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    Long time simmer, using FS9 to learn more about Aviation History and to get a feel for what it was like back in the Golden Years of Aviation.

    For the most part though... I'm no one of any significance or importance.

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  1. "Do you remember sugar cubes with a drop of Salk's polio vaccine and nobody had a problem with it?" If you were living in Western Australia at the time, then you should remember Robin Miller, "The Sugarbird Lady". She was a one woman RFDS, caring for those out in the bush. She flew her own airplane, her father was Australian Aviation royalty, she ferried airplanes from the States back Down Under on several occasions, and she ended up marrying the Director of the RFDS. Tragicially, she died of cancer in 1975, at the age of 35. Her Mooney airplane is displayed at Jandakot Airport in Perth.
  2. It was always about the Hardware for me. Not having the funds to afford a supercomputer capable of running FSX, I started out on FS8, then moved to FS9 mainly using Desktops with mid speed Pentium chips and 4G of RAM, with a stand alone Graphics Card. My last rig was a Dell laptop with an i5 2.5G, 4G RAM, a 500Gb HD, and a AMD 2gb Graphics Card. That rig went south in Winter 2015. Fast forward to 2021; found an HP laptop on Craigslist with an AMD 1.9 chip and stand alone 1gb Graphics Card, 500Gb HD & 8 gigs of RAM, really cheap. W7 Pro 64 bit. FS9 is all that resides on this Laptop, and it runs better than ever. Locked @ 65 fps, no stutters. FS9 is more than enough to keep my FS appetite satiated, along with a hangar filled with Carenado singles and TDS tubeliners. Did I mention the IRIS Classic fighters? 😋 Alan 😷
  3. Glad to have you with us, Alicia! 🙂
  4. FS9 is NOT dead! All Hail the Niners!!😄😷
  5. New Shepard is a suborbital spacecraft. Only Crew Dragon and Boeing Starliner are man rated for Orbital flight.
  6. Welcome to The Forums! Give this Thread a try; it might help. Alan 🙂
  7. Waiting for Memorial Day weekend, and the stories on the news of many drunken marine mishaps on Lake McConaughy...
  8. As long as the Membership continues to reveal all of the FS9 'Easter Eggs' that are still out there waiting to be discovered, then we're in good shape. Every day someone out there introduces us to a 'new' Scenery (at least to me) that works well, has loads of Features, and isn't a resource hog... Alan :smile:
  9. Scott, I would like that Climb/Cruise/Descent .pdf as well, if that's all right... it'll make a very good Worksheet to use while I'm learning how to Pilot these birds! Alan :smile:
  10. "Friends won't let friends fly... FRONTIER". :mad:
  11. Oooh... an 'Airline Mishap' Page... looks like interesting reading! Alan
  12. Now you've gone and done it, Baldy! The Saratoga SP has been wheeled back into the Hangar. Turbo equipped to carry more Pop, Chips and various Meats...
  13. Rest In Peace, General Organa. The Force will be with you... always.
  14. I just like reading Paul's Travelogues! :smile:
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