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    Flight Simulator X - Original Aircraft Singapore Airliners, Airbus A350-900 ULR (Ultra Long Range) V5L by Camil Valiquette Flight Simulator X - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications TUI Airways Limited / Thomson Airways Boeing 757-200 Fleet by Christoph Plank Lufthansa Airbus A318 by Andre Schaefers - Volamus Paint Studio Koelner Haie Airbus A318 by Andre Schaefers - Volamus Paint Studio 1.FC Koeln Airbus A318 by Andre Schaefers - Volamus Paint Studio Tanjas Grill Airbus A318 by Andre Schaefers - Volamus Paint Studio Azul Linhas Aéreas Airbus A320 (PR-AJB) by Gustavo Aguiar Nok Air Boeing 787-8 by Lee Grant Spirit of Cologne Airbus A318 by Andre Schaefers - Volamus Paint Studio Flight Simulator X - AI Aircraft Corendon Airlines '2017' Boeing 737-800 by John Tennent Flight Simulator X - Missions by HeloMissionMan Flight Simulator 2004 - Original Aircraft Singapore Airlines, Airbus A350-900 ULR (Ultra Long Range) V5L by Camil Valiquette Flight Simulator 2004 - AI Aircraft Corendon Airlines '2017' Boeing 737-800 by John Tennent Prepar3D - Scenery Seinajoki EFSI Finland by Dmitriy Kozyrev
  2. DALLAS, TX, USA- June 21 2018–The 6th annual FlightSimCon (FSC) , a conference dedicated to flight simulation and aviation, lands at the Hyatt Regency Dallas Hotel in downtown Dallas, Texas, on June 23-24.With only days left for online registration, event management continues to add to the robust line-up of exhibitors, highlights and community partners. This conference is open to the public; walk-ins are welcome. Just added to the lineup of interactive cockpits is a rare MiG-21 jet cockpit. In 1955 the MiG-21 first flew in the former Soviet Union and was the first Russian fighter jet capable of speeds over Mach 2, or twice the speed of sound. The MiG-21 will be accompanied by an exhibit including Cold War and Soviet artifacts. Two exciting interactive contests, an F-16 Simulator Top Gun Contest and an F-35 Simulator Flying/Landing Contest, will entice attendees into direct aerial combat with top winners earning replica trophies of the F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-35 Lightning II, respectively and a Vegas-Style Spin the Wheel to win free simulator parts giveaway! DMS has thousands of hard to find flight simulator parts that will be given away at FlightSimCon 2018! The contests will be conducted by Distributive Military Simulators, the new top-level sponsor and exhibitor at FSC 2018. Also, just boarding are new exhibitors, National Association of Flight Instructors, the largest flight instructor association in the United States with over 4,000 members and a Virtual Air Traffic Control Booth, featuring live demonstrations of air traffic controllers’ perspectives using radar scopes. Also joining FSC are two online flight simulation communities, jetBlue Virtual and Virtual United Social Club, who provide pilots multiple environments and the opportunities to “fly”. After five successful years of consistent growth, FlightSimCon has evolved in 2018 to include the annual Cockpit-Fest USA, geared towards cockpit enthusiasts. FSC continues to be the most successful flight simulation exposition in the United States in attracting pilots, students, air traffic controllers, industry professionals, and aviation enthusiasts of all ages from around the world. Since its inception in 2013, FSC has been dedicated to providing perpetually fresh educational opportunities with new speakers and educational seminars. A move this year from the Northeast to the more centralized location in Dallas expands the ability to reach new markets and audiences.Registration will be onsite walk-ins only starting June 22 for $70 for the All-Weekend Pass and $35 for a One-Day Pass ($60, $30 for students respectively). Registered attendees may obtain hotel rooms at a special rate through the conference website. The exhibit and educational components will reside in multiple spaces, both indoors and outdoors, at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas (hotel information below). Exhibitors and Speakers Climb in or take a flight in one of the multiple interactive cockpits on display at this year’s Cockpit-Fest USA, located within FlightSimCon. The current cockpit lineup includes: · MiG-21 jet cockpit, in 1955 the MiG-21 first flew in the former Soviet Union and was the first Russian fighter jet capable of speeds over Mach 2. During the Cold War pilots fought deadly battles against the MiG-21 including American’s first Vietnam War ace, Duke Cunningham, who is giving a presentation with the exhibit. · F-16 Block 52+ flight simulator where pilots can engage in aerial combat and compete in the 2018 FlightSimCon Top Gun Contest · F-35QuickPit