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  1. I am learning the Fokker F28 in MSFS2020. Is there a way to select routes and SIDS and STARS which are not GPS based but solely NDB and/or VOR based? In Navigraph, or Little Navmap, or another source maybe? Regards, René
  2. Are there more people who are stuck in the Waiting for update screen ? I now know 3 people who have this problem at this very moment.
  3. Well, I got the Aero, and MR is reasonably good, I fly in the MSFS2020 beta btw. Can be watery, and sometimes stutters, for instance,I tried a ultralight on Wycomb Airpark: stutter right after takeoff, but gone when I did a touch and go and another circuit. I suspect that has nothing to do with the Aero itself.
  4. I had this problem yesterday. After some studying I removed the ATR updated folders and the sim is starting up again.
  5. It moved too much= in too big steps? That is my problem a bit, will have to assign it in SPAD.next where I can set smaller steps for smoother movement.
  6. You trim wheel did things...? Did it move the trim wheel handle in the cockpit?
  7. Same here. As for real life: I now have about 10 hours of training in a microlight (Ikarus C42CS), and, apart from being a rather different airplane, the A2A Comanche "feels" the most like what I experience in the real life Ikarus. Things like momentum, timing of reaction of the plane to inputs, swinging in turbulence, no on-rails feeling, and the sounds!
  8. I like it so much after flown it 25 hours, that I am not even interested in flying other GA single prop at the moment. - What do you not like about the ground physics? - What do you mean with wing rocking? - What is a plastic feeling? In regard to planes and flying for me this i a new comparison 🙂
  9. I was indeed about to ask what final approach speed the topic starter uses.
  10. I like my Honeycomb peripherals, but always struggle with the elevator axis. In particular in planes where you have to be precise, as in the Comanche. In fact, I fly the Comanche with my Virpil stick with wich I can make more subtle corrections on the elevator axis .... as I am using a stick in my real life microlight lessons (Ikarus C42CS).
  11. In VR now no blurry scenery textures when looking through the window!
  12. Exceptionally well in VR, HP Reverb G2. Some other GA have come out. And I can't even be interested in them anymore. The A2A Comanche so far fulfills all my GA single engine prop needs ( and I have the JF Arrows, Blacksquare planes etc). Now >30 hours in it.
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