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  1. For background on fleet changes, google the airlines wiki they have a wealth of info that can be useful in determining what 787-900 is replacing or was that airline a different name... etc
  2. As far as FSDT i directed it to install on a separate drive it creates "addon manager" folder with all of their scenery. The Documents folder is only for add-on-xml.
  3. i turn on Bathymetry with orbx n america the carribe waters has variance, are water textures less opaque than others? It looks like they are imo.
  4. I have many TFS 777 in my ai collection and no CTD with P3Dv3, i would go back into the data base and look for errors you may find the problem there imo :mellow:
  5. Updated: Went very very well everything works, make sure all updates to 8.1 are loaded and all drivers updated, and if you use OrbX the TODO file is removed
  6. I had three OOM Jfk to Iad all occurred approaching northern Chesapeake bay flying 737-800 from fsx, normal veg orbx ftx FSDT JFK and FB KIAD. Last try turned down to sparse complete flight from Langley to KIAD.
  7. probably should upgrade your video card to one that supports shader (not sure what version) technology ti 4600 was a great card in its day i guess the problem you will have is finding an agp card. Shaders are used for wing flex and thats what your video card can't render. check http://www.zipzoomfly Short of that wait for the Vista and DX10 not sure how to disable wing flex maybe turn off special effectsI am sure someone else may have another opinion...good luckGregg D
  8. something else... on an overnight flight "polar" from PANC to Stockholm (excuse me I am having a Trappistt moment) i was vectored on approach to bla bla left while the ai were vectored to the right parrelle which is cool not running over those saabs with the global 747greggd
  9. I would go to Nvidia site and download drivers 91.47 Sept 14 2006I have my card set up as the others (Dell 7800gtx 256mb)with no problemsGregg D
  10. >Quick and simple guys.>>Question: 1. Pentium, AMD hardware specs and FPS within FSX?> 2. Nvidia, ATI hardware specs and FPS within FSX?>>CheersI have a amd 64 4800 x2 (zip zoom fly at $280.00) 2 gigs of corsair ram and geforce 7800 gtx i bought on ebay cheep cause i wanted to save some money for the dx10 vista deal. anyway on the beta with the some of the autogen fixes and with autog set to the right, low x2 water, NO bloom-cause each water texture is written many times, 1 mt terrain, max default atc and airport traffic, flying from logan boston to providence i am steady at 21 fps locked at 21 fps with weather. Gregg D
  11. i disagree out of the "box" the BETA2 at default settings has more autogen greater terrain detail more detailed airports more airports better atc tracking better clouds better water the list goes on than out of the box fs9 with default settings. the scalebility of the scenery acts as headroom for future more powerful machines.i was at the AVSIM convention and I believe MS made it clear that it was ready for continued periodic upgrades or patches starting in during the holidays preceded by the Vista dx10 etc. whether or not you buy FSX is your opinion and yours only so who cares but you will be missing neatest part of simming the developement and perfection of the sim!byeGregg DAMD 64 4800x2 2gb Corsair TwinX 7800gtx 256mb etc etc etc
  12. many designers side stepped the fs9 fds shoe horning older gauges into fs9 (remember it was backward compatible too) the problem is the future! fs9 fds predicated this and advised against using these gauges. fsx will not allow these gauges and will give as many error messages as there are gauges at the very least back your orignal gauge file if you don't follow the opines in this thread gregg d
  13. do your have windows pro sp2 (XP)? is so you can do a repair install but you need to google to get instructions. there is also a utility included in pro call sysprep which will allow you to lock your previous settings an add it to your new comp. i switched 939 mb going to a pci express from agp then bought the best least expensive video card on ebay. did that because of the new dx 10 card coming out. or you can run fsx with low settings until vista then upgrade at that pointGregg
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