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  1. MikeT707

    PBR VC MadDogX First Look

    Extremely realistic. Nice to see some developers taking advantage of new technology available in P3D.
  2. I am totally looking forward to a global texture product from Orbx for X-Plane. Should make a huge difference.
  3. MikeT707

    Merry Christmas AVSIM Community

    Merry Christmas to all.
  4. PBR materials on autogen raises the level of realism and is a new standard I hope.
  5. This looks quite impressive. Really looking forward to seeing final results. I am sure it will be exceptional.
  6. This product looks great. Really looking forward to GB North and the Pacific Northwest next year. PNW will be amazing I am sure.
  7. MikeT707

    virtual reality

    It is quite an amazing experience.
  8. MikeT707

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I have had the issue of tiles that show the continental U.S. or other continents showing since 4.1 or 4.2. One thing I have done is opened Time Preview, selected a different time, and applied the change. Seems to help.
  9. So from a user benefit perspective, does this mean that photoreal scenery will be more clear and crisp? Also, default resolution for FSX/P3D has been 1m/pixel. Did the 1m per pixel only relate to scenery tiles? Last question, do photoscenery developers have to make any changes to their products in order to show the 1m/pixel resolution?
  10. Rob - The release note state the following: Photoreal textures can now be rendered at 512×512 and 1024×1024 resolution. Can you explain what that means to current users of photoreal textures such as Orbx True Earth or PC Aviator MegaScenery products?
  11. MikeT707

    New Version of P3D Coming?

    Based on previous patterns, I would expect to see P3D v4.4 release by end of year. I would also expect version 5 to release in the third quarter or early fourth quarter of 2019.
  12. MikeT707

    Holy smokes!

    Got my copy yesterday and love the scenery. It s the most realistic scenery I have ever used and I use a lot of Orbx stuff in P3D. The number and variety of buildings and houses is just amazing, trees look realistic, shorelines look exceptional, dawn/dusk/night looks stunning, and framerates are quite good. When I used this in VR with Oculus Rift and my jaw fell to the floor with how beautifiul it looks and performs, and this is with a 4790K and a GTX970. I strongly recommend this scenery pack and am very much looking forward to the other Great Britain products.
  13. MikeT707

    Holy smokes!

    Hi Tony- John Venema stated the following on the Orbx forum: We licensed the ground imagery from a UK supplier for TrueEarth GB. The quality that we could afford to pay for (it was insanely expensive) was probably not as crisp as the Netherlands imagery. For this reason we added a detail map layer to create definition at very low latitude to compensate for this. As he states, the quality that Orbx purchased for GB is not as crisp as the Netherlands imagery. Was the Netherlands imagery a higher resolution that ZL17 as you are indicating that the quality for Great Britain is ZL17? Thanks.
  14. MikeT707

    My 1st VR Flight!!!

    VR is truly amazing. I took a 737 for a flight around the NYC area and flying low just above the skyscrapers was breathtaking, especially at dusk or night. There are no words.