simulator allows pilots to take off and land at DAL, navigate the air around Dallas and compete in the FlightSimCon Flying Ace Contest. · F-16 Fighting Falcon Simulator made from a real F-16 cockpit · The Classic 737-200 Project, a simulator offering flight sim training within a real Boeing 737-200 series aircraft cockpit · A Sabreliner 60 Cockpit used to fly Jack Nicklaus to his record setting win at the 1986 Masters Tournament (autographed by the golf legend). Click here for cockpit images and more, under “Exhibitors” Exhibit Hall Grab a #selfie with “Maverick”, FSC's own Tom Cruise impersonator who will be in attendance in the DMS exhibit area for limited times throughout FSC. Exhibitors at FSC 2018 include: · Distributive Military Simulators, a high-end flight simulation and training company featuring military F-16 simulators flight simulation products and rentals. DMS has thousands of hard to find flight simulator parts that will be given away at FlightSimCon 2018 including a Vegas-Style Spin the Wheel to Win Free Sim Parts Giveaway! · Thrustmaster, designer and manufacturer of flight SIM hardware and accessories for civilian, air combat, and space exploration games. · MiG Master Exhibit, an exhibit including Cold War and Soviet artifacts, including real MiG-21 cockpit · Gleim Aviation, publisher and distributor of flight training books, online courses, and flight simulation training software and systems. · Association of Flight Simulator Builders and Instructors (AFSBI), a member-based organization promoting the use of flight simulators and collaboration across developers, builders, users, instructors and their communities, institutions and pertinent government and non-government organizations. · International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO), a platform for enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby in a simulated real-world environment, flying or providing air traffic control services since 1998 · Volair Sim, maker of cockpit chassis including the world’s first flight simulation chassis that is factory pre-configured for popular flight simulation accessories from Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec. · Redbird Flight Simulations, high quality flight training devices for flight schools, colleges, and individual pilots around the world. · Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, a fully accredited world-wide university specializing in aviation and aerospace with residential campuses in Daytona Beach, FL and Prescott, AZ, and worldwide online through its Worldwide Campus. Speakers Featured speaker: Randy "Duke" Cunningham is one of the most highly decorated United States Navy pilots and part of the ONLY Navy crew to be considered “flying aces” in the Vietnam War. Duke was the inspiration for the character "Maverick", played by Tom Cruise in the 1986 block-buster movie "Top Gun", as he was a famed instructor at the U.S. Navy's Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) at Miramar Naval Air Station. As part of the elite Navy Adversary Squadron, Cunningham flew Russian tactics and formations against America's best combat fighter pilots as they trained using realistic air-to-air combat situations. Duke will be on hand delivering multiple presentations on the exhibitor floor, as part of the MiG Master Exhibit. Educational Speakers: FlightSimCon will offer eight educational seminars across the two-day conference with a diverse group of expert speakers who offer unique insight, tips and techniques for simmers, including benefits of online flying as a tool to maintain flying skills. Topics will help attendees gain deeper understanding of the aspects of pilot life, building and working with simulators, including X-Plane interfaces, manufacturing for the flight sim industry, and, of course, tales of soaring the skies, in both reality and simulation. Q&A will be offered during sessions. To date, FlightSimCon 2018 has confirmed the following speakers: · Matt Bailey, active pilot, X-Plane simulator interface builder and life-long aviation enthusiast. o TOPIC: Life-Long Aviation Enthusiast and Active Pilot - Covering the basics of Arduino microcontrollers, the X-Plane API, and how to make the two talk to each other. The internals of some aircraft instrument types will also be discussed, as well as ways to modify real instruments to make them easier to drive with a PC. · Ethan Hawes, First Officer on the Embraer 170/75, Pilot Talent Acquisition Team Member for Republic Airlines and an active member of the VATSIM and flight sim community for over 12 years. o TOPIC: Presentation aimed toward helping layout the various paths simmers can take to reach real flying (both recreationally and to a professional level). This includes