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  1. I really believe its something else on the airport...a bgl..causing the removal of autogen. I tried many combos of off/on and the only one which was consistently showing this bug was with the scenery active. if you remove it from the list, or just deactivate it, the autogen retuns. Others are reporting this with their DEN airport in a few spots as well. I think they did a good job..but are missing the mark just a bit with the tree blending and this issue.
  2. I did Blue. Mir said there would be no fix and they know about it. I have seen others with like problems with some of their other sceneries and the general conclusion from folks who know how to do scenery is that one or another of their bgls causes it. It is definitely the scenery causing it, repeatable and verified by removing and reinstalling scenery. I also noted the mismatch of tree colors using FTX for fall and to some extent other seasons and was told they develop their sceneries for default fsx. I find that kind of humorous since there probably are not many of us who run stock fsx textures and buy add ons such as this. My post was then “politely” locked. 😏
  3. Haha..that IS with the fall setting with the manager!
  4. Nope. here is a screenshot of what Im seeing.....you will also notice that their tree colors do not get close to matching Orbx fall ones. Other seasons are fine.
  5. I recently picked up Flightbeams KIAD for FSX and Im seeing some issues with autogen around the perimeter of the airport. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. basically outside of the scenery perimeter which is a roadway, the autogen is blanked or suppressed. Dont have this issue without the scenery installed. Flighbeam says its a known issue but I was just wondering if anyone else is seeing that with the scenery. Im using FTX Global and open LC NA. Particularly I see a hole in the NE quadrant which is about a mile wide and long and one up near the NW corner which is a bit smaller.
  6. Ok..this is weird.....I DID have advanced animations selected.....I turned them off and turned them on again and viola...working like its supposed to!!! Apparently this is a problem with this model for some. Saw a lot of older posts about this. Some folks never got it sorted.
  7. Hmmm...no matter what I do my visual model is porked. No other default or add on aircraft have this issue. Seems to fly just fine....but I like looking at external views and its definitely messed up. Even if i do the tutorial and mission with the glider. Further investigation ongoing!
  8. Its got flaperons, spoilers, ballast. Looks to me like my wings do not flex and something is wrong with the flaperons...they look like that no mater what i do with the controls.
  9. HAHA...nope....just want to figure out how to make this thing look right in my sim!
  10. Im trying to do some soaring in FSX.....never tried it. Nice ORBX scenery in Austria. My bird looks like this.....no wing flex..the flaps or flaperons are not moving..yet it seems to fly ok. Is there something Im missing or is there something wrong with the vis model? Like I said..first time trying the gliders and not sure what is up with that. Im just selecting the aircraft..slewing up and going flying.
  11. In some extensive reading on other sites, it appears that the software, browser, and AV fixes are only a part of the whole when it comes to protecting yourself. There are also BIOS/UEFI fixes which have to come from the hardware companies to allow full coverage and implementation of all these "fixes". My guess here is that until all of that is in place you probably will not see what the actual performance hit is going to be. I am choosing to continue my normal practices of safe surfing and usage before I jump into the fray. I am seriously wondering if this has been around for so long, how is it that we are only now finding out about it? Just doesnt pass the smell test to me and I will wait before hobbling any of my computers.
  12. Core i5 2500K NOT vulnerable according to test tool. Ive got a I7 7700K sitting right next to me with a new system all ready to get built.... My feeling is it probably does not affect most of us not involved in cloud stuff or large database storing as mentioned earlier. We could all probably get away with not installing the patch and be fine. YMMV and do your own diligence.
  13. A drive with an OS on it which is directed as the boot drive in the bios should work. As long as the new board and hardware is compatible with the OS, than in theory this should work. You should also be able to build a new box, install all that stuff you want and have it boot off of the old drive. Chipset drivers should install and it should work fine. There is something else going on here. Ive done this over the years many times and never had any huge issues, other than installing hardware drivers and chipset drivers during initial boot up. I have not tried this with an SSD yet though and dont plan on it any time soon. Next PC build will be with a cloned version of my old drive and still using WIN 7.
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