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  1. jjgp101

    .PTP files

    Thanks Captain Kevin, I had not seen the manual..... Regards J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  2. jjgp101

    .PTP files

    ….. and how can I create a .ptp file for a livery I am painting now be installed via Operations Center ??? Thanks J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  3. In the LittleNavMap web ( https://albar965.github.io ) I have found a topic named Little NavMap Downloads - Aircraft Performance with a link to a Parent Directory with two folders named FSX Prepar3D/ and X-Plane but I can't do anything with these supposed liks for download what we are looking for. Does anybody know what to do with these links … how they work ??? Thanks in advance. J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  4. Is it posible to get download information about the aircrafts performance to insert in the program ??? Thanks J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  5. Good evening, first of all congratulations, this is a wonderful utility for us simmers. I think that the SID/STAR points are not included when you save a FP as .pln in order to be used by P3D v4.x …… but ….. is there any easy way for include them manually ?? Thanks in advance J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  6. I have Sim Server installed in my desktop with its normal licence; now I am going to install P3Dv4 and PMDG B738 also in my laptop. Do I need another licence or can I use the one I have for both cumputers ? Thanks J J Gómez Prieto IVAO - 142928
  7. Same problema here .... I have done a W10 update yesterday and now I get View Only status ... I have sent a few minutes ago a request for a new licence. Thanks Juan José Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  8. First of all Jim, thanks for your answer ..... my simulator is P3Dv3.2 and I have changed all settings of Lighting without success. Not found any place for DX10 in P3D ........ Is it DX10 Fixer able for P3D ??? Thnaks again and regards. J J Gómez IVAO 142928
  9. I have updated my OS to Windows 10 and all is OK, but the glases textures of the cockpit from outside of the aircraft are everymoment flickering. Do you know how to solve theis problem ??? Thanks in advance J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  10. jjgp101

    Made the big mistake and installed 3.2

    Thanks Bob for your help ..... unfortunately I have found that this is not the total solution .... First of all say that two things I have done before and after apply your solution has been : - disable all dll.xml and exe.xml entries, like Rob Ainscough has said in other part of the Forum, but .... Rob the problem persist and then I think that the problem perhaps is not due to other addons. - deleting the three files that skully has also said and also the problem persist Prepar3D_Default.fxml, Prepar3D_Default.wx and Prepar3D.cfg About the uninstall and reinstall client and content : If the default flight has been saved with one of the four aircrafts I have said in my initial note .... no problem .... and at the Scenery Startup Screen I can change the aircraft and/or the airport also without problem ( before your solution I could make that change but only after passing the Scenery Startup Screen ) .... at those moment I can even change to another saved flight ( with any aircraft and airport ) different of the default, also without problem. But ..... like before use your solution ..... if the default aircraft is other than those four, as soon as I push OK in the Scenery Startup Screen the simulator crashes. One new thing I have observed after use your solution : - If I deselect the option " Show Scenario Startup Screen " in Settings/General/Program I can use as default any flight saved .... with any aircraft and from any airport ...... but if I do so : - I can't change the aircraft ( the simulator crashes ) - I can change the airport without problem - I can change the scenario to any other saved even with different aircraft and .... curious .... after this last change I can also change the aircraft to any other. As conclusion, I think that perhaps the problem may be in the area of the program respective to the initial aircraft/scenario/airport load in conjunction with any of my settings and this is something that only LM can inform about and/or solution .... don't you think so ??? I hope that LM people can read my explanation and give a solution. Thanks again Bob J J Gómez Prieto
  11. Thanks Jim for your answer ... I downloaded v3.2 complete and unzip all files together in the same folder and, as you say, cont1.cab is included. Unfortunately seems that perhaps this is not the problem ... what a pity. Anyway thank you very much for your help ... if you think in another solution, please let me know about it, please. J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  12. After all the weekend updating to v3.2 from v3.0 the situation is not very satisfactory ..... First of all I have uninstalled client and content from previous version and then installed the new .msi for that modules. Of course, updated objectflow from ORBX; also Addon Manager from FSDT and all other things I have read in the Forums. After that, I started the simulator and reached the Scenery Startup screen, but as soon as I push OK key the program crashed . As I thought that something I were not done well, I have come back to v3.0 until it works perfectly, like before this process, and then I started again from the beginning taken special care of the steps. Again the simulator crashed. I have repeated for three or four times the process but I got nothing. But among the multiple attempts I have done I found something very unexpected ..... if the aircraft I use for the default flight is included in one of the four I'll say later, the simulator works perfectly. With any aircraft P3D standard/non standard and with initial airport P3D standard/non standard, as soon as I push OK key in the Scenery Startup screen the simulator crashes ... and that include F22 Raptor, Piper Cub, Maule M7, Mooney Bravo, etc etc as standard and BE58 from Carenado, A320 from Aerosoft and B739 from PMDG as non standard aircrafts. However, if the aircraft I use for the default flight is one of : - Real Air Duke Turbine V2 - Real Air Legacy V2 - Carenado C90_GTX - Alabeo DA42 The simulator works perfectly and I can ... after started .... use any aircraft P3D standard/non standard and with initial airport P3D standard/non standard Since yesterday night I have flown at least six legs of IVAO Tours, three of them VFR and three IFR and with various aircrafts ....... without any problem !!!!!! I have investigate which differences may be among these aircrafts and the others but for the moment I have found nothing. Does anybody understand why this problem occurs ? Any suggestion about it possible solution ? Thanks and regards. J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  13. OK Bert ..... then, and as you said, it's time to look for the nearest airport. Thanks and regards J J Gómez Prieto
  14. I am sure I'll became a fan of this Carenado aircraft , but not for the moment ... Now I have two questions for the experts : - It's known that after two minutes of overtorquing engin/engines fail, ....... but ...... is there any way to restart the engine failed during the flight ????? ... I don't find how. - When I create a flight plan on the CDU sometimes is necessary to introduce any waypoint that there is not in the database ... they don't exist ..... I use to create them in other aircraft with reference to an existing waypoint ( Fix, VOR, etc etc ) plus its distance and heading from this existing waypoint ... is it possible to do the same in this aircraft ????? I have used all the possible combinations but with no success. Thanks J J Gómez
  15. Thanks Mark for your answer sent to me by mail about the SimServer logfile.dat. I would like to share with other users of your excellent program which was the problem and which has been your solution, in order to help them if any other had similar problem. When I uninstalled PMDG 737NGX for FSX ( I own it for FSX and P3D but nowadays I only fly with P3D ) not all the folders and files of this aircrfat were taken out of my computer; some of them ( .......\PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX ) remain in the FSX folder and must be deleted manually. With this folder in my computer, when SimServer were started I received an error message and SimServer were able perfectly but only for P3D ... not other effect. Mark advise me to delete that folder and this is the best solution, but I have found that is also a possible solution to rename the folder if you want to save the files in that folder. As always Mark has given the solution in a record time and in the apropiated way Thanks Mark. Regards J J Gómez Prieto