funding options and opportunities for financial help. o TOPIC: USB to PIC - Connecting flying tips and techniques used in the real world with the simulator through the Flight Simulator to Real World Pilot Progression. Information that will allow any simmer, no matter how serious, to take their sim game to the next level and have a better overall experience. This session will also help teach workflow and cockpit organization in addition to other handy techniques used on a day to day basis in cockpits all over the world. · Bart Waclawik, owner of Volair Sim, a manufacturer of flight sim chassis systems and an active commercially-rated instrument pilot. o TOPIC: Flight Simulation as a Tool to Enhance Flight Proficiency for the General Aviation Pilot – The presentation will focus on examples of using flight simulator as a tool for an active pilot or student to maintain and enhance proficiency for VFR and IFR flying. Bart is the owner of Volair Sim, manufacturer of flight sim chassis systems. Bart is an active commercially-rated instrument pilot and an aircraft owner and uses flight simulation to stay sharp and maintain his flying skills. · Sebastian Knoop-Troullier, real-world pilot, currently pursuing his commercial license, controller on the VATSIM network in the Houston ARTCC and long-time user of FSX and Prepar3d, primarily using Boeing aircraft. o TOPIC: Flying Online on VATSIM and PilotEdge - An introduction to flying online with your flight simulator. How to get online, what to expect and a sample flight online. Also, an introduction to the ATOP ( for anyone who had always wanted fly a full motion 737 simulator. · Tyler Beals, United States Air Force airman and Deputy Air Traffic Manager, VATSIM Denver ARTCC. o TOPIC: Flight Sim to Real World ATC - Transition from flight simulation enthusiast to real-world air traffic control and how flight sim helped his career. Common mistakes pilots make flying with ATC online and how to prevent these errors. · Sam Johnson, Public Relations Coordinator – IVAO, North America Region o TOPIC: Flying on an On-Line Aviation Network –You might be familiar with online flying aviation networks like VATSIM and IVAO, but did you know that they offer so much more than just being able to connect to interact with other people while you fly? In this seminar Sam will go over all the benefits of flying online and how it will help you in your real-world aviation training as well as pros and cons of various sim networks and how to get started on one. · Rick Todd, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI; President of the National Association of Flight Instructors o TOPIC: How Flight Sim Turned Me into an Aviation Nut and Professional Flight Instructor - An in depth look at his roots and how Rick became a professional pilot and flight instructor. The seminar will bring light to how supplementing your pilot skills with simulation experience makes someone a better pilot. · Ethan Weimer, Flight simmer since 2007, Professional Aviation Flight Technology major at Indiana State University o TOPIC: Integration of Simulator Technology in Flight Training (co-presenting with Corey Maisonneuve) - A comprehensive discussion on the integration of flight simulators from multiple perspectives including enthusiast, collegiate, and professional levels. In addition, they will give in insight into being instructors on a King Air B200 Sim. · Corey Maisonneuve, aviation aficionado flight simmer since he was 7, Professional Flight major at Indiana State University, instructor in a B200 Super King Air Sim and Redbird FTDs o TOPIC: Integration of Simulator Technology in Flight Training (co-presenting with Ethan Weimer) - A comprehensive discussion on the integration of flight simulators from multiple perspectives including enthusiast, collegiate, and professional levels. In addition, they will give in insight into being instructors on a King Air B200 Sim. NOTE: Schedules, exhibitors and highlights may vary. For the latest information go to, as well as its social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. About FlightSimCon - – Facebook–Twitter: @FltSimCon–IG: @FlightSimCon FlightSimCon is an aviation and flight simulation conference designed to bring pilots, air traffic controllers, students, flight simmers, cockpit builders and aviation enthusiasts together in an interactive social setting. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to meet others in the industry and flight sim communities, experience how online flight simulation can benefit student and rated pilots and air traffic controllers and engage with exhibitors and speakers to learn about connecting flight simulation with real world aviation. ### Visit the FlightSimCon (FSC) Homepage for further information.
