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  1. There are many people in several places on the internet that agree that the oversized trees are an issue and think accurate scale is important in an experience such as virtual flying where assessing visual cues is critical to that experience.
  2. I just got my invitation too! It must have been fate as the email arrived at 7:47 my time. Specs: 16GB RAM i7 4790k GTX 970 4GB VRAM
  3. I think Asobo have done a great job with the sim and I am totally looking forward to MSFS. I do believe they will do something about the scale of trees, at least I certainly hope so and would love to hear from them that this will be addressed. An accurate size scale of visual references such as trees is really important for virtual pilots because if gives the user a sense of how high above the ground he/she is, especially on a landing approach.
  4. Totally agree. Just like the issue Asobo had with the scale of grass, seems like there is an issue with the scale of some trees. Hope tree scale will be accurate for all trees.
  5. Dear Asobo, I bet a lot of people would LOVE to see frozen lakes and rivers. That would make this image look even more amazing.
  6. If you look closely in this image, you will see tree or bush vegetation on top of the crops in certain places. I wonder if Asobo will do anything to create vegetation (corn or wheat stalks, soybean plants, rice, citrus trees, etc.) that might match farm crops. Perhaps it is something they could partner with a third party like Orbx to provide this level of detail. We could then have missions for crop dusting and perhaps have Microsoft Flight and Farming Simulator 2020. @Wobbie - I am looking for a thumbs up on that one. MSFFS 2020
  7. Imagine taking a virtual walk in a million beautiful places on the planet, especially with the environmental sounds and seasonal effects that the sim will offer. Gives a new meaning to low and slow.
  8. I am going to guess that it is related to the two Xbox digital events that are planned to replace the cancelled E3.
  9. I would like to see information regarding how seasons might be implemented.
  10. Autogen that is not scaled properly in terms of size.
  11. I agree and it makes sense. If they were to wait until MSFS2020 got closer to launch, or even post-launch, they would have lost a lot of revenue and less people would have purchased P3D v5. I do hope the TrueSky functionality gets more robust in the v5.1 release.
  12. This is a very serious situation globally as it continues to grow and get worse day after day after day. Take a look at how governments and organizations are responding to this and compare that to how governments and organizations respond to the common flu. At the moment one tenth of the global population is under some sort of quarantine with 750 million people in China in some level of quarantine. Many football/soccer matches in many countries (Japan, China, Italy, etc.) are being cancelled or played behind closed doors with no spectators, several global business conferences are being cancelled or scaled back, cancellation of the summer Olympics is being discussed, flights and other travel to and from Coronavirus hot spots are being cancelled or severely curtailed, stock markets around the world are plummeting, schools are being temporarily closed, houses of worship are cancelling worship events, etc., etc., etc. The reaction to the coronavirus is vastly different than the reaction to the common flu. I will listen to what the experts say, but I will also see with open eyes what governments and organizations do. This soon-to-be-pandemic is not something to smugly scoff at and discount as nothing more than the common flu. Otherwise the reaction would not be what it is.
  13. I am not trying to get into an argument at all, but it might be important to point out that the original comment is not a complaint. Rather it is valuable feedback by someone not in the Alpha with the hope that this feedback is hopefully received by the MS/Assobo product/development team. To add, the feedback is not just about blades of grass. It is about visual scale. Scale is important to any visual depiction and in the case of the picture in question, the large scale of the grass makes the plane and buildings look miniature. Hopefully this would be something that can be and will be refined by the team. The product so far looks great and almost everyone is really looking forward to it, but it is important to be able to raise issues or concerns. Especially at this point where things are less expensive to fix or refine.
  14. I would agree that it should be relatively easy to finetune things to have trees display in the correct scale, but my question is will the team do that. I am hoping so.
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