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  1. Excellent initiative...cheers brother.
  2. That ship has sailed, brother Kyle. You know that. ;-) On occasion they're even fool enough to show up here looking for support. Demos might expand your paying customer base.
  3. Really, there should be a demo soas to test compatibility etc. Not directed specifically at PMDG but at the industry in general: software EUAs are decidedly one-sided, not in favor of the consumer.
  4. The only winning move is not to play... :-P
  5. Yes, but it's not hot linked.
  6. Sounds good on the surface but how many of us would be able to (a) find someone and (b) manage/coordibate the time for such?
  7. I have it for fsx and completely agree.
  8. Now careful lest you be accused of being a sycophant.
  9. Not this 12 and 14 year olds get honest, factually accurate answers to any questions on any wife sometimes grimaces hearing it.
  10. Ah, I take it we won't see you on the BMS forums then?
  11. Military jets in these civilian flight sims is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND RESOURCES. This from an owner of tacpack and the vrs rhino and fsx at war. Want a good hardcore military flight sim with a dynamic campaign war engine? Man up and come fly the King. ..Falcon BMS.