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  1. Looks great--big improvement especially at night. Bill
  2. Thanks for the great updates Mitch! Hope to see more as your time permits. Bill
  3. Thanks Mitch, great KSAT update! Really looking forward to KPIT. Bill
  4. Thanks for the pointers to the Cal Classic AI sound files with instructions. What I've learned from this discussion is how limited the options are - but those limited options are still a lot better than nothing. Bill
  5. 1. An Embraer Bandeirante by Edgar Guinart/Aeroproyecto. Small turboprop transport has a 3-D cockpit where almost everything is clickable and a modicum of the "systems" that payware adherents go on about. Excellent sounds.Has correctly set views from the pilot's eyepoint and flies in a believable way. Some failures built in (or at least some systems that don't work if you don't set them correctly). Working wipers in the VC (haven't tested them in the rain yet so don't know how well they work). aeroproyecto_e110_326507.zip 2. An A.V.I.A. L.3 open-cockpit trainer of 1940s vintage by Manuele Villa. An apparently historically accurate rendition of the most basic of basic trainers. No lights, radio, flaps, or elevator trim, but a delightful flight model in which it will fly straight and level at 150 km/hr. Also has aerobatic capabilities.A delightful example of a purely VFR, low-and-slow simulation (it only flies low and slow). It's hard to imagine any better FS9 aircraft than all of the ones that Manuele Villa makes, and he makes a lot of them, almost exclusively Italian models from roughly the 1930-1950 period. Love the interior textures that you can almost feel, and the smooth 3-D gauges (like the compass in this example), plus his girlfriend isn't half bad looking either. Features a book-length set of handling notes by "FS Aviator" which (as usual with him) constitutes a university-level course in aeronautics and simulator design allowing you to make the experience as challenging and rewarding as you like. l3_v01-open_cockpit.zip Bill
  6. I suggest looking at three files uploaded to flightsim.com by Pedro Melendez (please search under his name, these are his only uploads). They don't crash my system. I'm getting a lot of mileage out of them. They require adding one line to the "lights" section of the aircraft.cfg (all explained in the downloads). Moving the "environment" slider in the options/sound menu all the way to the right makes them carry better (and doesn't seem to have any other drastic impact on the aural environment). Tom, I remember the very good reverse-thrust sound effect for AI (landing jetliners) in the Cal Classic AI package. Would it be possible for you to share the formula for adding this effect to other AI aircraft or point out where the instructions can be found? Bill Let me add that I'm getting good results from the Pedro Melendez sounds on a Windows 7, 64-bit system.
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