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  1. My old setup was an overclocked 6700k computer driving 4 monitors from an Nvidia Titan for P3dv4, and a smaller networked computer to run atc on one monitor and instruments on the other monitor. My new setup will be an overclocked 13900k, a watercooled Nvidia 4090, 5600 ram, and two Samsung 990 ssd's on an MSI motherboard. My tech tells me I have enough horsepower to run P3dv5 with 4 screens off the Nvidia (surround on three and GPS on the other) and set up the motherboard to run 2 more monitors for P2ATC and my instruments. Do you think this is going to work, or should I forget it and go back to a second networked computer running P2ATC and the instruments? Forgot that the three surround screens will be in 4k and the 3 other monitors 1080p.
  2. I already read the Dummies book for 10 and don't want to buy another Dummies book.
  3. Well-my seven year old flight sim computer finally bit the dust. Putting together a new rig--with Windows 10 no less. Studying "Windows 10 for Dummies." Wish me luck!!
  4. Three year updste. Still on W7. Still using P3dv4.5. Still simming every single day unless I'm not at home. Learning more and more about using the sim to emulate actual flight. Haven't had a computer issue yet that wasn't solved by other than turning it on and off. Never have had to reinstall P3d. Life is good.
  5. Thank you very much. I will try the suggestions and get back to you. Ps. I really, really like P2ATC.
  6. Hi--I run P3dv4.5 HF3 on networked computers. I've been using P2ATC on a client computer flawlessly for over a year in that setup. I have never had any difficulty exporting P2ATC flight plans to P3D in the .pln format. After the latest update, I have encountered difficulties. Instead of a normal wait time after pushing the "export" button with the attendant "plan has been exported" advice, I now am encountering two issues. The first is that hitting the export button does nothing. It highlights itself, but for all but a single time the plan does not export. (I have double checked the network path and it is the same as when exports worked). The other problem is when I save plans within P2ATC they are in the ".vbf" format. On the single occasion I was able to export the plan it showed in the P3D documents file (along with all other flight plans) as a .vbf file, not a .pln file. As a result, P2A flight plans do not show up in the flight plan selection list withing P3D. Any help to get back to normal would be appreciated.would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. A2A B-17. Love those wonderful Andrews sisters!
  8. ORBX ORBX ORBX- you'll meed orbx central to manage the scenery anyway, so why go through 2 steps when you can do it in one? Let Orbx do the grunt work of installation.
  9. Precisely. If I don't trim correctly, it's like wrestling a bear, which I presume is more like real flying.
  10. Trimmed ok-but flying through turbulence is exhausting.
  11. For you pilots out there, another question, please. I fly P3Dv4.5 with the Brunner CLSE yoke and rudder pedals and an 8 foot wide screen The force feedback configurations for the yoke and pedals are those created by the Brunner staff. They have different profiles for different aircraft. I mostly fly the A2A C172 and Brunner has a profile specifically for it. After flying an hour or so by hand, my muscles are sore and I go on the autopilot. The autopilot then moves the yoke--not me. Is this setup any more realistic? Thanks.
  12. Thank you immensely!!! I had two tours of duty to Iceland in Patrol Squadron 49 as a Tactical Coordinator (TACCO) in the P3C Orion. Great aircraft, flying 100 feet off the deck hunting Russian submarines in the North Atlantic in the early '70's. My Patrol Squadron logo has been my AVSIM avatar since day one. Thanks again, Jay.
  13. Depending on the type of prop aircraft, you have to give a lot of right rudder to stay straight. Jets I don't know from.
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