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  1. Just downloaded a fresh copy for the -300 and the window issues seem to be fixed. As of now both the -200 and -300 window issue looks like its been solved. I'm running FSX:SE with Win 10 in DX9 mode. Maybe some others can confirm this on their systems. Chris
  2. I can confirm the same as Murillo. The -200 seems fine but the -300 still has issues. The only difference for me is that the front and very rear sections of the -300 seem fine and the mid is completely black. Chris
  3. I've just noticed something very interesting. Like some have stated I thought that my windows were fine after the new installer. I had transparent windows and they were lit at night but that was when I ran FSX:SE in DX10 mode. If I switch to DX9 then the windows become black and non transparent...... maybe someone else can try this and see if they get the same results. Chris
  4. I was determined to find all those tails and one google search lead to another. Can't remember exactly what I typed in for that page to come up , kept trying different search criteria and it was on one of the google search lists that came up. Pure luck I think..........Glad I could help Chris
  5. I'm sure everyone realizes that this maiden flight photo / livery (N7771) was a 777-200 not an ER. The 777-200ER didn't come out till 1996
  6. Here's a site that will help with the answers , All 16 original orders are listed.....#3 was Euralair, a French charter company. Hope this helps. Chris
  7. Flying to Cali....

    Spirit Airlines.........A319-232 N534NK. Probably heading to KFLL.