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  1. Even if I love MSFS, I now I am f.. tired of all this issues every time there is an update. The terrain spikes is killing my love for this simulator. Time to move back to a stable platform, P3Dv5 or XPLANE11
  2. Easy moving around the word with FStarter from rksoftware at Simmarket.
  3. Still no SDK Simconnect improvements. Seems like they hsve totally forgotten the needed Simconnect updates.
  4. MSFS2020 have now been a love and hate app. I am also very frustrated about how the updates quality are. Time to move to other hobbies.
  5. I just took my first PMDG 737 ngxu HomeCockpit flight in months now after the hotfix 5.1 was installed. I have been flying VFR in MSFS for months now and really enjoy it. The v5.1 hotfix works just fine in my setup. Flying in my PMDG 737 ngxu home cockpit again after all these months was really good. Nothing beats it, not even MSFS.
  6. Go get a 4K 55inch TV, that is what I did 3 years ago. Can't be more happy. It will give you a lot of viewing choices and if you pick a good one it will give you superb a 4K scalable view. You can sit as close as your arm length. You can then also add other addon windows like maps etc.
  7. Tomorrow it is 3 months since MSFS 2020 was released. After 3 months of flying around in the Virtual Skies, I get more and more impressed. The look of the Weather, Sceneries and Airplanes are just unbelievable. Please join me in sending a BIG BRAVO and THANK YOU to the MS/ASOBO team for this wonderful flight simulator.
  8. If you have Opencockpits radio modules, use Oi4FS and turn dials as in real life.
  9. MS/ASOBO have now released v0.7.00 of their SDK, but once again no updates and improvements are seen related to SimConnect. This means that we are still a long way from getting a SimConnect that will allow us to connect hardware modules in our "home" cockpits. It seems that the priority to fix SimConnect issues are low at the moment. SDK release 0.7.0 SDK changes WASM: Fixed handling of wrong IDs in get_name_of_named_variable and panel_resource_string_get. Fixed MSFS WASM Module project template settings. Linker error messages now properly reported in the Visual Studio Output window. Samples: Added Windsock sample. Added Bears sample. Developer mode changes Project Editor: Remove Outpur Dir settings for new project. Fix Build Package adding not necessary information in layout.json. Fix mixing images for Catalog and Content Info thumbnail. Scenery Editor: Display error when new airport is outside the qmid of the previous airport. Display parking heading. Make attach point name editable. Jetways spawn a SimObject by default. Fix projected meshes don’t overlap runway markings. Fix hidden sceneries & projected meshes poping. Fix crash when adding Jetways. Aircraft Editor: Fix freeze when loading an airplane without a [FLAPS] section. Fix Pitch and Heading Pan Rate edition in [CAMERA] section. Fix renaming a duplicate light modifying also the original light. Debug: Added option to debug draw rectangles, polygons, exclusion rectangles and terraformers. Debug draw for osm roads.
  10. Here we go again. After 2 months after the initial WIP release of MSFS, the SDK/SimConnect has almost none fixes. This is the only real fix since release date: SimConnect Fixed SimConnect_RequestFacilitiesList. and it is not even working correctly after the fix:( With this speed in SDK/SimConnect fixes, MSFS will need to keep the MSFS 2020 in live for at least 15 years.
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