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  1. Hi I fly nothing but A2A (Cub through Constellation) in P3dv4.4 with a bunch of Goflight modules. For A2A aircraft I've found that GoFlight's own software appears to be adequate. I do have one toggle switch panel unused, though. Does anyone see any particular advantages over GF software by using PollyPot or FSUIPC for GF in my case? If so, what could they be? Thanks much. PS-there's so much rain here in South Florida that I can only fly the floats Cub. :}
  2. Brunner's website mentions that their force feedback products will be compatible with 2020.
  3. Hi--lately when I start P2ATC the map screen gets blue squares over it saying "this operation has timed out" and not any maps. The rest of P2ATC works. In order to get the map back I have to restart the computer. Simply closing and reopening the program doesn't help. I have a strong wireless internet signal and my computer has plenty of ram, etc. to run. What's wrong? Thanks.
  4. vp49p3

    Big X

    Thanks--will use your suggestion, as I had been doing exactly what you describe.
  5. Sometimes the P2ATC moving map goes white blank with a big red "X" across it. Totally blank-no user aircraft, flight plan or AI. If I restart P2ATC, all goes well for the duration of the flight. Does this have something to do with an internet access problem? Something else? Thanks.
  6. Thanks Dave--solved the problem. Somehow the Speech Output Device under the Speech tab had changed to the wrong source. Once changed to the correct device, all worked great. I appreciate your quick responses almost as much as I appreciate you developing this great program. It's just terrific!
  7. Thanks, Dave. There is no software sending sounds from the flight sim computer to the P2ATC client computer. P3d is hooked to a separate external sound system which plays all P3D sounds over speakers except voice, which is unchecked in P3D settings. The client computer with P2ATC sends all P2ATC sounds to my headphones. How do I turn up the volume you suggest? Also, if nothing fixes the problem do you recommend a complete uninstall from within the P2ATC files as mentioned in the user manual, cleaning out all P2ATC files and doing a fresh reinstall if nothing else works? I've got the time to do this. Thanks.
  8. More detective work. I turned on the speech practice while I was connected to the simulator, flight plan validated and filed, all while the problems above persisted. When I spoke a practice phrase, it was recognized, and when I pushed "listen" a P2ATC voice came on and read back the phrase to me. However, when I pushed the button to listen to myself as I had spoken the phrase, it would not read back my speech. So, the voices work to read something back to me when practicing, but won't play back my speaking the phrase, and there is no sound at all in P2ATC. I must have pushed some button someplace which is preventing me from hearing what is said in P2ATC during an actual flight.
  9. After more testing, a pattern has developed. Sounds work until I connect to P3d and a flight plan has been loaded into both P2ATC and P3D. As usual, the radios are tuned to ATIS, which comes from P2ATC and I hear the first loop of ATIS then nothing. P2ATC keeps working in all other ways but no sound output.
  10. Have now uninstalled and reinstalled P2ATC--still same problem.
  11. I have been running Pilot2ATC on a networked machine with P3Dv4.4 about 5 weeks and everything was working fine. Both machines are still on Windows 7, but also work fine. Several days ago a sound problem arose, which I can't fix. I am using Bluetooth headphones. I check the Windows control panel and sounds work fine on my headphones, as does the microphone (2.4 ghz). When I start the P2ATC program, sometimes (but not always) there are no sounds--no voices, no sound effects (such as button pushes)--nothing. When I start the program even if all sounds are fine to start, after a few minutes all sounds go off. Sometimes If the sounds do work when P2ATC starts, as soon as I connect to the flight simulator, sounds again go off ands won't come back on.This problem only started a few days ago. I did a system recovery of the P2ATC networked computer back to when everything was working, but this did not fix it. I restarted the computer several times, but no dice. What's wrong? I really love the program--it's the best ATC out there, but it has become really frustrating. Any solutions?
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