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  1. Kyle Schurb

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    Not quite sure I understand. That video is from FSX and was uploaded within a day of the initial release. Since then, well over 100 bugs fixed.
  2. Kyle Schurb

    P3D 4.2, no sound CH-53 ?

    Did you start the engines?
  3. Kyle Schurb

    P3D blurred view

    If not FXAA, then I would agree it's the HDR settings, particularly the Bloom.
  4. Kyle Schurb


    Depends on each individual system. Personally, I can tell a difference between the various MSAA settings, but they are definitely not as noticeable as going from MSAA to SSAA. Different MSAA settings hardly affect my own performance. MSAA-to-SSAA definitely taxes my system a bit. I'm running a GTX 1070 btw.
  5. Kyle Schurb

    Bad Graphics with 7700K & GTX1080

    I would definitely suggest increasing the Terrain texture resolution.
  6. Kyle Schurb

    ORBX. Alaska. View on Pleasant Island

    Ahhh... so fluffy!
  7. Kyle Schurb

    Transparent textures in P3D V4.1

    I think the real question here is why is this guy smuggling bodies in his aircraft?
  8. Kyle Schurb

    Old School DC-10 KMSP Departure

    Correct (CLS version 2). Thanks all! Scenery is (obviously) FlightBeam KMSP. Clouds are REX SkyForce.
  9. Went a bit too heavy on the post-processing. Nevertheless, figured I would share. Someday, I will finish this repaint...
  10. Kyle Schurb

    Jetline Sims migrated me from P3Dv3 to V4

    You're only looking at the cost of components. Jetline goes well beyond that. They build, stress test, optimize, and flight test your machine to improve performance to levels you'd likely not see otherwise. I believe they also have a service to install your purchased add-ons and do the same. I don't have a Jetline system, but I've heard nothing but good things through people that have purchased through them. The support sounds unparalleled as well.
  11. Kyle Schurb

    Clouds shadows appear disappear

    Intentional to help with performance, I think.
  12. Kyle Schurb

    You do not know your Sim.

    Agreed. Also not sure I understand the intent of threads and comments from the OP such as this. It's great people think their sim is perfect, and honestly I'm happy it suits them, even if it's not my sim of choice. But there are some users of X-Plane I've noticed are extremely loud and sometimes quite rude/overly-proud that this is their choice. Makes it difficult for me to want to join in on this community. I know Ryan flies multiple sims, but was still told he doesn't understand his sim? Perhaps a misinterpretation on my end, but just an odd attitude/way to approach this, in my opinion. I have a feeling if I started a forum topic stating "You can't get this in X-Plane" like a similar topic by the OP, it wouldn't be as well-received. Anyway, just my observations, nothing more. I have X-Plane 11, P3Dv4, FSX-Steam, FS2004, and DCS all installed, fyi. They all have their advantages/disadvantages.
  13. Kyle Schurb

    Start-up Interface screen

    I think he's referring to the general user interface color scheme. P3Dv4 went to a dark/black theme, where as prior versions had the blue-ish, lighter theme. That's just how the appearance/design is, without a way for the user to control that based on their preference.
  14. Kyle Schurb

    REX First Glance

    Ryan is correct, FlightBeam KMSP.