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  1. I tested it again, the issue is gone :D. When I switch off the hyd pumps, it seems there is enough pressure to release the reverser.
  2. Yes have axis programmed via FSUIPC, since a Long time. It works very well. I programmed the two throttle axis and one axis as reverser, no Switch is assigned to the axis. I have this issue since update to version 1.0.4. But are you sure, that the Reverser doors are closed with hydraulic pressure and they open without (after switching the AUX hyd pump to off, no other action taken)? I was searching in the Delta FCOMs and in the CO FCOM, but I can not find an Explanation for that. May I will record a short Clip in the next days.
  3. Thank you Brian. Do you have an idea where I can find a documentation about it? I´m wondering, because the Reverser doors open in the Moment, when I switch the hydraulics to "off" (throttle in idle, reverser in off Position). I park the aircarft (both reverser doors are closed), do the parking flow and the doors extends.
  4. Yes, I mean deployed. The engines are off. If the hydraulic Sytem is under pressure, everything is ok. I switch the hyd pumps to off and both reverser are extended.
  5. In my case they are not activated.
  6. Everytime when I switch off the hydraulic pumps, the engine reversers are retracting. I see it physically in the aircraft model and the control lamps lights up. Is this normal?
  7. Hi, since update 1.0.3 and of course with 1.0.4 I can not hear the boarding music. In version 1.0.2 it was working very well. I tried different .wav files. Can anybody confirm this issue or is there a failure on my side?
  8. I had the same issue. A fresh reinstall fixed the Problem.
  9. airlinetycoon

    External light

    Some other addons are more impressive effects, that's right. What surprised me personally, the taxi light and the Landinglights look like LED headlights. Are LEDs installed in MD-82s? I would be very happy about oldschool light bulbs.
  10. airlinetycoon

    Boarding Music for MD
  11. airlinetycoon

    No button lights in TRP?

    Yes it is and in the older version it worked very well.
  12. airlinetycoon

    No button lights in TRP?

    Reinstalled the plane, now the buttons are illuminated again. next little issue, since 1.0.3 I can not hear the boarding music. File is selected, before Update it was working. And ideas?
  13. airlinetycoon

    No button lights in TRP?

    P3d 4.2
  14. Hi, since update to 1.0.4 I have no lights at the buttons of the TRP, so I can not see which mode is selected (CL, CR, TO etc.). Has anyone the same issue?