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  1. I see, obviously I am not a VR connoisseur
  2. Just curious, what kind of VR gear do you use?
  3. There are a lot but always good to see user's recommendation like this.
  4. Question: Is the Turbo Arrow III as detailed as the Arrow III? i.e. the systems modeled with the Turbo Arrow III, are they at the same level as the Arrow III? The Arrow III is sold separately, while the Turbo Arrow III/IV is a package of two aircrafts. Not knowing the history of JF, I don't know why that is.
  5. Great video. I wish LR would bring winter in by default.
  6. Their rendition for these two cities are for FS9, being modded to work in FSX. If the call to get theirs to FSX properly went unheard, I would not count for P3Dv4. Asia area is not very well paid attention to, there are money to be made for airports in NA and Europe due to the sheer number of users there. These days I use AFCAD and generic Rex Airport HD textures. Work well for me.
  7. Hah, and I wonder what will his "money is not a concern" simulator will be
  8. So you too heh? I contacted them twice no response whatsoever after days despite the claim of "we will get back to you in 24-48 hours". "Sucks" is too kind, that means you still have some service, but it sucks. Non existence is a more apt word.
  9. Thanks all for replying. I downloaded a couple packages from the org and at least for now, I don't have to look at the excessive repetitive pattern.
  10. Hey it's RedBull, caffeine rush will make you do that. Isn't that plane available in P3D, grab a drink then see if you can replicate
  11. Are you sure about the version? There is no P3D 4.2 yet.
  12. XP11 water looks very repetitive and unrealistic. A while back there is a mod to change its appearance but then LR remove it, when not exactly, but FlyWithLua removed the ability due to LR instruction. I have not checked recently with 11.11, is there way now to improve the look? Thanks in advance.
  13. There is something to be said about the heavies, and that it they are massive. Very nice shots, almost forced me to folk out the doh to get PMDG v3.
  14. You cannot use the addon.xml method with the piston Duke v2. Just install it directly into the P3D folder and change the sound gauge. When installed outside of P3D RealAir can't find the sounds even if you have the right replacement.