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  1. I'm using an X52. I have already tried resetting the controls to default but it made no difference. I also change joystick and it also made no difference so I'm stumped!!
  2. Evening all. Just having a a problem with the Elevator Trim Wheel. It is constantly rotating, adding positive pitch. I've tried various things to stop it but to no avail. I have been reassigning key commands to my joystick so may have cocked it up somewhere. Anyone got any ideas?? Thx
  3. Hi all. Its time to upgrade some of my pc components. I've decided on the new i5 Haswell 4670k and an Asus Z87 Plus mobo. What I can't decide on is memory. I was thinking 8gb and keeping the price under £100. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks everyone for your help. I've seem to have sorted. Audiohavoc thats exactly what I did. Thx
  5. Hi all I've just started having an unusual problem with the sound during a flight. Whenever the ATC chatters, either to me or other planes the engine noise in my plane reduces. Then after about 44-60 seconds after the atc has stopped talking the sound returns to its previous level? I've tried playing with the various volume levels but they don't seem to stop it so I'm now at a lose. Any ideas?
  6. Merry Christmas (nearly). As in the title, I would like to have a go and fly a 737. But due to my pc not being the most up to date and the extra load the PMDG 737 would probably inflict, I was wondering what other good 737 simulations are available? Thanks in advance.
  7. Oops. I didn't realise there was one until about 10 mins ago. So many sub-forums. Thanks.
  8. Hello all. As in the title, just wondering what the pro's and con's are? Peoples opinion, experiences etc? Thanks
  9. Hi As in the title, just wondering if there is an alternative to the bright yellow triangles when using the progressive taxi, that isn't so intrusive? Thanks in advance :smile:
  10. Greetings. I'm really just after a bit of advice for what part of my pc I should upgrade. I know this has been asked many, many, many times before but, I have been out of the upgrade 'loop' for a while and there are so many knowledgeable people on here I thought what better place to ask? As you can see from the 'My PC' on the left, its not the most powerful rig but I thought I would treat it (and myself) to an upgrade for xmas. The only stipulation is the budget of around £100. CPU and mobo will be upgraded sometime in the new year. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To All
  11. Do you think deleting the Scenery.cfg and let it rebuild might help?
  12. Hi all. As in the tittle the screen shot shows what has happened to my Scenery Library. I was installing some Misty Moorings scenery and then for some reason all the tittles disappeared! Everything is still insatalled but I just can't tell where it all is without clicking on it, which is getting a bit of a pain. The only way I can seem to return the names is to uninstall and then re-install. Any ideas please?
  13. I was adding some areas within the Scenery Library and somehow I have removed all of the titles from the Scenery area section. All of the sceneries are still installed but, the only way to tell what is installed and at what priority is to either, double click it or click it and then 'edit area'. Any ideas how to get the titles back please?
  14. I'm finding this topic very interesting as I'm having this exact same problem as the OP: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/387887-ground-textures-changing/ I have tried all the suggestions in this topic so far but with only limited success. And like the OP, I to used both Bojote's tool and Word Not Allowed's guide not realising there was incompatibilities. Now to try Word Not Allowed's suggestion and let fsx rebuild the fsx.cfg I don't mean to hijack, but just to let the OP others are having the same problem.
  15. Thats what I thought it might be but I've knocked down the settings quite a bit and its still doing the same. Have lived in Stafford for about 18 years now. Reynolds Bar long gone and the Colosseum has been re-named Black and White. The town still floods when it rains though :lol: :lol:
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