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  1. Thanks for the feedback/update Gabriel, I'm sure the Vancouverites can help with some ideas for prominent buildings in the downtown area.
  2. I must agree. CYVR looks great but Vancouver looks very empty compared to the real thing. Just like people enjoy the city scenery for other addons like Seattle, London, New York etc ,Vancouver does matter to those who live here. Its part of the experience of flying the STARS especially for the 08's. That said, I will purchase the scenery as it looks like they did a great job on CYVR. Maybe the city can be worked on in the future.
  3. That was a good deal. I paid $1 CAD the first month , then it went up to $4.99 and now its going up to 9.99/month. I really only got gamepass to try MSFS before paying the big bucks for another sim( now have 4 on my system....lol). When my second month started was when I noticed MSFS was offered at 20% off...…... Think its part of gamepass that some games get a discount after the first paid month. It might be worth using your £1 deal to see if you get the same offer. I'm sure amazon or somebody will have another deal soon, plus Black Friday comes in November so there could be something there. I'll probably be cancelling the GP subscription …….don't really need it now and I can always subscribe again since I have to pay full price now anyway. Will then have a definite answer about what happens after GP expires ( I'm 100% sure it will be fine since I have a receipt saying I own all versions MSFS ). From what I remember MSFS allowed me to install the upgrades while using the gamepass version without changing the settings. When I decided to install the new licence it did a complete install. Cant remember but I think I had to redo my settings again after the full install.
  4. Wish I had a better answer for you with regards to the amazon discount but I have no experience with that. I did check and I see that gamepass seems to have a 10% discount at the moment . You probably don't see a 20% discount til the second month of your gamepass….that's when my offer appeared. Even if I cancel my gampass subscription today it won't expire til the 18TH so I cant give you a 100% answer about what happens. All I can say is my MS account and the in game store now show I own all versions of MSFS.
  5. Do you still have your game pass?......I would double check to see if you get offered the 20% discount through that. I believe that discount gets applied once you have been on game pass for 1 month.
  6. I bought Premium Deluxe with the gamepass 20% discount . I used the Xbox app and my Microsoft account now shows I own MSFS. Most of the issues seemed to be with people buying through the in game store. I haven't cancelled my game pass yet but like I said …..my MS account now shows I own the sim and the digital ownership. You still need the Xbox app to run the sim even if you own it.
  7. I've had the same issue. Basically for now I just reinstalled everything with VFX Central and things are back to normal. I'm going to wait till the issues get fixed then I'll try the ORBX install again
  8. Very sad news. Spent many years working on the RFP test team and it was always a pleasure to work for Ralph. A dedicated man to the Flightsim community and the King of the "Queen of the Skies". Condolences to his family , his friends and those that had the pleasure of getting to know him through the RFP team .
  9. British Airways fitted their 747-236Bs with a modified FMC ( Honeywell Flight Management System)……..found this video of some sim training...….
  10. I've been running a Gigabyte GTX-1070Ti for about 10 months now. Highly recommend it. The 8Gigs of VRAM will come in handy over the 6Gigs the RTX2060 has. I'm running on a 32" 1440p monitor and run some very heavy scenery and aircraft ( ORBX TE/PMDG etc ) …...been very happy with the results in P3Dv4 and XP11. Chris Boyce
  11. Hi Jim, My download says - Detail tab version, 04/30/2018 and its 3.53 GB's....the Installer exe is called "Seattle_City_X_v1.1.exe" Glad you found the solution to the new download.
  12. Hopefully you get the Seattle City X v 1.1. Like I said I kept Taxi2gate SeaTac installed but disabled it in the sim , did fresh installs of Seattle airports 1.1 and Seattle city 1.1 and haven't noticed any of the issues that some others reported..... guess I got really lucky...lol lol The new SeaTac looks great and I'm really impressed with all of his Seattle scenery. My biggest thing now is tinkering with my new system and getting used to setting my NVidia card up ( had ATI in the old system). NVidia Profile inspector or NVidia control panel or both...…….Huge difference in the way the sim runs and looks with this I5 8600K and the 1070TI.
  13. No problem Jim, I actually received a notice from PC aviator about the update and the new download is called "Seattle City X v 1.1.exe". Have seen on the forum that Simmarket was still showing ver 1.05 but PC Aviator has updated to the V1.1 installer. Not sure which store you bought from but I would double check with a fresh download
  14. There is also an update for Seattle City X to version 1.10 .....I just downloaded it from PC Aviator the same day Seattle Airports 1.1 came out. http://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=402&start=120#p13662
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