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  1. Oh man I had no idea until reading this thread that there is a free trial for this. Definitely going to check it out tonight. Anyone flying in VR able to give some quick impressions? I know it says it's only in "beta" for VR, but I haven't seen many complaints which seems promising.
  2. To me, there's really no downside to using Vatsim. I don't chase the ATC coverage. If it's there, excellent. If it's not, whatever...maybe someone will come on in time for my arrival / approach. I wasn't going to use the in-game ATC anyway, so it's not like I'm missing out on anything. Also, unless it's really busy with VATSIM traffic in the area I plan to fly, I usually still turn on Live Traffic just to keep the skies populated. In terms of immersion, it doesn't get much better than getting ATC for an entire flight, in VR.
  3. I'm loving this bird too. Such a good addition to my hangar. I'm usually a low and slow guy, but this really scratches that high and fast itch without needing to get into an airliner. Still learning how to land her smoothly. I just can't resist to flare and end up keeping myself in ground effect way longer than need be.
  4. You have a mod conflicting. I had the same issue. For me it was removing the PMS 750 that fixed it.
  5. As I said in another thread...the main two issues for me personally right now are: 1. Text is too blurry in VR. VR Focus implementation could fix this. For now I'll set up a couple custom cameras. 2. AP is not controllable with hardware using the in sim keybinds. Would really like to be able to control it using my Honeycomb Bravo. Other than those two minor issues...I'm loving it so far. Congrats to Warwan!
  6. Great little Jet. Perfectly compliments a hangar for someone like me who fly’s single and multi-engine pistons, but sometimes wants to go high and fast without getting into an airliner. Flying in VR and some of the text definitely is hard to read without really leaning in. VR Focus would be great. For now, I’ll just set up a couple custom cameras. The main thing I really hope gets implemented, is being able to control the AP with hardware. Currently, I’m completely unable to control any of it with my Honeycomb Bravo. I don’t use Spad or FSUIPC or anything of the like. Hopefully this can be done just using the in sim bindings. Other than those two issues…this thing is real fun and VERY well done. Congrats to Marwan!
  7. Disabling the PMS 750 mod fixed it for me. I'll have to update to the latest version of the mod and see if that still conflicts or not. Just haven't been using it much lately with the TDS available now. Thanks for the help
  8. Anyone using the Honeycomb Bravo able to figure out how to set throttles into and out of the “cutoff” position? Currently, just manually moving them with my mouse. Also, I’m sure it’s something just stupid I’m doing…but my pfd is just not functioning at all. Completely frozen. The heading indicator and CDI do not move and I’m only seeing XXXX’s on my pfd’s altitude and speed tapes?
  9. Anyone who takes her for a spin in VR...would definitely appreciate your first impressions.
  10. If I recall correctly...LIVE traffic (using just AIG for the models / liveries), does show up on tcas. Does Vatsim AIG model matched traffic show up?
  11. I guess it's a blessing in disguise that I've never flown with anything over LOD 100, so I don't know any better. Although I definitely SHOULD be able to with my hardware (3700x, RTX 3080).
  12. Yeah the VR toolbar issue not being fixed is disappointing. Seems like something simple to fix, but I really wouldn't know. Also waiting on a fix for the camera losing it's mind when turning off your battery at shutdown.
  13. Thanks for this! Does it need to be saved in read only for it to persist?
  14. Anyone using a Honeycomb Bravo…is it possible to feather props using detents? By default they go past the white line and into feather without moving them down into the detents on my Bravo. They should stop at the top of the white line and only go past the white line and into the feather position when the levers are in the detent…correct?
  15. I think it may have just been a strange issue on my end. It seems to be working fine now after a restart.
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