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  1. Hello Steve, Yes, I was refering to the older members of the family, anyway, as you've said they've covered the NG series. Wishing you a speedy recovery and Thanks a lot for all your wonderful repaints, it really is a time consuming activity. Cheers
  2. I've already purchased the expansion Pack. Wish they'd do the whole 737 family
  3. I do agree with you, I do think their Bush planes(the Beaver, Otter, TOtter,PC6) would sell a lot better than the EVO
  4. I think you might have nailed it. But It seems 3PD's haven't, the forums are full of messages of users (myself included) stating They wouldn't mind paying for an update with all the bells and whistles, what we see are half baked port overs from FSX and FS9, of course there are a few exceptions
  5. This is Just to thank you, your tips made my flights with P3Dv5.1, much more enjoyable. I have now returned to AS, now that it's compatible to v5.1
  6. Thanks, I think I'll wait for the proper installers, now that They are coming
  7. Yes, please Milviz, many of us have been waiting for the Otter, the Beaver, the PC-6
  8. I've been trying to make the Beaver and the Otter to work in v5 without success, could you please explain what you did to make it work?
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