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  1. Thanks mukiwa, I'll explore that road next. None of the other recommendations have fixed the problem yet.
  2. Any pointers from your research on getting Windows 7 updates back up and running?
  3. I've been frequently experiencing this freeze on Windows 7 after upgrading to Windows 10, then having to revert to Win7 and reinstall FSX (to include all the upgrades). I had already done the UIAUTOMATIONCORE.DLL fix with no change seen. Thanks for the head up in checking AFFINITYMASK for something else to try.
  4. Fr. Bill, thanks for the clarification. It makes more sense to me now. Also I've enjoyed your many contributions to the forums over the years. GW
  5. Would someone clarify what is being meant by "starting" a default aircraft in this context?; does it mean setting an original aircraft as the default, opening the preview screen, then changing to a different model? or does it mean selecting the designated default aircraft and changing after loading it to the takeoff location? Also, in context it seems the term "default" is often used to describe one of the original aircraft aircraft that was delivered with the FSX installation, and not an add on. This would be different that referring to the aircraft designated from the installed fleet and designated as the "default." I could designate any add-on aircraft as the default.
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