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  1. udidwht

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Mipmap issue likely.
  2. udidwht

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    With regards to Topsim....are there any issues with 3rd party/default airports (plateaus etc...)? If so do they offer a tool that corrects it? I have airports/stuff from FSDT, Fly Tampa, Reality Sim, Latin VFR, Drez, REX, Flightbeam, Wings Creation (no Orbx stuff).
  3. udidwht

    Captain Sim -12 Hour Sale

    Don't see the prices reflected on their site.
  4. Real flight shop is offering Milviz for 40% off
  5. udidwht

    Strait of Hormuz Map

    Noticed that I'm only able to choose the A-10, UH-1, Su-25T and TF-51D within 'Instant action'. I take it that is normal?
  6. udidwht

    Saying Good Bye To Xplane

    Sad? Not at all. If they did a better job at just reporting the news they wouldn't be catching so much flack. Rule number 1.... They are NOT investigators. Report only what has happened and nothing more.
  7. udidwht

    Strait of Hormuz Map

    Will be. When?
  8. udidwht

    Strait of Hormuz Map

    Noticed that only a few aircraft are available for the map. Why?
  9. udidwht

    Saying Good Bye To Xplane

    I typically see sales when around the time of the the Super Bowl (US football) in February and Black Friday (day after thanksgiving). Seriously thinking of picking up a big screen then. Simming on the big screen seems a bit indulgent, but why not!! Unless these sales are as fake as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and turn out to be markups! Fixed it for you. LOL! No need to thank me.
  10. udidwht

    who stole the plane

    1, It's you who've offered no recourse or action based on the current system. This has been pointed out to you by more than just me. 2. Disregarding supreme court rulings has consequences as some hospitals have found out. 3. Emergency rooms are not safeguards specifically put in place for mental health treatment. Pure rubbish nonsense. Risk can easily be assessed during an evaluation even more so with one who has a lengthy history. It's called risk assessment. 4. I've offered several solutions. You've offered....Let's keep things as is mentality. LOL! No cherry picking involved. LOL! 5. I have not and do not condone self reporting. That's the problem with the current system now. Again this has been pointed out to you by more than just me. 6. There is no forced evaluation for one who either already has a history documented and/or been recently diagnosed. It's part of the process of being MHP'd. 7. The other disorders can progressively get worse overtime if we continue with the current method/s of treating them. LOL! If you can call it that. Treatment which are more often than not amounts to nothing more than....make sure you take your meds.....Don't forget to follow up with your care.....etc....It doesn't work and frequent repeat visits and involuntary holds prove this. 8. To early to tell with the Q400 incident as I haven't suggested. But one would have to be a bit off to pull a stunt like that.
  11. udidwht

    who stole the plane

    Emergency rooms are not allowed to board patients on any level particularly mental health patients. Does it happen? Yes. But when caught the hospital has a lot of explaining to do. The excuse that..."Well we don't have any bed or placement available' has already been ruled as 'Unconstitutional'. Your also avoiding the fact that there are many diagnosed patients that can be dealt with other than out current approach (which clearly isn't working). Many of those killers were admittedly nice people according to some until they got caught then the truth came out from everyone who stuck their head in the sand about them. Rodney Alcala....by the way did indeed have a history of mental health. My father worked on that case in his years as a cop. One doesn't need to predict but only asses risk. The current approach of leaving it up to the individual with a diagnosed mental disorder doesn't work.
  12. udidwht

    who stole the plane

    In case you missed it....countless thousands are already on the streets. Those that are lucky enough to have SSI/SSD account for only a small portion. Many have U & I insurance...our money. Stay on meth long enough and your crazy. There's no fixing that. EMTALA requires that hospitals only 'Stabilize' one. Nothing beyond that. This is where many (hospitals) of them fail. People that walk into the triage that are NOT having an 'Emergency medical' situation can be deemed stable right then and there. Hospitals instead choose to continue the process for profit more often than not. Not because they are legally entitled to. It's also illegal to board a patient in an emergency room. Supreme court ruled on that. But I'm seeing change in hospitals current approach (albeit slowly) but change is happening.
  13. udidwht

    who stole the plane

    Not going in circles. Are you denying the fact that there are people with severe mental health issues that have been diagnosed? As I've said nothing is 100% percent but you'll never achieve that goal if you don't move towards it. it's clear based on what you've said.....everything is just fine the way it is. LOL! Hence why we have the ever continuing saga of mental health related problems in this country. Court mandated intervention is only good as long as one is in custody and being monitored. You're preaching to the wrong choir. There comes a point when court is simply not enough. I have seen countless ones in the ER that an MHP released only to have them kill someone a short time later. Time to change the game plan.