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  1. All perfectly grizzly, but anyone know when the QW787 for 2020 will be released?
  2. LDS is dead. Dont even know why they still have a forum.
  3. As usual with the MSFS series, 2020 is a good PLATFORM for add-ons. To that end I await the QW 787 and PMDG birds.
  4. Since this update, the flaps handle keeps going back to zero degrees, it will not hold a setting.
  5. I agree VR is useless in P3D, but mainly because of the frequent GPU driver crashes.
  6. Appreciate the tips, brother. But I find the ATC unreliable at holding a given airspeed.
  7. Ok but then yo also get folks who have had this for years saying still going rock solid. Like many such cases, what to believe?
  8. Hmm, the Warthog throttles are plastic...got my hands on one, is this plastic a problem? I mean the rest of the device is all metal, so why cheap out on the throttles?
  9. I get those errors in P3Fv5 as well. I dont fly it any longer. Waiting on the QW 787 and PMDG jets for MS2020.
  10. I find this criticism of the Warthog very odd. It has a very good reputation generally.
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