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  1. I had a similar problem this afternoon. It responded like the battery went dead. It came back on after I exited and restarted another flight.
  2. Except for the (vic) destination airport issue, I was getting good logbook entries until last Thursday night. Then no logbook entries were being recorded. I hope the system is not being changed to require taxi to a spot and shutdown to record a flight. I don't normally spend the time to do a full taxi and shutdown and don't want to have to start doing it.
  3. I don't know if my ATC voices are Azure or not.
  4. Fr. Bill, I've enjoyed and benefitted from your posts throughout the years. This may not be the most appropriated place for this, but many thanks to you.
  5. I just finished a successful IFR flight in the 787. The flight was sett up in the planner, to include STAR and approach. The LNAV worked fine. I used VS for altitude change. I didn't try to make any changes to the flight plan once in the plane. The only problem I had with this was ATC clearing me to lower altitudes too late and I was unable to intercept the ILS glide path in time, even using 3,000 fpm descents. I had to disengage the autopilot on final and was able to make a diving approach to the runway (diving to the runway is not a preferred technique). So for now my workarounds for the auto-flight deficiencies is to complete the route in the planner, don't make changes through the CDU, and use basic (VS) altitude change control. I'll also have to ignore the ATC clearances to get into proper position to intercept the glide path.
  6. I just found on the Cessna Longitude website that it has fully integrated auto throttles. So the model should simulate this. I'll be fling this to check it out.
  7. Are you sure the Longitude has an auto throttle? The CJ4 does not, but I don't have enough experience yet with the Longitude. In the CJ4 the speed control is used set a speed and the autopilot adjusts the pitch to try to maintain that speed, but the throttle is still pilot manually controlled. I'll be interested if the Longitude is different.
  8. I've gotten good results controlling the rolling tendency from playing with rudder and aileron trim, starting with rudder trim. The rudder will induce a roll. The rudder has been used in real life to control a plane that was having stick/yoke problems and getting the plane safely to the ground. If you are flying a plane that lacks in cockpit rudder and/or roll controls, you can still apply the trim using the keyboard controls or mapping rudder and aileron trim to the flight controller. I've found the rudder trim to be more effective than the aileron trim.
  9. I'm having a problem with adding waypoints to a flight plan in the planner. I'm doing a round robin circuit from departure with arrival back to the same airport. When I add a waypoint that gets closer to the departure, it is added in the wrong sequence (as the first waypoint instead of the last). There is no way I see to adjust the sequencing manually. Am I missing something here?
  10. I was an Alpha/Beta tester and can assure you I didn't just drool over getting in the sim. I'm a serious simmer with real world flight experience as well as sim experience going back to Bruce Artwick's original version that turned into MS Flight Simulator. I am also a user of of FSX, P3D, and X-Plane that gave me a broad base for comparison/contrast. I also have experience working on software development teams. As for me, numerous issues and recommendations were submitted, many of which I have not seen the results show up yet. Some are now included. The decisions to remedy and implement changes were not in the hands of the Alpha/Beta testers. The product is very good even considering the many deficiencies and an improvement over the predecessor. I'm sure the bug/feature backlog is large. I would have liked the sim to be more refined for release, but I understand the process. I feel confident improvements will continue to be worked and put into production. There were many other dedicated, volunteer testers like me that were making contributions. I find it insulting to see insinuations they weren't doing their job.
  11. I had a problem with FSFS recognizing the CH Throttle Quadrant. It showed up in Windows and worked OK in FSX and XP-11. It even worked for over 200 flight hours in Alpha/Beta. After initial FSMS install and system reboot, it did not show up in Controls in order to map control responses. I don't know what changed, but it did show up several hours later. I'll see if it still is recognized when I start up the system again tomorrow. I also experienced CTDs when hot plugging devices trying to troubleshoot.
  12. I'm now experiencing a lot of scenery stuttering in the production release. I did not see the problem in Alpha/Beta testing. I've experimented with changing my settings but haven't found a remedy for the stuttering. I tried changing the graphics settings from High-End to Medium to Low, but this does not seem to impact the stutters. Has anyone else learned what impacts the stuttering the most and what I might be able to control? I'm running on Windows 10 I7-7700K, GTX- 1080, and 32MB ram.
  13. I'm having a problem with the CH Throttle Quadrant being recognized.
  14. This was an issue in Alpha/Beta and some of us were hoping we would see a change in production. I guess we'll have to keep complaining about it and put in reports to Zendesk.
  15. Could someone explain to me how to do an ILS approach in the FA50 EX for FSX? I'm familiar with ILS in other aircraft, to include Boeing systems. But I'm having trouble finding information on ILS in this model.
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