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  1. Excellent details, reflections look awesome.
  2. Excellent move.
  3. Ok Jim I'll look into your advice and report back in time. Cheers fellow traveler.
  4. IBTL.
  5. Where does p3d.dll reside please, brother Jim? Unable to locate such.
  6. Since updating from 4.1 to 4.2 I get terrain.dll CTDs after long hauls before the outer marker. In all of that long winded crash reports from the OP, "terrain.dll" is what stands out to me.
  7. Meh, not looking to win, dude. Come see us over at the Falcon BMS site and expand your horizons... :-)
  8. No, my brother, it is not. You need a proper frame of reference and that would be Falcon BMS, with its well developed enemy AI, dynamic campaigns, and fully modelled IADS...and if you don't know this last term than you have no valid frame of reference yet. I own the vrs tacpack and Rhino and have been a beta tester for fsx@war, it will never be a combat sim becuase there's no enemy AI. That's nobody's fault; you simply cannot force anon combat sim to become one. Now, the DCS hardcore Hornet, can't wait.
  9. This is one reason I stay away from vrs now and, btw, it will never be a combat sim. Bring on the ED Hornet.
  10. Try a different browser, firefox, chrome (sucks) or opera or safari for windows.
  11. Looks like Keanu Reeves to me. Got me excited as I thought there was going to be a FO sitting beside me in the pit...that would rock as it' so very lonely in there. ..
  12. Not a small item at all, now another detail to monitor which is excellent.
  13. OMG...the FPS the FPS, who will protect the precious FPS...? ;-)