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  1. On many occasions, ye. As i wrote in the beginning, it's intentional. Sorry for making you feel giddy. My idea was to show overall aircraft response in different situations/ energy states.
  2. So i did a landing comparison of the FSL320 vs. the FF320. A sidestick camera is included in both videos. Conditions are relatively the same during both landings. Variable winds /w light turbulence. I made more adjustments than needed to show the differences in response and feel. Enjoy P.S. I don't intend starting a war over which is better. FSLA320: https://youtu.be/x36g0o73SKI FF320: https://youtu.be/DM7whpazKkA
  3. leghorn

    Can someone tell me a good landing rate :)

    I agree with everything said here. I'd also add that in real life, landing in a sideslip feels much more uncomfortable than the actual positive touchdown. So, if you're trying to make it more real, pay attention to the sideslip as well. Try to align the plane before touch down and to maintain that attitude after it. I remember a software called "Lord of the Landings" (believe it's still in the library here). It can measure both your ft/min T/D rate, flare distance and sideslip angle during touch down.
  4. leghorn

    Trim down issue

    Also, If you have both APs on for the ILS, your autolanding will arm. This, according to FCOM, will trim nose up below 400' in preparations for the autolanding.
  5. leghorn

    Fuel of the 737-700 PMDG

    26 020 L 20 816 kg ~ 21 T 45 891 lbs
  6. leghorn

    Cities and sunsets

    It looks stunning. Sometimes one wonders if it's time to fly or admire the views. Thank, you :)
  7. leghorn

    Cities and sunsets

    Thank you, all :) And for a good reason. However, XP11 has it's moments and greater potential i must say :)
  8. leghorn

    Cities and sunsets

    Thank you, guys :)
  9. Using ESP XP11 for the sky. Many thanks to pilot83 for his ReShade presets
  10. leghorn

    A new dawn over NYC xp11

    Stunning! Thank you for improving the pack!
  11. leghorn

    Tegel Arrival

    Thank you :)
  12. You're welcome, guys. Hope you'll like it :)
  13. link: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/37325-eddieskypack-for-xp11-esp-xp11-b085/ preview screenshots:
  14. leghorn

    Landing performance in P3DV3.4 (FSUIPC)

    3/4 back stick deflection at 30' RA for about a second. That'd reduce RoD to about -200 ft/min. At 5' RA or below make that final touch with a check or two on the stick. Always works with me on the 320-X and gives greasers at about -25 to -45 ft/min. All of this is applicable with no wind conditions and stable approach with RoD around -700ft/min above the piano keys. Delay flare if head wind is present. Good luck