  3. Carenado has released their 690B Turbo Commander for X-Plane 11 Features State-of-the-art configurable FPS-friendly logic system. Fully VR compatible Full PBR (Superb material shines and reflections) Specially designed engine dynamics for XP11. Flight physics optimized for XP11 standards. Ground handling adapted for XP11 ground physics. Physically Based Rendering materials and textures throughout. PBR materials authored with industry-standard software used by the film and gaming industries. X-Plane GNS530 (FPS friendly) Support for RealityXP's GTN750* (integrated into 3D cockpit, when available). Goodway Compatible. Realistic behavior compared to the real airplane. Realistic weight and balance. Tested by several pilots for maximum accuracy. *RealityXP GTN 750 is sold separately Included in the package 5 HD liveries 1 HD blank texture 690B Normal and Emergency Procedures PDF 690B Performance tables PDF. 690B Quick reference table PDF 690B System Reference Guide PDF Recommended Settings XPLANE 11 PDF. Recommended System Requirements Windows XP - Vista - 7 -10 or MAC OS 10.10 (or higher) or Linux X-Plane 11 CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K at 3.5 ghz or faster. Memory: 16-24 GB RAM or more. Video Card: a DirectX 12-capable video card from NVIDIA, AMD or Intel with at least 4 GB VRAM (GeForce GTX 1070 or better or similar from AMD) 525MB available hard disk space Visit the Turbo Commander Homepage for further details.
  4. AivlaSoft is proud to announce that on 1 July 2018, the new Electronic Flight Bag "EFB v2" will be released. AivlaSoft's Electronic Flight Bag provides the following main functionality: 1. Area Navigational Charts 2. Ground Layout of Airports 3. Departure and Arrival Charts 4. Moving Map 5. Flight Planning 6. Flight Log 7. Performance Calculations *1 8. Meteorological Data 9. Radio Panel 10. Checklists 11. Document Administration *1 requires a valid copy of TOPCAT to be installed AivlaSoft's EFB v2 consists of one "Server" and one or more "Clients". The "Server" acts as the background interface between the Flight Simulator and the "Client". It keeps connection to the simulator all the time and provides one or more "Clients" with all necessary data. The "Client" is the application accessed by the user, hence the interface between man and machine. If required (e.g. in a Home Cockpit) more than one Client may be installed on a Local Area Network, allowing both Pilot and Copilot individual access to a Client, but still remain interconnected and synchronized. EFB v2 connects to the following simulators through FSUIPC (unregistered version): - Prepar3D v2, v3, v4 - FSX - FSX:SE - FS9 It is planned (with one of the next versions) to also support XPlane 11.x. As mentioned above, the release date is 1 July 2018, however the manuals are already available for download. For more details please visit the new website
  5. Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

    FlightSimExpo Las Vegas Recap

    MORE THAN 1,100 ATTENDEES TAKE PART IN FIRST-EVER FLIGHTSIMEXPO EVENT IN LAS VEGAS FlightSimExpo, North America’s community-driven flight simulation conference, brought attendees from 26 countries together in Las Vegas for a weekend of new product releases, engaging seminars, and hands-on exhibits. LAS VEGAS – June 19, 2018 – FlightSimExpo took place on June 9-10, 2018 in Las Vegas with a sold-out crowd of more than 1,100 simmers, pilots, air traffic controllers, and developers! The action-packed weekend featured 45 exhibitors, 21 speakers, and an endless set of activities before, during, and after the conference. “It is incredible to see how alive and well the simulation community is,” said Evan Reiter, co-founder of the event. “We are so grateful to the many people who helped make this event a reality. Volunteers, exhibitors, industry developers, and the community have come together to prove that simulation is more than a game: it’s a reality.” Event attendees included a mix of pilots (46%) and simulation enthusiasts. Some have been simming since the original Sub Logic days, while others experienced simulation for the first time. The all-ages event welcomed children, families, veterans, retirees, and enthusiasts from all walks of life. Event organizers encourage the community to visit their Media Partners’ websites for wrap-ups, videos, and highlights from the event: AirDailyX FlightSim.Com, FSElite ,, and The Sky Lounge. Phil Coyle, co-founder of the conference, is pleased to share that plans have already begun for a 2019 event. “We have created a shortlist of destinations and dates based on exhibitor and developer feedback. In the coming days, we will be surveying our attendees and using that data to finalize a date and location for 2019. Las Vegas is on the list, along with several other major U.S. cities with good international access.” Fans of FlightSimExpo are encouraged to follow the event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to stay in touch. The 2019 date and location will be announced later this summer. “Thank you to the developers, simmers, and community who attended this event,” said Tom Guerrette, a volunteer with the conference. “We can’t wait to see you next year!”
