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  1. I am loving this! Looking forward to seeing more pics as you continue.
  2. This is a really great set of pics! The first one is great and the image of the ship is exceptional.
  3. Thanks for the nice comments gentlemen.
  4. I am glad the last line missed us too. I know Wednesday we got pelted with the storm at the house. You must have gotten it bad that night too as you live just 2-3 miles away from me.
  5. Hi Ryan. It sure has been interesting weather in the Twin Cities this past week. Storms were intense.
  6. Here are a some images in St. Paul, Minnesota in the late evening.
  7. Really nice image. You always take great screenshots.
  8. Nice single shot of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Love the lighting in MSFS.
  9. Hi All. I wanted to let you know about a recent major content update in AccuSeason. We have released WEEKLY vegetation changes for Autumn and Winter for Australia. This gives you changes of vegetation coloring starting at the beginning of autumn in Australia on a weekly basis. Autumn and Winter start at different times in Australia depending on the part of the country and Winter in the northern parts of Australia depicts a greening of vegetation as occurs in real life. This new content is available with the latest version (6.1.2022.0331) and does not require an application update to your software as these updates were immediately delivered by the cloud to your REX AccuSeason application! Last point, and this is important for all of our friends on Avsim. If you want to quote something I have said, instead of clicking the link below that says “Quote” please just drag your mouse cursor over the content you want to respond to and click the “Quote selection” popup. This will avoid multiple entries of this post, which is rather long. Thanks all. Hope you enjoy and below are some images.
  10. Hi CanadaOne. I just saw this and wish I knew what to do in this case but I do not know how the Orbx installation process works. Have you had the chance to check on the Orbx forum? I know they have encountered issues like this and they are great with resolving issues. Another suggestion would be to contact REX Support and Tim or Reed would be able to help out. Here is the link for REX Support: https://rexsimulations.com/support.html Hope you can get up and running very soon. I know how it is as I purchased a plane a couple of months ago and was really excited to get it installed and ran into issues. Ugh. Let me know how things go and feel free to private message me if you want. Thanks
  11. Thanks Rick. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. I have been working on it for a while, but have had to significantly enhance Australia and the southern part of South America to have weekly vegetation changes, as well as get Spring weekly vegetation changes for the global north and a bunch of other content. This plus the other content has taken a ton of time and I want to get Terrain Masking to look right, but it is definitely coming.
  13. I wanted to provide a bit of information related to AccuSeason, which has been updated with quite a bit of content since the initial release in December. Hopefully this will provide useful information for anyone who is interested in knowing more. In terms of creating a product, one of the main features we see as very important for the user community is WEEKLY changes to vegetation globally throughout the year and this is available with the Automated Dynamic Seasons feature. This means in Autumn you will see foliage colors change gradually throughout the season on a WEEKLY basis until the trees are dormant in winter similar to how vegetation changes in nature. These weekly Autumn changes are depicted visually in the GIF below. In Spring when trees start to emerge from winter dormancy you will see WEEKLY changes that show the transition from dormant vegetation to spring trees full of leaves. From here, the light green colored spring trees transition WEEKLY to darker tones and there will be floral trees dotted throughout many, many cities and towns. When vegetation changes to darker green summer tones, you will see subtle changes throughout the summer season until leaves start to change again for autumn. Here is a short video that visually depicts the changes from dormancy through spring into summer: Another key aspect of the Automated Dynamic Seasons feature is the start of color changes begin at different times within a season depending on location. As a real-life example, Autumn colors start to show earlier in the upper Midwest and northern New England in the United States than parts of the country that are more southern and warmer. As weeks pass by, foliage in other parts of the country begin changing later depending on location. This is depicted in AccuSeason by having vegetation colors start to transition and progress through weekly color changes in more northern and/or colder areas first. Weekly color changes start in areas that are a bit more south and/or warm the following week. The week after that, color changes start in areas that a bit more south and/or warm the following week, etc. This cascading of the start of foliage changes spans a period of six of seven weeks. So, if you are flying from a cooler climate to a somewhat warmer climate you will see different vegetation coloring as in real life. This staggering of start dates for seasonal vegetation changes occurs globally so you will see the same treatment Europe, Asia, Australia, and southern regions of South America. By the way, Northern and Southern hemisphere season are opposite of each other as in real life. In tropical, temperate, and conifer areas changes in vegetation do occur, however, as in real life not as often. In addition to global weekly changes throughout the seasons, we also wanted to offer a very large variety seasonal presets that are more static in nature. Therefore, if you want the area you are flying in to have a certain type of vegetation coloring you can select from a total of 24, soon to be 25 seasonal presets. This includes 12 presets for Autumn, 4 for Winter, 4 soon to be 5 for Spring, and 4 for Summer. As in the dynamic seasons feature above, Northern and Southern hemisphere season are opposite of each other with the 24 presets. We also wanted to extend MSFS functionality and give the user community the ability to configure some vegetation options, so we included functionality to change Vegetation Color Tone (Neutral, Cool, and Warm), Tree Height, and Deciduous Tree Canopy Type. There has been some pretty healthy debate over time in different threads about the size of vegetation in which people had very different opinions on tree height, so the option to change things closer to your liking is available. There has also been conversation about default MSFS wanting deciduous trees to not look so rounded, so we wanted to offer a choice between default and irregular deciduous canopy types. Default Deciduous Tree Canopy Irregular Deciduous Tree Canopy Regional and location-specific enhancements are also available. This includes Florida and Southeastern US Coastal and St. Barts. Coming soon is an enhancement for eastern Australia and another for Meribel, as well as more that are planned. The fact that AccuSeason offers WEEKLY global foliage changes throughout the year, 24 presets, vegetation configuration options, regional and location enhancements, and version updates is the reason why the AccuSeason interface is so important for this particular application. It makes all of the many file changes for you and without this it would be extremely frustrating for the AccuSeason user community. Last point, and this is important for all of our friends on Avsim. If you want to quote something I have said, instead of clicking the link below that says “Quote” please just drag your mouse cursor over the content you want to respond to and click the “Quote selection” popup. This will avoid multiple entries of this post, which is rather long. Also, if anyone wants to private message me instead of respond to the thread, feel free. Thanks all.
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