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  1. I would like to thank you for finding the cure to at least my problems with the CJ2 and Phenom 300, just unticking that little box cured all of my woes with the FPS I have been having for the past many months, since I purchased these products and it's great to be flying them finally. I am still going ahead with the GTN install because of ease of use. Just wanted to let you know that you did help at least one person with your post. Thanks again, Roger
  2. Yes Sir Jim, you are correct, I am on satellite, but thanks to your suggestion I was able to get the file. I "Thank You" every time I use the late night download trick and now if I can just remember this little trick I will be good for a while. Much appriciated, Roger
  3. What is the secret to getting the download from MediaFire for the CJ2 GTN + clickspots mod v1.1. I have tried too many times to count but each time I wind up with a small 1.5 to 1.8 kb download (vs:5.6 mb) that says zip folder is empty (using 7-Zip). I have signed up for an account, used download managers (flashget), no download manager, anti virus turned off and on, firewall turned off, using Google Chrome and tried MS Edge and each time what I get will not work. I'm not totally sure it's me but I guess it could be, I just click on the big green bar that says download. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks Wakashi (aka) Roger
  4. vonmar, I haven't modified the default CJ2 as of yet since I can't use it as of yet. I downloaded it, installed it and when it loaded up it was in a started condition with bad fps, I did a shift 8 and brought up the cold and dark menu selected that and as soon as everything shut down the fps jumped back to 35-45. I did have problems with Navigraph in the Citation 500 but after removing the navigraph and using the GTN 750 I have been able to use that one again. I have tried to get the GTN download from Avsim (Mediafire link) several times but so far it has not worked. Thought maybe I could install the GTN and make this thing go. Roger
  5. Mickyj, yep, started the flight at a default field in a country setting with no add-on's. The problem starts as soon as I flip the battery switch to the on position. Thanks for the input. Roger Silverheels2, thanks, I read most of that loooonnnngggg thread but found nothing useful to my situation. Gonna keep plugging at it for a while though, nothing quite like winning against these problems! I appreciate you turning me on to the GTN 750 a couple of weeks ago also it's working great. Roger
  6. Hey Gentlemen, Could anyone offer up a suggestion as to why the Carenado Citation CJ2 that I just purchased has great FPS in the cold and dark state (35-45) but when I flip the battery switch on they fall to (.3 - .5)! I have the 550 and the Phenom and they both work just fine. I don't think the database ever did build either as far as I can tell. I tried the suggestions from Avsim and Carenado forums but so far nothing has worked in my case. My rig is less than a year old with Win 7Pro 64, i7-5820 processor, 16GB mem & GTX 980 Nvidia GPU. I am running FSX Acceleration. Any information would be greatly appreciated, Regards, Roger
  7. No read me attached, just three zip files, G1000 update, Guage update and panel folders and a note that said to uninstall Navigraph. I contacted Bert but he is out for the next ten days and he suggested I try the forums. I would have thought there would be a read me file also. I have some knowledge of the inter-workings of FSX but have never really messed with panel cfg's, so just looking for some guidance. Thanks for the response though Roger
  8. Got Bert's mod for GTN 750 for Phenom 300, where do the folders go exactly (FSX Acceleration)? Any help appreciated! Thanks, Roger
  9. Thanks hjsmuc, I will give that a shot since nothing else has worked except for the installation of the GTN750 and that has made the airplane enjoyable again although I would like to be able to use the plane "as purchased" occasionally.
  10. Thanks for the help Silverheels2 , I will let you know if what you suggested works or not!
  11. I have thought about getting the GTN750 but have put it off so far, how is it working for you and is it difficult to install? Does it work with the Citation 550?
  12. Thanks, I'll give that a check as quick as I can, seems a bit like it may have started somewhere around the time I added the second plane. I appreciate the advice so far.
  13. Thanks, no new navigraph aircraft, just one Carenado aircraft w/o navigraph. What seems strange is that I used it for months and everything was fine then one day I loaded up for a flight and the sim was like a slide show it was so jerky. I have tried the security settings that Careando support page suggested but that didn't change things. Thanks again for the response &I the suggestion.
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