  6. Grand Amazonia Scenery Released The Grand Amazonia Pack 1 scenario comprises a vast region of the extreme north of Brazil, on the border with Venezuela, a region of the Rio Uraricoera basins. The region is full of very isolated indigenous villages and gold mines, where the only access is by airplane or sometimes by river. A region of great conflict where the Brazilian Air Force is very active, both in patrolling and in assisting the people. In this first part you have 10 airports and aerodromes. See more at
  7. FSDT announced the upcoming expansion of GSX , reprinted from their forum is the following description. An "expansion" ? Yes, it means we are not releasing a entirely new version of GSX, causing grief to anybody that bought it recently, and having to deal with several upgrade offers that won't surely satisfy everyone so, instead, we are releasing it as an expansion, which means: - The core GSX product will continue as it is, constantly updated for free in all its main features, so you won't have to pay for a new version, just to get rid of bugs of the old one... - You are not being asked to pay for something you might not be interested right now. - It's easier for us supporting it, because the code to maintain is only one, with just a different behavior depending if you bought the expansion or not so, this will give you the guaranteed of continued support for the whole GSX program. We believe the expansion approach is one that will allow us to sustain the continuing development of the product for the following years, without leaving anybody out. We'll surely improve all the core features in GSX, like Pusback, which is the likely candidate for the next rewamp (last year we remade the Refueling), and we'll still add new services to the core product, like water/lavatory vehicles, and such core updates will continue to be free. GSX Level 2 focuses on two main features: SODE jetways, everywhere GSX has been one of the most popular products out there, because it was always thought as a "global" addon that would work everywhere, not tied to a specific airport or airplane addon. The expansion will follow on that concept, with jetways, which will be improved in the following way: - Upon installing it, ALL those outdated, ugly (by current standards) and bugged default jetways, will disappear, to be replaced by SODE jetways, way more reliable, and so much better looking, with the same level of quality you might have seen in our KORD V2 preview. This is not very different that having the default Pushback truck disabled during the GSX installation: the old default jetway model will be replaced with one with compatible dimensions, just way better looking, and using SODE instead. So, without doing anything on your part, all default jetways in all default airport will immediately work/look much better. The following screenshot is an example of the default EDDM scenery, with standard jetways automatically replaced by GSX: What about 3rd party airports ? YES, we can replace them too but, it won't be made automatically, you'll have to go through the GSX parking customization page, and indicate the parking(s) you want the jetway replaced so, it will automatically create a very small .BGL EXCLUDE file, which will remove JUST the jetways from any 3rd party airport that used the default (CTRL+J) animation system, but its own custom models. We DO NOT touch any of the original scenery files, and if you just remove the GSX-created Exclusion .BGL, that scenery will go back to the way it was. We'll have a single shared folder in the \Fsdreamteam\Addon Manager\Exclude, which will contain all these automatically created Exclude files, with a name that will clearly relate to the associated scenery. Also, if your addon airport already use SODE jetways, we won't touch it, assuming a developer who made the effort to support SODE, already did jetways in the best possible way so, we won't allow customization of these sceneries. So, for example, you might take your FlyTampa EHAM scenery, which is very nice, but doesn't have SODE jetways, and replace them with SODE jetways, allowing things not possible with the default animation system, like multiple jetways per parking, up to a maximum of 4. And yes, the editor will allow you to customize the range of every exclusion area so, you'll be able to remove static jetways too, as long as they were modeled as a separate object. CUSTOMIZATION The jetway customization features are extensive, see the following screenshot, which shows the new jetway editing page: Here, we customized the parking to replace the "default replacement" ( a better looking version of the default jetway model ), with an actual Thyssen-Krupp Apron Drive Chrystal 3-tunnels 38/19, which is the real world designation for that specific jetway model. GSX Level 2 will come with 80+ real world jetways, modeled after their real life counterparts, from several manufacturers like Thyssen-Krupp or JBT. We'll surely plan to expand this library a lot during the life of the product, with