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    Still uses P3Dv4 because i can't be asked to move all my stuff to v5, plus i am fine with its current state, i don't want the new P3D eating up all my VRAM.

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  1. As you can see in this screenshot, my Taxi2Gate Doha is missing some kind of objects in the middle there, as well as every single lamp pole responsible for a light. I have tried reinstalling it, i'm fairly sure the scenery order is correct as well. Settings issue or am i just an unlucky guy?
  2. Picked up the QW 787 this month, done a few flights with it so far and she's a looker! EGLL - KIAD EGLL - KDEN KDEN - EGLL OTHH - LOWW Long post, i know, but god she's a beauty and i can't get enough of my shareX bind when i'm with her.
  3. Gents, I've found myself in a conundrum here, because I've been looking at getting the QW787 for a fair amount of time now, but never got round to it because of the consistent reports of flight-ending bugs related to nosedives and crashes. But in 2022, I would have hopefully imagined that those kind of bugs would have been ironed out by now, so my question is: Is the QW 787 worth 80 USD in 2022? Or should i just save my money for something else.
  4. I downloaded the navaids World Update package off of https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html and then went into P3D to start an evening flight from EGJJ to EGLC, loaded into EGJJ and its got default scenery loaded in with UK2000 scenery objects overlapping it as well. All other airports are fine, (ORBX, FlyTampa, MK-Studios) and uninstalling the navaids did not fix the issue, so now i've gotta reinstall all my uk2000 scenery. Only question is - should the navaids package be affecting my airports? From what i understand it should be updating VOR's, NDB's and ILS frequencies. Also, is it even worth updating P3D's navaids?
  5. Just to add to this - i've tried deleting the default.xml in p3d's autogen folder, didn't fix anything. Reinstalled UK2000 EGLL and that hasn't done anything either. Also, some of the remaining lines of autogen cuts straight across the nearby lakes (using vector at the moment)
  6. I've noticed this problem for a while but its never really bothered me, and after fixing a missing autogen issue (thanks 29palms skiathos!!) i couldn't help but notice that this peculiar issue was happening near Heathrow. It only happens at EGLL, and i did a test and it only happens when i have UK2000 EGLL enabled. Turning it off and reloading fixes the issue. Perhaps a bugged autogen.xml in P3D? Maybe something happened in UK2K EGLL itself? I can't find any forum posts on their website about this issue (they're pretty dead anyways)
  7. True, i guess i've been subject to the secret rule of P3D that demands you only fly to payware scenery. Because it looks so nice! (And the airports are up to date and have GSX support usually!)
  8. Alright i figured it out, i'm already beginning to love this thing. And i haven't even landed it yet!
  9. Right, well i'm flying right now from UUWW-EDDF in the 744, wonderful departure out, only now i have a fuel imbalance issue 🙄 so i guess i have some more to learn before i try anything serious with this thing.
  10. Just to ask one more question for anyone still here - is the -8 expansion worth the whole 70 USD? (or rather, 52 USD with the sale right now). From what i understand, its basically only used by Lufthansa and Cargolux, at least they are the 'major' operators that i know.
  11. I've heard about AirBridge actually, so i should probably have looked at their routes before this post, but now i know atleast 🙂 Also, got a picture of the beaut right here!
  12. Couldn't resist as well lol, i was still putting it off then i just thought "It's a 747 for gods sake, just do it!" Downloading it right now. Thanks for the list! At least now i know where i can start with this beauty.
  13. Thanks for all the replies gents, definitely will be picking this up for some new life into my sim, even if its a large dent in my budget 😅
  14. There's actually a PMDG sale on right now (24% on all products) through to the 14th, and I've been considering the 747 for a long time, but always put it off since more and more airlines are retiring them, and the cargo routes are rarely European and i don't have many American sceneries to fly in and out of, so I'd have to buy loads just to make the cargo routes worth it, even then, passenger routes are rare because of how little airlines operate them now. BA retired their entire fleet, KLM only use 3 for cargo, Lufthansa have a few iirc, but that's it from the major airlines. Maybe i should invest in the NGXu instead, which i honestly think I'd fly more often. I don't fly long haul enough to justify buying the 747, but there's something about just owning a 747 that appeals to me. Right now, i would say 95% of my flights are short-haul, while the other 5% is the odd long haul i do overnight because i'm bored and its an easy way to force myself to wake up early the next day.
  15. Gents, i'd like to say that this problem has been significantly improved with a recent windows update, bumping FPS in PMDG's to 60+ all around somehow, and in the FSLabs it gave me 30-35+ stationary! However, whenever i move with the FSLabs the problem still happened, but at least now i get 20-25 FPS stable in the VC. I've definitely got this down to a problem with the fslabs itself. It did also affect my PMDG's, but after testing with both at FlyTampa EHAM, the PMDG still gets 30+ FPS stable, and the FSLabs still gets 20-25 FPS stable all around. I think now it's best to just look at the large thread posted on the FSLabs forums which has a few others experiencing similar issues, and i will keep watch of that for any developments.
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