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  1. Dunno, I'm not impressed by the manual.
  2. Quality is releasing a 787 but it's more of a shallow survey sim.
  3. Cant imagine what that would be...
  4. 4 engines...B29.
  5. XP11

    no picture visible dude
  6. I fly my 744 freighter on short hauls, say from KMEM>CYYZ, a FedEx route with Md11s.
  7. Can I still use the discount code even if I don't already own any FS2Crew products?
  8. Can you recommend this app?
  9. Yes you can and you know it.
  10. It disappoints me that the PMDG 772 doesnt model the EFB as well. Also I have the CS 772 and I like the EFB very much as I can easily find pdf charts to use in it.
  11. Make the EFP a simple PDF importer, I can provide my own content, would help suspend my disbelief.
  12. At work andso lemme get back to on that. Short answer, still prefer the 744.
  13. Oh, no. This would be very disappointing if so. That equals a no-purchase for me. Cause otherwise its just an up-engined 744.