the goal of having every commercially available jetway in. Why this is important ? In real life, jetways are offered in multiple sizes and different variations, to properly fit every possible parking space. But scenery developers (including ourselves), don't usually model more than 2-3 variations for a scenery, because it's simply too much work to do. This result in not always having the best possible fit for all parkings, which results in the jetway not working, or working only in a very limited range of stop positions. Instead, with so many models to choose from, you can be sure there is a jetway that will work with that particular parking and yes, the editor will tell you if the jetway works, because when you edit in 3d, pressing the 5 key on the numpad, will "TEST" the jetway, asking SODE if it will work, without having to guess. You'll hear a "ding" sound and a message, telling all the doors that jetway will be able to reach, considering its position and the position of the currently loaded airplane. So, if you hear the sound, you can be sure the jetway WILL work once you'll get there. Otherwise, you'll know you might have to either change to a different model, move it a bit, adding a connecting bridge, rotate it, etc. JETWAY ACCESSORIES Jetways can have several accessories, which can be turned on/off: the Air conditioner unit, the Power Unit, the Ground markings, and a LOGO. You might want to remove, for example, ground markings and the Air/Power units on the 2nd jetway in a dual-jetway parking spot. Or, you can select a logo from a list of commonly seen advertizers (HSBC, Swift, etc.) or use your own graphics. The power unit will actually power the airplane. Similar to the popular option in FSUIPC which prevents battery discharge when parked, we'll keep the airplane powered when a jetway with a power unit is connected. This will work with every airplane that use a standard electrical system but, same as the fuel system, if the airplane is flagged having a custom electrical system, we won't touch it. However, we'll publish some variables that airplane developers can read, so they will know if GSX has connected a jetway with a power unit, and decide to do whatever they need to do in their code, to supply the airplane with external power. Same for the Air conditioner unit, 3rd party developers can read a variable too and do whatever they want to do, knowing there's external Air available. JETWAY NUMBERS (Prepar3D 4 ONLY) Jetways by default will have their number automatically set to the actual number of the parking (taken from the AFCAD), and users can customize the Font size, style, background and foreground color. This feature will not be available in FSX, since it uses the Render to Texture feature of the P3D4 PDK. This use DirectX11 to draw the numbers and, since it's a static texture that never changes, it's rendered only once, so the fps impact is exactly zero. All these changes will be saved in the airport customization .INI file under %APPDATA%\Virtuali\GSX folder, so they can be shared and scenery developers can simply provide such .INI file alongside the .BGLs in their main scenery folder too, saving a great deal of time doing jetways AND place them, since they can just use our editor to either place our own jetways OR create standard SODE jetways which just a couple of additional parameters in the SIM.CFG file, so they will appear in the GSX editor, ready to be placed. We won't require any license to do this, since users will be required to have the GSX expansion anyway, but it will be a great time saver for scenery developers. Animated Passengers, everywhere The 2nd main feature of the GSX Level 2 expansion, are visible animated passengers, boarding the airplane either using our new jetways (of course, they must have glass windows to be visible), and with boarding stairs, which is where they really shine. We modeled a much better looking Passenger bus, and you'll be able to see them coming out of it, and enter the airplane when boarding. There are many different characters, each one independently animated with its personal walking style and attitude so, the posh girl will walk very differently from the old lady or the little child, or the business man. We also have characters for pilots and the crew. When boarding, a Van will come first, with the captain and the first officer coming out first, followed by the fight attendants, which will place themselves at every exit, greeting the passengers as they board. Then a passenger bus will came, boarding exactly the number of passengers calculated by GSX, which is only simulated in the current version. Here, we also have the ability for airplane developers to control the process because: - By default, GSX will estimate the number of passengers, based on the airplane load, exactly as it is now. - By WRITING TO to a special L: variable, airplane developers can TELL GSX the precise, exact, number of passengers which are supposed to be boarded, so GSX will indicate the same number the airplane is