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    Long time simmer, using FS9 to learn more about Aviation History and to get a feel for what it was like back in the Golden Years of Aviation.

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  1. Waiting for Memorial Day weekend, and the stories on the news of many drunken marine mishaps on Lake McConaughy...
  2. As long as the Membership continues to reveal all of the FS9 'Easter Eggs' that are still out there waiting to be discovered, then we're in good shape. Every day someone out there introduces us to a 'new' Scenery (at least to me) that works well, has loads of Features, and isn't a resource hog... Alan :smile:
  3. Scott, I would like that Climb/Cruise/Descent .pdf as well, if that's all right... it'll make a very good Worksheet to use while I'm learning how to Pilot these birds! Alan :smile:
  4. "Friends won't let friends fly... FRONTIER". :mad:
  5. Oooh... an 'Airline Mishap' Page... looks like interesting reading! Alan
  6. Now you've gone and done it, Baldy! The Saratoga SP has been wheeled back into the Hangar. Turbo equipped to carry more Pop, Chips and various Meats...
  7. Rest In Peace, General Organa. The Force will be with you... always.
  8. I just like reading Paul's Travelogues! :smile:
  9. YEE HAW! Nice climb, Ryan! And, a very pretty screenshot to boot! Cherokee Six -- Low Wing Pickup Truck. Very good for Pop & Chip runs. Alan :smile:
  10. Happy Holidays to you as well, Harald... and to the rest of the Niners, wherever you are! Eat, Drink (or whatever) in Moderation, and Be Safe if you're Traveling! Alan
  11. Matthew, East of the Mississippi, "coffee" is brown colored Water with a slight hint of artificial Coffee flavoring. You want real Coffee? Here's how you can tell the difference: -- Stand something straight up in the Coffee pot (utensil, steel rod, horseshoe, etc.) -- If it doesn't fall over, it's 'real' Coffee! LOL Alan Best part of the ATC call... "EVA Air, what are YOU doing?"
  12. EUREKA! Thanks, Graeme & Dijvid! I thought it might have been some convoluted, major Process to make it work! I will try that, and see how it works! Cheers! Alan
  13. OK. You're gonna love this, but... this Effect is the Start effect, right? Where you start the Mill, and that 'puff' of exhaust comes out when the Mill catches? BTW... I re-opened my Original .exe to a Temp Folder, and the Effect isn't there. So, if you found another Effect form a different Airplane and got it to work... how did 'ya do it, Dijvid? Alan
  14. Nice acquisition, Scott! Um... I got their C-182K. You know, the one that was 'flown very hard, and put away wet'? Hey, what can I say; it was FREE! Alan
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