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  1. Rene_Feijen

    P3D v4.x updates and RXP updates

    AH, the RXP update is there! Installed it and autopilot now works again!
  2. Rene_Feijen

    P3D v4.x updates and RXP updates

    Installed the Prepar3DV4.5 hotfix and my Bonanza (also installed in the Maule, also not working) autopilot doesnt follow the 750 Direct To or a flightplan anymore. Latest RXP 2.5.16 I will be patient then (Bert Pieke). (I am always thinking it is my doing something wrong- so there is a chance that when installed a fix, its not working because of my previous attempts to fix the problem on my own).
  3. Rene_Feijen


    I bought and installed EGPP from DD but at the end of installation it says there is another version already installed? I never installed EGGP before! Hm, it is in the scenery library, I just had to move it up. Now I only have a texture problem, the PBR rain effect on the ground switches on and off.
  4. Rene_Feijen

    Best PBR airports

    Ah thanks! Now I have to choose, I own ORBX GB S and ORB US regions, so both KLAS as EGGP are options to me.
  5. Rene_Feijen

    Best PBR airports

    Nothing more?
  6. Rene_Feijen

    P3D V4.4 and duet

    I have the RealityXP GTN 750 working on my USB wired Ipad with Duet and touch works fine. I think I started Duet in admin mode. I only have one problem: when I disconnect the Ipad, or its battery is empty, my Duet display disappears in windows monitor settings ( I have 3 other monitors connected), and then my main display turns 90 degrees to a lying portrait mode (no not landscape): taskbar is then running from bottom to top on right part of the screen AND everything on its side. Very annoying! And difficult with this orientation to correct te screen orientation on display settings.
  7. Rene_Feijen

    Invalid license? (resolved)

    Urm, i dont see a private message? I installed 4.5, then some ORbx scenery, this was unstable, so I installed the 4.4 client again after installing the 4.5 client. Afhter that I installed the RXP 750 with these problems. After the license problem I deleted the c:\Realityxp folder and reinstalled. The RXP folder reappeared, and contains lic files.
  8. I installed P3DV4.4 again today on a clean Windows 10. Reinstalled also the RXP 650 and 750, using the f1 program and the local key files. It says i have a valid license and installs without warnings or problems. But in the sim the 650 is off and the 750 says the license is invalid, and after a few minutes is stops working. Also reinstalled again using f1 account an reinstalling key files, no luck. I dont have antivirus progam running, no firewall. Installed it in the A2A Bonanza with its normal configurator. What can be the resolution of this problem? I have reinstalled several times before, never had this problem.
  9. Rene_Feijen

    Flightplanning with Moving Map like BlueSkyScenery

    I have the Aivlasoft EFB but I cannot get it on top in fullscreen? And it also does not display VFR sectional charts.
  10. Hi, I just discovered Moving Map by BlueSkyscenery. I like these features: -moving map with Lo HI and VFR sectional layout -moving map On Top in Prepar3D Fullscreen mode! The only other program I know that has this capability is FS Tramp. Is there a program which has integrated these features: - flightplanning possibilities - flightplan seen on moving map -moving map on top in fullscreen mode -maybe also SIDs and STARs on the moving map Rene Feijen
  11. Rene_Feijen

    Does anyone use Track IR anymore ?

    I use TIR5 for years now, in FSX and now in Prepar3D with EZCA. Only problem is in the afternoon, when light is going through my , eh window blinds, then I have to shut it down till the sun doesnt hit my window directly. Maybe I have to play with TIR settings for that situation. But: it keeps me from flying too much!
  12. Rene_Feijen

    GTN750 how to plan approach procedures?

    Thanks for the tips, I will try them out!
  13. I am a bit confused how to input a flightplan including the approach. Say I want to go from KSEA to KMWH. When I put in GTN750 as flightplan lets say KSEA TAGOR EAT, when I want to load an approach I select KMWH, and then select an approach. But that leaves the airport KMWH also in the plan. Should I then simply delete KMWH from the flightplan?
  14. For me, cloud shadows makes a huge difference, from 50 fps to 10 fps.