expecting to have. - Another L: variable developers can READ, will indicate the running total of passengers boarded/deboarded so, developers will be able to keep track of the process and, eventually, simulate the progressive change in weight and balance occurring while passengers enter/exit the plane. Both variables will be officially documented in the manual, and are very easy to use. We have been already in talk to several developers, who seemed eager to add this feature to their products. Release date and price If everything goes right with Beta testing, which will probably start in the last week of June (because me and the other main GSX developer will be on vacation in the US until June 24th), we are aiming for a September release. The product will work with both FSX and Prepar3d but, we STRONGLY suggest Prepar3D V4, both because it will be more featured, but also because the animated passengers, although are fairly fps friendly, will probably take some toll on memory, which is already a scarce resource in 32 bit., so it's very likely that using a complex airplane with a complex scenery AND animated passengers WILL cause OOM crashes in FSX. So, while (with the exception of the Jetway numbers feature), there's nothing that prevents the product to work with FSX, it would be wise using it with Prepar3D 4 only. Of course, it will be available in Trial, so if you are still convinced to use FSX, try it first with your preferred airplane. About the price, it hasn't been decided yet, but you can expect it will cost less than the base GSX products so, very roughly, you can expect something below 30$.
  8. Douglas DC-3 add-on Detail Pack for FSFlyingSchool 2018 for X-Plane 11 and 10 Released Want to fly a flight like an expert in the versatile, classic Douglas DC-3? This new add-on for FSFlyingSchool 2018 for X-Plane 11 and 10 offers extra detailed treatment when flying this exciting airplane. Your instructor knows the details of this aircraft and will expect the same from you. He's all set for your flights in the classic Douglas DC-3 - let's go flying! This new product has the instructor reading Douglas DC-3 checklists to you, but what's more important is that he'll be watching your performance and looking for those details that are so essential in a DC-3. In addition to FSFlyingSchool 2018's detailed analysis of your flights, you'll hear extra advice and warnings all specific to the Douglas DC-3. Propellers, cowl flaps, fuel pumps, generators, tail wheel, fuel management, pitot heat, magnetos, throttles, mixtures, ceiling, single engine speeds, flap speeds, before takeoff procedures, starting the engines, landing techniques and much more. Get ready to fly the classic Douglas DC-3 like the PROs! To find out more, watch movies and download a free demo, visit the SFlyingSchool Website
  9. Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

    Server Update Completed

    From the staff at AVSIM, we would personally like to thank everyone who stepped up and donated money towards our much needed hardware purchase. Brian Sperduto , Avsim's Technical Guru sent word the migration to the new machine was now complete and the server was up and running fast , really fast . The original servers are now powered down and are being re tasked after their operating systems get updated .
  10. Quality Wings has updated their 787 v1.1.1. Version 1.1.1 Changelog - NTDLL.DLL crashes related to weather radar (P3Dv4) - Updated Navigraph navdata causes various issues - Support for block altitude entries on LEGS page added - Block altitudes not displayed correctly on VSD - CTD when entering SCEL as departure airport - Autosave should not trigger messages on CDU - VNAV Descent profile issues - FLCH/VNAV SPD transition after ALT HOLD can lead to overspeed - DIRECT or EXIT HOLD while holding does not make aircraft exit the HOLD - PFD/HUD: Stall speed indication on speedtape incorrect - Throttles retract to idle or half power after take off on some systems - Autopilot oscillates on systems with less than 10 FPS (P3Dv4) - FSUIPC assigned axes compatibility improved - 787-8 OEW too low - Messagebox #42 BtSwEvent - QWPAS and QWCAS settings on QW CONFIG page not being saved - QWPAS parking code not working - QW Dispatcher can't install a livery if that particular livery texture-folder already exists - 787-9 RR TPR command sector draws a complete circle when pressing F4 - 787-9 pulls to the side during taxi/take off run - SHIFT+CTRL+A warps aircraft to Lat/Lon 0,0 - Low volume ground roll audible when plane is parked (Cold and dark) - Parts of the fuselage appear darker than the rest on some systems (P3Dv4) - Exterior models: Passenger models not properly cut (P3Dv4) - 787-8 RR exterior model actually shows GE engines (P3Dv4) - VC MCP textures: "MENU" text and symbol alignment - VC MCP textures: CAN/RCL instead of CANC/RCL - VC panel text resolution has been increased (P3Dv4) - Event ID for A/T Disconnect - ATC Callsign "Experimental" Visit the Quality Wings Homepage for further information.
