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  1. vp49p3

    Push/Pull TPM Throttle

    $169--GoFlight's been in business for years. Have lots of their modules. All work great. https://goflightinc.com/product/gf-tpm-throttle-prop-mixture-system/
  2. Yes to question one. Have not heard about issues in question 2. I was on the UTL beta team, and can attest that the developer was keenly interested in improvements. I've been using UTL since it was first avaialable in beta form and am very happy with it and have never had any issues with it.
  3. Have had mine for 18 months of heavy use and they work perfectly. The software is great. When they get out whack from too many FSUIPC adjustments, they snap back every time.
  4. Correct. Unfortunately my TQ6 lost one potentiometer while in warranty, but has now lost a seond one out of warranty (18 months since purchase) and I'll find out soon what the replacement cost will be. Will post when I learn.
  5. I've got a bunch that are still magnetized. Which ones do you need? If I've got them, I'll mail them to you. For some reason Goflight quit selling them as a separate item.
  6. All fixed. Have absolutely no idea why it fixed itself, but I'm not going to delve into it.
  7. vp49p3

    Michael Greenblatt - FS has lost an Icon....

    Thinking of Michael today when I had some issues with the sim. Still haven't changed my signature line, and I don't think I ever will. For such a cranky guy, he was incredibly knowledgeable and ultimately the best addon there ever was.
  8. Hi all--running latest P3dv4.2 on up to date Windows 7. I have 13 GF modules and most work fine with GF's in-house software. All modules are plugged in to either internal powered USB 2.0 cards, or into a powered USB 2.0 hub that is plugged in to a powered USB 2.0 card. They all worked fine until I did a complete reinstall of v4.2. The ones I'm having issues with now are three RP 48's--the ones with 4 knobs on top and 8 pushbuttons on the bottom. I've configured each one and saved their profiles. I load all three profiles at the same time, but the profiles keep switching from one RP48 profile to a different one. I've also tried unplugging two, loading the third with the correct profile and re-booting, then adding another RP 48 and loading its profile and rebooting, etc., but the profiles again won't stick to the right RP48. I've also tried switching the USB cable from one RP48 and plugging that cable into the unit that needs the other RP48's profile--no luck. Anyone have a suggested solution to my musical chair RP48 problem? Thanks much, Jay
  9. From what I've read vendors have chosen to make a blanket statement, rather than trying to carve out countries to which the new law does not apply. I'm in the US but still have gotten many emails from vendors complying with the new law. As a practical matter, it is now a worldwide rule, rather than just the EU.
  10. vp49p3

    Cloud ground shadows too dark in v4.2

    Thanks, also. I'll try that after the config change, as I'm not using PTA right now.
  11. vp49p3

    Cloud ground shadows too dark in v4.2

    Thanks much! So whatever number there is in the config should be reduced to a lower number which fixes the issue, correct?
  12. I did a complete install of the latest P3Dv4.2 iteration, from 4.1 where all worked fine. I also reinstalled ENVTEX, AS4, ASCA, ORBX Base, Vector and Trees, with all required updates, with the recommended middle of the road settings. I used to fly in v4.1 (same addons) with cloud ground shadows enabled, and they looked fine. Now, they are very, very dark, so that the ground looks almost black where they are. Everything else looks fine in v4.2. I deleted my shaders file and rebuilt them--no luck. Deleted my config file and rebuilt it--no luck. Restored my original textures from ENVTEX backup--no luck. Any ideas for a fix would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jay
  13. I've had a watercooled 6700k overclocked at 4.7 for over 18 months with absolutely no problems and rock solid stability. I'm using an ASUS Formula VIII mb, but I'm guessing any similar mb would work just as well and would be a lower price than a mb required for an 8700k.
  14. vp49p3

    Which is better? V4 or V3

    4, unless there are some v3 only addons you can't live without.
  15. vp49p3

    Just Flight Traffic Global

    Thanks much folks. Put this endeavor on the back burner for now.