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  1. I question the value of any 3d party AV software, AFAIK the W10 built in AV is fine. And alot of the 3d party stuff is absolute bloatware.
  2. I find it odd that so many have so much faith that MS2020 is the coming Messiah of our community. I myself am very dubious. M$ has let us down in the past and I have little faith ion them now. P3D aint going anywhere.
  3. SIDS/STARs do seem to confuse the FMC.
  4. Interesting. Now, if only fools on the ED forums would quit trying to say A2G doesnt matter in the RW Hornet.
  5. LOL>2 groups easily triggered: XPlane and Mac users.
  6. Had to remove like a hundred key and axis binds as I have multiple controller devices. Okay now.
  7. PF3 is poor at reading flight plans unless you put STARs and SIDs in ahead of time and how can you know this ahead of time when weather is dynamic. RC4 is much better in that regard.
  8. "Fuel math is for losers"...LMFAO. Im rather looking at this option as I lean towards heavier metal and this looks to be a reasonably priced moderate fidelity option. https://www.aerosoft.com/us/flight-simulation/prepar3d-v4/aircraft/2886/aerosoft-a330-professional
  9. I ponder going to the Dark Side as Boeing flier.
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