  11. The Lockheed Vega is the first product released by Wing42. It's a highly detailed and accurate representation of this 1927s aircraft. It features an extensive exterior model with ground animations, a fully functional Virtual Cockpit, realistic system's simulation, an accurate flight model and much more. Currently included is the passenger variant of the Vega 5C, in six different liveries. The features include: Highly detailed 3d model with handcrafted textures Accurate flight dynamics and performance interactive and responsive ground crew interface and payload-manager Intuitive, custom animations everywhere Realistic electrical system with working fusebox Realistic vacuum system Custom barometric instuments with failure management Persistency - you find the aircraft as you left it etc.etc. The Vega is in Early-Alpha, so a lot more features will be included in future updates. For more details you can visit the Wing42 website
  12. PacSim has just released Reno-Tahoe International Airport for FSX. Those of you that owned KRNO for P3DV4 (from its release this past February) will testify that PacSim covered the whole airport, city and surrounding areas beautifully. The FSX product includes the following features: - FSX native SDK product; - Accurate terminal building, concourses, hangars, towers, and airport layout; - Accurate RW replica of downtown buildings/skyscrapers and casinos built from scratch; - SODE animated jetway system for all gates; - Custom runway and apron/tarmac textures; - High resolution (7cm-30cm pixel) photoreal seasonal ground textures; - KRNO Scenery Configurator Tool to change Winter ground and vegetation textures; - Color-corrected ground textures to reflect real-world topography colors; - Accurate hand-placed autogen that conforms with city, town, district, and farm grids; - Custom street lights on lamp post with zero impact on FPS. Almost all streets have street lights; - Roof-top Helipads at Renown and St Mary's Regional Medical Centers; - Rotating radar and beacon assets; - AI ground vehicle conforms with real-world Reno road grids; - Fully optimized for smooth simulation experience. All autogen can be set at 100% with very little impact on FPS; - ....and more. You can read more from the Reno-Tahoe International Product Page .
  13. Multi Crew Experience , A fully interactive crew simulation for Prepar3D, FSX and FS9 has now been updated to provide a virtual crew for Quality Wings 787. Also known as MCE, this is the most comprehensive voice based crew simulation ever created for Lockheed Martin and Microsoft flight simulator. This makes it 42 complex aircraft supported in one package, including all popular aircraft. A fully working Demo is available for download HERE
  14. Alabeo has released their C207 Skywagon For XPLANE 11 Features Version 1.0 Custom sounds (FMOD) Full Xplane 11 compatible RealityXP GTN750 compatible. GoodWay Compatible Superb material shines and reflections (full PBR). High quality 3D model and textures. Blank texture for creating your own designs Accurately reproduced flight characteristics 64-bit End-user configurability (via Manifest.json file) FPS-optimized model Included 5 hd liveries 1 Blank texture Normal Procedures PDF Emergency Procedures PDF Performance Tables PDF Quick Reference PDF Recommended Settings PDF Visit the C207 Skywagon Homepage for more information.
  15. Version 1.1 of Pilot Assist Pro has been released! Change Log: + Images can now be added as a background for individual ScratchPad pages. Scribbling on charts is now possible. This is ideal if you want to, say, draw your taxi route on a taxi chart. + Checklists can now be edited (name, language, type) + Checklist items with pictures attached now show a thumbnail for quick reference. Tap and release to open and close. + The app now remembers your METAR/TAF filter selection. + Bug fixes. For more info taxi to the Pilot Assist Pro Homepage .