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  1. Two monitors gives you a vertical seam in the middle of the vc, which is annoying, so I'd use three. If your resolution is 1080p you might get away with the 1070. If you're going to use three with 4k resolution you need a better video card.
  2. Thanks for the nteresting suggestion. But then the axis on which the pedals travel forward and back would not be level. Good luck on your ultimate selection.
  3. vp49p3

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    Also Tuskagee Airmen
  4. vp49p3

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

  5. The angle of the pedals is impossible to adjust. There are four hex head screws to loosen with a wrench provided. However, with this wrench you can't get enough torque to loosten the screws. One guy stripped a hex head screw and now doesn't know what to do. If you could take off the housing, you could use an allen wrench, which would work, but if you take off the housing the warranty is voided. Second, all aircraft profiles in the software have the same force feedback. A Cessna 172 is the same setting as a 737. I asked Brunner for different pedal resistance for different aircraft, but was given no guidance. You would have the same resistance on the MFG by tightening the spring and using the prop cam. I already sold my MFG and it's impossible to sell the Brunner pedals, so I'm stuck with them.
  6. Stick with the MFG Crosswind.
  7. vp49p3

    GF Pro yoke issue

    Pardon the commercial, but I have a Yoko for sale on the AVSIM classifieds as I, too, bought a Brunner yoke as my combined birthday and Xmas present for the next three years 🙂
  8. vp49p3

    GF Pro yoke issue

    Had basically the same problem and it never got fixed, so I returned the yoke and got a refund. Goflight is easy to work with on this if it's still under warranty.
  9. Much to my embarrassment I fixed the problem simply by updating to the latest software version.
  10. Thanks much. Will do all of this and report back.
  11. Hi-I have the latest P3dv4.3 and latest RXP installer on Windows 7. I use NVidia surround on 3 monitors, with a fourth for instruments. The RXP program itself installs fine, and there's an RXP line in the addons menu. I go to configure an aircraft by adding a pop-up window and go through the normal steps. Once done, in the aircraft instruments options there is then an option to select the RXP window. I check it, but the RXP popup unit never shows--in any window. I go in and out of full screen, three/four monitors to one, minimize and maximize windows but to no avail--no RXP unit ever shows. This never happened before--the RXP window always popped up like it was supposed to. Any suggestions so I can find my missing RXP window? Thanks much, Jay
  12. vp49p3

    Best traffic addon Performance wise

    Plus one. UTL injects traffic and does not use .bgl files, which have a negative impact on performance.
  13. It took ten years, but I finally got where I wanted to with my setup, incorporating the Brunner CLS-E and rudder pedals. Jury's still out on the rudder pedals, but the rest is great!
  14. vp49p3

    Stuck at desktop p3dv4

    If P3d doesn't shut down completely neither will UTL. Task manager's the key.
  15. vp49p3

    Stuck at desktop p3dv4

    This happens to me. P3d hangs for some reason. I go to task manager under "processes" and close it down together with any other flight sim program that perhaps is also hanging. Invariably P3d restarts with no issues.