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  1. T-34 Mentor and Turbo Mentor. Martin Baker MB.5. PBY-5A Catalina. Download 'em and give them a try!
  2. And they use those glitzy, feigned looks of incredulity along with the Description as bait, to draw the Viewer in. Then, discuss nothing having to do with either the Description or the Thumbnail. The vast majority of YT Videos are exactly that; CLICKBAIT.
  3. To escape, to dream, to imagine... 🙂
  4. DC-10-10 is a FS 2002 Model. Below is the Series 30 from SGA: https://simviation.com/1/download-file?file=SGA_DC-10-30.zip&fileId=8096 DC-10 Series 30 Service Pack: https://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=SGA-30SP.zip&x=12&y=15
  5. Greetings!A few of us "Niners" at one of the other FS Sites are putting together a friendly "competition" in the interests of both camaraderie and straight up Fun...Had an idea about a re-creation of the Bendix Trophy race from Santa Monica Airport (KSMO) to Cleveland (KCLE) that was run from the 30's until the early 60's. Wanted to focus on the period from '46 to '49, immediately after the War and a time when all of the hot fighter planes were being sold as Surplus except for a few Navy planes. P-38 Lightnings and P-51 Mustangs were the most common types, and Mustangs won the Trophy in all the races during the period.For the purposes of the 'challenge' and to make it somewhat realistic, the Rules would be simple; fly a predetermined Route with mandatory Fuel stops, the fastest time wins, and in an attempt to make this fair, EVERYTHING'S on the Honor System.Pick any WW II propeller driven Warbird, even a Prototype (e.g. Martin Baker MB.5). Freeware or Payware (if you have it). Fly it as it comes'out of the box'; no modifying FDE's. Country of Manufacture doesn't matter. It'd be nice to see some variety, but if it's all US airplanes that's okay too. Oh, and even though they were in service at the time, Corsairs, Bearcats and Tigercats would be welcome, as would Hellcats. For the moment... no Jets. Not yet.Here is the Thread where we're talking this through, and what we've done so far:https://www.flightsim.com/forums/top...for-us-niners/I'm posting this here in the FS2004 Forum because the emphasis is on those who fly FS9 exclusively. All the other Platforms have their own place, but we'd like to focus on our little corner of the FlightSim World.It's not a MP or "online" Event; do everything at your own pace. No intricate "White List", no complicated Timing like FS-Duenna, no thick Rule Book.The operative word is FUN, FUN, FUN!So if you're interested, come join us. Tell your fellow Niners about it. Grab your favorite bird that fits the Requirements listed, and come play with us!Thanks for Looking!
  6. When POSKY shut down way back when, the name was changed to 'Skyspirit'. Some of the Models were made for FS9 and FSX, and some of those were FSX only, even though the Description says they work in FS9. A lot of that is due to Textures (.dds vs. bmp). Other than that they're pretty much the same. Don't get hung up on the POSKY vs Skyspirit name deal. If you see one you like, stick it in your Sim and give it a try. If one doesn't work, try another. Many Simmers combine features from two or three different Models to get something to their liking. 🙂
  7. If your OS is 64 bit, don't forget the 4Gb Patch... 🙂
  8. If you live near a Micro Center location (US only), they have the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick on Sale for $19.99 (50% off) until 11/27/22 or until they're sold out. Note that this is for IN STORE Purchases ONLY, not Internet Sales. 🙂
  9. Proud to be a Niner. For what I want to do, it suits me just fine.
  10. Fair Skies and Following Winds as you head West, Mr. Wirt.
  11. Hello! This question is directed to the old skool FlightSim users that may still be out there, so here it goes: Does anyone know who were the original creators of Bush Flying Unlimited, and when it was originally Created? I know that when I started Simming around '10, BFU was already established with FS2002. Had it been around earlier than that? Just curious; flying 'for' BFU really stoked my interest in Bush flying and becoming more proficient. I have many of the Scenery created for BFU and have a good number of Repaints for FS9. If anyone has a line on more Repaints that would be awesome. Thanks for looking! Alan 🙂
  12. The only line similar to a METAR is the first one. Everything else below doesn't correspond. Without more info about any 3rd party Wx programs the OP is using, or what is on the server, It's hard to determine what the files for.
  13. Nor do they disclose WHAT goes into the Sausage.
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