautiful sky and cargo run. I am glad I bought the Box MD-11 version which works just fine.
  3. Anxu00

    Very Pricy Addons

    Ah, the addons! Forget about addon, how about a sim that run well without asking you to invest in pricey hw? P3D v4 will probably be my last purchase as I contemplate the thousands I spent on addon over the years since 2010. My PMDG are all expensive addons without use since the microstutters and DL performance mess. My ORBX and other sceneries all suffer on delay loading and noticeable pause to kill immersion. All tallied up, I spent too much money already and still not have what a true sim is about. XP11 is good, but the lack of seasons, ATC, and the weather is a turn-off. I am not buying anything since the beginning of the year, why add more when your total setup is a letdown. My experience is hardly unique, what good are those beautiful airports when your sim pauses you as you approach? What made me mad is realization is that I should just forget about all the sceneries, focus only on the planes and add weather. Then I just looked at all the money I spent on sceneries and see all the wasted spending. Nothing wrong with the sceneries or their developer, just that the whole platform just buckled under all these stuffs. When you spend money you expect to get something good for it, to me right now I don't see a whole lot of value for the money spent. I will this hobby some more times before perhaps calling it quit altogether.
  4. It will be! I am waiting for all the issues in V4 to clean up and stay with the last one for a while. I spent way too much time on setup and upgrade than flying. LOL
  5. Me too. The finding from the OP is very good. I am also eyeing the whole system, but looking at the steep price tag, I may have to just settle for the GTX 2080 only for now. My CPU is still very good and still going strong after all these years.
  6. Great work, but if one does not have FSLLights, then this is not useable, correct?
  7. Amazing. This plane will fill the gap nicely for a serious sim for those who are not really into heavy jet, but don't like the too slow GA planes either. This will fit nicely into the 1-2 hrs flights.
  8. There are four different coupons, did you take a the right one? One of them worked fine for me. Flight1 support has your registration on file, so they should tell you which one.
  9. Yeah and by the time installing/forum is done - I just turn off my computer and go to bed 😃 Seriously, I would ask LM fix 4 first before release 5.
  10. Thank you Andras for all your work. I for one would not have used XP10 and now XP11 without your mesh. Best of luck in your future endeavor.
  11. Interesting, what's MCX, I would like to do the same. Thx
  12. Isn't that Weather Connector app from XAviation for? To smooth transition?
  13. Nice shots, the HDMesh is as good as Ortho4XP from what I can see. Saving my money for the TBM900. I was thinking about the Carenado PC-12 but told myself to forget about it, once the news came out
  14. At least Ses is right in the purchase department for me. I only buy stuffs for XP11 these days. ORBX in P3D has reached the point of good enough and also enough. XP11 on the other hands is new market, plus I don't have to deal with the annoying micro stutters.
  15. What mod was that?I thought PBR would be enough. Saving my money for the TBM900 but nice shots.
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