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  1. That is a clear statement from Matt which I did not read before. Still... for some lucky simmers it is now all very smooth, but not for all, including myself. For me, on my system, it is not on the same level yet as SU10 beta1/2 for whatever reason. In VR that is- 2D is brilliant (3440x1440 monitor).
  2. Well: as I see at this moment never my VRAM gets used more than 50%, and it was around 100% with SU10 Beta1 and 2 (I have 24 GB VRAM) what do you think I would interpret it?
  3. VR test Aberdeen 5000 feet with clear skies, WITHOUT motion reprojection. DLSS 43 fps most settings ULTRA or high, very smooth outside, some ghosting still in the cockpit. So no MR necessary for this kind of flying. TAA 30 fps idem, a bit stuttery no real smooth periods Clouds on and on ULTRA does not seem to have much impact! That certainly has changed.
  4. Nice to mention a specific route. Will try that one too! Thanks.
  5. That is a good thing! See my last post (I edited and updated it). Maybe someone could tell under wich circumstances about 24GB of VRAM is actually used? EDIT: My bad, tested now with DX11 because of still stutters at Goodwood. Will try DX12 again at EBBR.
  6. SU10 beta 1 and 2 were with VRAM optimization, which later was tuned down because of lower end cards. Then SU10 came out, waiting for the new Nvidia driver. So still no VRAM optimization I suppose. Now the new driver is there, it sounds logical that now the VRAM optimization has to be switched on? Anyway: for me DX12 is now with DLSS about same performance as DX11, that is good. But VRAM seems only still be used 50%. But have to test more. All in VR G2 3090 btw. UPDATE: I get VRAM 9GB of 24GB VRAM used with the PMDG B737 700 in Brussels EBBR. I would expect more VRAM usage. FPS there 23 fps with Motion Reprojection on. Smooth enough for takeoff and landing, stuttering when turning the plane on the apron. BTW: my 2D is very smooth, I dont know 2D fps: if it is smooth then I am happy.
  7. I really want to believe that 😉 (and I still know how my FS sounded under DOS)
  8. If the final SU10 beta test comes out without the Nvidia fix, this testing situation does not test the final situation, which would be a pity.
  9. Well, I spent about 5 weeks on that. That was enough.
  10. No no, go DOS 3.0 😉 (my first OS) and prepare for a multi million floppy installation process, which will take several years (I am sure someone can calculate how long it would take to downlad and install with let's say a 2400 baud modem, and how long it would take for the sim to produce 2 images on a Hercules graphics card)(this is all pure theoretical and I know my first harddrive, a hardcard actually, was only 20 MB capacity)(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardcard) (this is a tongue in cheek post) EDIT: MySound is actually right. It will not stutter. It will produce an everlasting continuing image, unchanging enough to let it hang in a museum.
  11. I did, and also did all the updates. I might have overlooked something, it sounds ... logical and probable. But I did not see anything in the Windows Update section to update, and for instance updated motherboard, latest Nvidia driver, Spad.next latest alpha version. I am also not ranting on Windows 11, it ran great for my other programs, I like the interface. But my point in starting this subject was just to inform to consider downgrading when performance issues happen, if nothing else seems to help. And with that I do not say one has to do that, or that I urge simmers to do that. It is just an option to be considered.
  12. I was thinking about that, and you know what? You are right! Because: I always learnt: if no logical solutions works, try the illogical ones. So I did, I tried the nonsense solution et voila, it worked (for me). So I refrase my suggestion: let no one try my "solution" It only worked for me 😉
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