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  1. Thanks Alex, I cannot exclude the little_navmap_db from the Norton Scan (option greyed out), except as indiviual files within the folder, is that what you are saying, each file? I am going to try the less detail option and see if that will stop this from happening. I appreciate your quick response and possible soulutions also! Roger
  2. Not sure what is happening, but if I don't interact with LNM (v2.6.17, Win10-64) say for 5 or so minutes, when I try to zoom in/out or check on info at an airport icon or even hover my mouse I get the hourglass timer for about 10-15 seconds before it responds! If I interact with it on a regular basis it does not seem to do this as bad! It is a bit of a hassle when you want quick info and you have to wait for anytime at all while flying is a bit annoying! Is there anything that I can possibly do that may put an end to this happening? Any info would hoefully be helpful! Thanks, Roger
  3. Thank you Alex, appreciate the quick response! Will get the latest version ASAP! Roger
  4. Can someone tell me why the Online AI traffic shows up only on a tight zoom of .3 miles and if they are scattered over the airport you have to pan around to see where they are but once they are airborne they pop right in LNM, as soon as they land they are gone again except on a tight zoom! While airborne zoom limit does not matter! Little NavMap Version 2.6.11, P3D 4.5 Win 10! Thanks in advance for any information!
  5. I would like to thank you for finding the cure to at least my problems with the CJ2 and Phenom 300, just unticking that little box cured all of my woes with the FPS I have been having for the past many months, since I purchased these products and it's great to be flying them finally. I am still going ahead with the GTN install because of ease of use. Just wanted to let you know that you did help at least one person with your post. Thanks again, Roger
  6. Thanks hjsmuc, I will give that a shot since nothing else has worked except for the installation of the GTN750 and that has made the airplane enjoyable again although I would like to be able to use the plane "as purchased" occasionally.
  7. Thanks for the help Silverheels2 , I will let you know if what you suggested works or not!
  8. I have thought about getting the GTN750 but have put it off so far, how is it working for you and is it difficult to install? Does it work with the Citation 550?
  9. Thanks, I'll give that a check as quick as I can, seems a bit like it may have started somewhere around the time I added the second plane. I appreciate the advice so far.
  10. Thanks, no new navigraph aircraft, just one Carenado aircraft w/o navigraph. What seems strange is that I used it for months and everything was fine then one day I loaded up for a flight and the sim was like a slide show it was so jerky. I have tried the security settings that Careando support page suggested but that didn't change things. Thanks again for the response &I the suggestion.
  11. Hello all, I have been using the Carenado S550 with Navigraph extension pack for several months now but all of a sudden I am getting a major FPS drop when I turn on the avionics switch. It will drop from the mid 30's to below 5-10 and the sim turns into a slideshow with the avionics switch on, if I turn off the avionics FPS jumps back up. Reinstalled both aircraft and navigraph pack with no better results. Without the updated navigraph there are no problems. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Wakashi
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