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  1. After update, left A320 ND does not work ... only the right one does !!!
  2. On my desktop computer I use P3Dv5 and alternatively P3Dv4 without problems but on my laptop I only have P3Dv4 installed which until about a couple of months ago it also worked without problems. Since that time, every time I start P3Dv4 and shortly after trying, the program will automatically stop starting and the computer returns to the desktop. The only solution I have found is to uninstall the P3D v4 Academic Client and also answer affirmatively to the question if I want to deactivate the installation, since if I answer negatively the problem will not be solved. Once uninstalled, I must reinstall it, which asks me if I want to activate it .... I answer affirmatively and ONLINE .... I put my License ID and Password and click Activate. It tells me that the activation has been correct and the simulator loads perfectly and I can fly without problems. But ... just once, since as soon as I close the simulator and later want to do another flight, the problem returns again and I have to uninstall, deactivate, install and activate and so on indefinitely. I have tried to uninstall recently installed programs in case there were any incompatibilities, but I have not succeeded. Has any colleague suffered from this problem or knows how to solve it ? Thanks a lot. J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  3. Thanks Alex ... I am going to study it carefully ... it is very important for me that it is easy to change from Webserver to no Webserver, because I change my situation several times in a week due to my work. Again thanks and greetings J J Gomez Prieto IVAO 142928
  4. I have an Android tablet and an iPad and I would like to know if I can use Little NavMap in either of them to follow my flights in P3Dv5 of my main computer; and if possible ... how to do it. Thanks a lot J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  5. And one more thought. Two displays and a panel with buttons look small on the iPad, as they are cut from the bottom. I saw this in v4.5 Isn't it better to leave one left display? The vertical space is full and the size of the buttons will increase. Alex that shot is from P3Dv4 or v5 ???? .... and if v5 ... how did you get to have so Thanks
  6. Regardless of Rob's reply, as a Groundhandling user for years I can confirm that version 6.1 that I have installed for P3Dv5, works perfectly like all previous versions. Regards J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  7. Thank you very much Mark for the information, take your time, we can wait, no problemRegardsJ J Gómez PrietoIVAO 142928
  8. This is what QW has answer to me a few minutes ago : If it works with our plane in P3Dv4 then it should also work in v5. On our end there is no difference between v4 and v5 in that respect. We're in contact with Aviaworx to find out where the issue lies.
  9. I am also in love with the RealAir Turbine Duke that I have used in FSX, P3D previous versions and I just installed it in P3Dv5, where I have already encountered two flights with the same problem. After a perfect flight and approach on landing I cannot reduce the power of the engines and on both flights I have gone off the runway. Does anyone know what this could be and how to solve it Thank you J J Gomez Prieto IVAO 142928
  10. Sorry Mark, but in this aircraft we have same problem like A330 Regards J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  11. Hi Rob, I have send a mail because I am interested in testing this new version Thanks J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  12. I have selected in the options of Prepar3D.exe send to Desktop (create shortcut) and this shortcut is the one that I usually press to open P3DBut if I click directly on the file Prepar3D.exe with options to run as Administrator the problem also occurs.Thank you very much Reader for your helpJ J Gómez PrietoIVAO 142928
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