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  1. This also seems to work for the true light issues with aerosoft a330 in p3d v6, by placing true light .exe into sim root and running it under admin privileges
  2. I have LFPG also, I have V6.31.. and the scenery shows normally. I use LORBY and use the same scenery file for 5.4 and v6.. So i just got out of 5.4 and it too is normal soo ... AI AIGTC at 100%; Lorby looks like this LFPG layer up LFPG LFPG terrain Layer up should have a scenery file with an elev bgl (Puentes) and a T@GP_tunnels bgl and a empty texture file hope this helps
  3. Lots of P3Dv4-5 addon's "work" but some seem to have exclusion problems with default scenery and some slight elevation issues. The big developers like Fly Tampa, FsDreamteam, LatinVFR, Imagine Sim (who did an update to V6 on KATL), Flight Beam etc. work without apparent issues. It seems that P3Dv6 allows for greater resolution at least I can see items at much greater distance than before. Also the sim is much smoother and seemingly more efficient while handling more detail. The main issue now is dawn to daylight and dusk till night transitions while these can be mitigated by the "live light adjustments" its still a pain, otherwise lighting is much improved . What's frustrating is there is only a few developers willing to make what appears to be "small adjustments". I have a separate scenery folder and inject the files via lorby and this works well.
  4. Man! Just had 3 flights this weekend after moving to a hero z790 and 13700K cpu to my RTX3090 the amount of detail is unbelievable. Just wish the developers would do some upgrades. Flying into TNCM (Fly Tampa) could see people walking on beach. Most sliders are 100% and AIG is at 100% with Active Sky. To sum up SWEET! Edit scenery sliders R: lighting as needed: AIG just commercial carriers
  5. yes but need some NEW airports and would love some texture and afcad updates too
  6. For more textures you can go to Texturas Brasileiras: Airbus A321neo if you havn't already Gregg
  7. ck add manual weight pssgr data and fuel amount in MDC3 read through that will give u extended fuel get figures from sim brief using P00 or P01 copy those into aircraft. don't use aerosoft fuel calculations note this stuff is from 2019 area and aerosoft didn't feel necessary to do updates on this. I am just a hobby simmer doin this since 1995 i think you will find your answer
  8. I don't know if this will help your problem but take a look anyway A330 Fuel Planning Performance Data - Flight model \ AP \ FMS - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES GreggD
  9. Update received email from LM that they cleared activations and install and activation as well as patch all installed!
  10. Thanks all, whatever happened to me was different than the other 5 updates which were successful. Unfortunately I uninstalled v6 and then could not reactivate 5013 error code, multiple install except I only have 1 install path. Just waiting for LM to unlock me.
  11. Ok then I will reinstall. I used the auto download something happend, thanks for the reply.
  12. Didn't anyone else notice the 3 new Lockheed Martin folders installed appdata Local? One contains a folder called Annotator another contains a folder called AutoGenEditor.exe_Url_........, and the third contains a folder called DefaultDomain_Path_........ If they were there previously then excuse me but id new what are they? Gregg
  13. Just did a TOGA at KATL indeed impressive performance i have a 9900k and rtx 3090. 65% AIG traffic. The only thing at all are the grasses whick could be turned off but thats a nit picky thing.
  14. Yes on my system too was able to create a v6 library then add True Earth Great Britain libraries and sync.
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