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  1. Just downloaded a fresh copy for the -300 and the window issues seem to be fixed. As of now both the -200 and -300 window issue looks like its been solved. I'm running FSX:SE with Win 10 in DX9 mode. Maybe some others can confirm this on their systems. Chris
  2. I can confirm the same as Murillo. The -200 seems fine but the -300 still has issues. The only difference for me is that the front and very rear sections of the -300 seem fine and the mid is completely black. Chris
  3. I've just noticed something very interesting. Like some have stated I thought that my windows were fine after the new installer. I had transparent windows and they were lit at night but that was when I ran FSX:SE in DX10 mode. If I switch to DX9 then the windows become black and non transparent...... maybe someone else can try this and see if they get the same results. Chris
  4. I was determined to find all those tails and one google search lead to another. Can't remember exactly what I typed in for that page to come up , kept trying different search criteria and it was on one of the google search lists that came up. Pure luck I think..........Glad I could help Chris
  5. I'm sure everyone realizes that this maiden flight photo / livery (N7771) was a 777-200 not an ER. The 777-200ER didn't come out till 1996
  6. Here's a site that will help with the answers , All 16 original orders are listed.....#3 was Euralair, a French charter company. Hope this helps. Chris
  7. Spirit Airlines.........A319-232 N534NK. Probably heading to KFLL.
  8. I have it and its great!!!!!!!!!!!!....Works perfectly with Flightbeam KSFO Gabriele is doing some really great work with his Photo scenery. I have the Seattle area stuff and its great too. Check out his site , he has some new plans for releasing full states that is well worth checking out.
  9. I am really looking forward to this one and am sure that it will be a joy to fly no matter what the FMS can do or not do. There is always good old VOR/NDB flying for the old school steam gauge crowd. Lots of flights around B.C. that will fit in nicely for this old bird.
  10. As far as I understand the Sperry SP-177 has LNAV capability, not sure if its fully capable of VNAV ( like an NGs system) but I could be wrong. Canadian North had PDCS Equipped 200's and GPS.....Heres a link for some basic PCDS/FMC Info.
  11. Pretty sure its a Dassault Falcon but not sure what model. Chris
  12. I had the same shimmering issues with trees ,fences etc with my HD6950. Was going to go back to NVidia but since installing the 11.5 catalysts I can honestly say the issues have all but dissappeared.Seems ATI finally have fixed most of the issues that gave me problems in FSX.Give the new Cats a try first and see if it makes a difference for you.Hope they help!!!!Chris
  13. I have a very similar system.Just finished building it last Friday and FSX is running great.My old system was a Dell XPS Gen 4 with a P4 3.6 GHz and 4 Gigs of DDR2.Just couldn
  14. I had the same problem,Make sure that "SimObjectPaths.X=simobjects\UT2 Aircraft" is entered in the FSX cfg under the main section. [Main]User Objects=Airplane, HelicopterSimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\AirplanesSimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\RotorcraftSimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehiclesSimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\BoatsSimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\AnimalsSimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\MiscSimObjectPaths.6=simobjects\UT2 AircraftFor some reason UT2 doesnt seem to put that entry in the cfg.I now have tons of traffic at my airports.Hope this helps.Chris
  15. Was wondering if their site is down.Keep getting authentication required errors when trying to open their website.Thanks