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  1. vp49p3

    Joystick doesn't work any more

    Have you assigned an axis to each different joystick movement and deleted those inapplicable? Is FSUIPC (if installed) conflicting with those in FSX? Try these fixes and let us know of result.
  2. Hi--what are the symbols under the Brunner logo? Current versions do not have those symbols. Were these added by you, and if so, why? Thanks much.
  3. vp49p3

    Joystick problem

    Have you tried FSUIPC?
  4. Are you thinking of the GoFlight RP48? It has four rotary switches and 8 pushbuttons. It's around $100 new. I have a used one for sale for $50 in AVSIM's classified section.
  5. My bad--those are not LG, but Phillips. Here's a link to them--https://www.amazon.com/Philips-BDM4350UC-43-Inch-IPS-LED-Monitor/dp/B01E18XRY2 I think they are terrific and about $100 less than the LG's.
  6. Each of those three is the exact monitor you mentioned in your first post--the Phillips 43 inch.
  7. Thanks Jovabra--these were interesting videos. I'm already sold on the yoke, but had questions regarding the rudder pedals, to see if they are as big a leap as the Brunner yoke. I've not seen any videos for the pedals other than a promotional one, so I'm vey interested in any feedback on them.
  8. Hi-I've had MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals for 18 months and think they are great with the props I exclusively fly. Lately, I've considered the Brunner CLS-E yoke, which folks have said is night and day better than anything else out there. Not heard much about Brunner's rudder pedals, though. Anyone have these who would be willing to comment on how they compare to the MFG or whatever rudder pedals they had previously? Thanks, much. Jay
  9. Plus 1 !!! I, too, have a YOKO and am considering the Brunner. Maybe Justin was the lucky person who bought the used CLE listed a few days ago in AVSIM's classified section? If he's getting the NG though, we'd love his feedback. Thanks, Jay
  10. P3dv4.3 has a known bug, such that every time a flightplan from any source is loaded, v4.3 recalculates it without waypoints. Loading the plan a second time corrects the glitch. Don't know, but this perhaps has something to do with your problem.
  11. vp49p3

    Loading flight plan - and it's incorrect!

    And from what I've read, there's no timetable for a fix.
  12. Here are some pictures of the setup prior the wideview fix:
  13. I have three of these exact monitors set up in surround with v4.3's stretch fix. Love them. Flying A2A 172 in vc is 1 to 1 with actual size. A single of these monitors is good, too. When I got mine almost two years ago they were twice as much as they are now, so I'd say it's a good deal. Go for it!
  14. vp49p3

    my paints

    Nice !!!
  15. vp49p3

    Paramotor in v4

    Went ahead, crossed my fingers and installed it into P3dv4.3. Works great!! Here's a picture of the p-guy in ORBX Tapini scenery By the way, if you have this scenery, try landing at KGH Yongai. Tried it in Ant's Drifter--really, really hard!