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  1. vp49p3

    Wireless speakers with P3D

    Hi-don't know if this helps, but I've been using wireless headphones for atc and it works well. I don't see any reason why wireless speakers couldn't be used for other sounds, as the advances in wireless over the past few years have been almost exponential.
  2. vp49p3

    Huge GoFlight Sale

    It will work, but it would be sitting there not attached to anything and wouldn't look very good. The cases that hold two modules are great. I have 6 of them on my desk and they look good.
  3. MCP PRO $169 off, TQ6 $269 off, EFIS $150 off, other modules reduced by about 20%. Never seen a sale this good on GF's website.
  4. vp49p3

    When you do not sim?

    I am retired. I live, therefore I sim. Once each day 7 days a week in 2-4 hour chunks, except if I'm not in the house. Then I scour the internet on my laptop for simming stuff to buy.
  5. vp49p3

    2018 sale

    Through November 30th. I'm out of town also and that's the first thing I thought of .
  6. It's at the very bottom of the message. I had to scroll down to see it
  7. vp49p3

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Wow--$19.95 US. I would have thought it would be at least twice that!! Great bargain 🙂
  8. vp49p3

    Recommended v4 Aerobatics

  9. Any good aerobatic aircraft out there? I used to fly the Pitts Special in FSX, but can't seem to find any aerobatics for v4. Thanks, Jay.
  10. Hi-I had a Yoko (and now a Brunner) and did exactly what you suggested and it's worked well. I extended my desktop using L-brackets mounted on the right hand side of the desk next to the yoke (I'm right handed) and screwed a 1X8 board about 24 inches wide to the top of the L-brackets. My keyboard (84 keys short form) is on top of the right hand side of this "shelf". I screwed on a rigid mouse pad on the left side of the "shelf". The keyboard's held down with 4 globs of "museum putty." I've found this stuff the best for holding down a lot of equipment without having to drill holes in my desk. Also, when you need to remove it, it comes off like a post-it note without leaving any residue. Just search for it on Amazon or wherever.
  11. vp49p3

    Loss of FPS with window in focus

    You may wish to review this AVSIM thread. It deals with undocked windows causing severe frame rate drop (and an attendant solution), but may be applicable to your difficulties also. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/513687-p3dv4-multimonitor-undock-windows-halves-frame-rate/
  12. vp49p3

    Quickest Way to Clean Your Rig (internally)

    Have had the same vac for six years-works great!
  13. Hi Thomas-go with your favorite. People will debate forever about the best monitor and I noticed today's the last day of this sale! Can't go wrong with an LG.
  14. Not enough horsepower for 4k resolution, but probably would work for 1080p resolution. Also, I've found that it's best to have all three monitors the same make and model or else you'll never get the colors to match precisely