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  1. Because of CTD's I emptied the Community folder. I thought I could do so without repercussions. But... When you remove the Navigraph database in the Community folder, you loose all Procedures you normally choose in the GPS. I thought MSFS2020 would fall back to its own database after deleting the Navigraph database. But it appears Navigraph installs in the Community folder, but also modifies the Contents.xml. So: dont remove Navigraph from the Community folder unless you remove it by means of the Navigraph program itself (I presume it has that option).
  2. I dont run Process Lasso. BTW Someone adviced me the opposite: to turn it on. I dont run HWMonitor. CPU Cores @ 4.9 indeed, but temps are low and usage 20%. But maybe could be a problem. But: did not change it and now running stable for hours. Community folder is empty. Nvidia CP is default already. Game mode is off, Will try ON when MSFS2020 becomes unstable with current settings.
  3. Yeah more people tell me that. So that is not the problem. In the mean time: (I have live traffic off indeed) I also deleted my rolling cache (yes I deleted it before updating, and switched on after update was complete) and have none now and uninstalled WT G1000Nxi. FS2020 is now stable for some hours, flew in a few different areas stints of about half hour in stock aircraft. No CTD. Turned Little Navmap on - no CTD. So will turn on one by one addons cq mods and see. Time consuming! BTW This is all in VR.
  4. OK, So I updated my fairly stable FS2020 installation. And have now about 20 CTD's in 12 hour. Deinstalled all my mods now, Developer Mode on and.... just getting the sim from startup to the Main Menu results in: 60 error messages in the Dev Console, which look like: File: Schild_RWY10.xml Failed to parse guid: {9CE59A20-0414-4174-9121-CC2D523170752} overwrite taxi names at EGPR VFS Bitmap Loader | Can not find texture 'vfs:///images/MOUSE_CURSOR.png'. or [FuelSystem]Could not find Component 9749825284738772222. Ignoring. [FuelSystem]Trigger #5 invalid. Condition is Incorrect. Ignoring. [FuelSystem]Trigger #5 invalid. Condition is Incorrect. Ignoring. [FuelSystem]Trigger #5 invalid. Condition is Incorrect. Ignoring. or Cessna 172SP Asobo AirTraffic 03 SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_C172sp_AS1000_Skis There are multiple objects with the the same title name. They must have unique title names. Cessna 172SP Asobo AirTraffic 03 SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_C172sp_AS1000_Skis [Coherent GT] Failed to locate file vfs:///html_UI/icons/selectPlane/icon1.svg So what is going on here??? I am not even flying and errors all over the place?? BTW These are not the errors just before CTD, but it keeps me thinking. If already here so many errors occur... then what? With this many errors I wonder if it makes sense to completely uninstall and then reinstall FS2020. Will take a lot of time, but this does also. What do other simmers see in the console?
  5. For me it worked backwards. Had to re-reverse the setting.
  6. Thanks for the info 🙂 I have the charts (Navigraph), but did not understand it until the anwer from SAS443.
  7. Wow that is new for me, two approach chart needed for 1 approach. Thanks! (I have Navigraph)
  8. I just bought LECO via Orbx. I like to practice SIDS and STARS from the airports I buy, but this Vpt RWY 03 approach puzzles me. It is a visual approach, but how am I supposed to start where? In particular: how to fly from where 114 degrees to CO401 with only VOR and DME? And I approach at 3500 feet?
  9. Aha, I see... hm.... will have to learn to fly the DC-6 with the GPS also then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf3pIKMoobE
  10. With the GPS I will manage I think, as I am used to using the 430 530 G1000 and G3000. But the challenge is here to do it old school I guess. I hope/suppose that most airfields still have the possibility to depart and approach without GPS?
  11. Also a challenge to use SIDS and STARS and approaches with this bird I guess (trying without GPS).
  12. WW2 sims.. that was years ago, cant remember correctly anymore. B17 Flying Fortress ? But I will try and see- there are more than enough tutorials on YT.
  13. Just another question: I am willing to do most of the engineering tasks, as far as that is physically possible with my X52 HOTAS setup, because it is informative to learn. Can you selectively let the FE deal with the throttle settings and do the rest yourself?
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