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  1. I started from the default 744 short state...
  2. Since the last update I can not reset the Master Caution. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi, I never used this Software before, but it Looks really interessting for shared Cockpit flights. I want to try it with medium deep simulated airliners (which uses a lot of default functions) like the Justflight DC10. Can this work? Which functions can be shared in the different catogeries? Is this a real "handover" or can all selected pilots set the specific controls in the Cockpit (for example two pilots can handle the throttle or the flaps)?
  4. Switch Off your P3d Traffic (don´t forget the General Aviation!).
  5. @Nico Suggestion: Is it possible to add in the future an option into the ParkPosGenerator to set different percentages_parked for different sizes of airports? For better understanding, an example: small airport up to 100 positions 45% (or whatever) medium airport up to 200 positions 35% (or whatever) major aiports from 200 positions or more 25% (or whatever) In the moment I edit the airport.txt manually for the Big players like Heathrow or JFK and adjust to 25% (for my opinion a good amount) and for smaller airports to 35-45%.
  6. I wrote a topic in the TFDi-forum. They are in contact with the guys from virtualCDU but they fear that it might take a long time for something to happen. @Marc:Maybe you are in contact with the guys. Would be a good thing to expand the tool, who you are interested in it.
  7. Ah ok - thanks. May it is quite faster and easier to edit the specific airport.txt in the parked-folder.
  8. What I noticed with the ParkingPosGenerator, it is difficult for FSDT airports to create correct airport.txt. FSDT has named most park positions as Ramp_GA, no medium, small or large. They define the size over the radius of the position, not the category. Is it possible to consider this in the ParkPosGenerator?
  9. This is correct - but you can activate the AI-Traffic during the sim is loaded (switch from 0 to 100%, or whatever). Nobody said that both should communicate with the other, no handover. Get BGL-generated traffic on ground, when it switched off, the planes disappear, that´s clear! When you switch off psxseecontraffic during approach, the planes disappear, that´s clear! But if you use both tools (in different flightphases, individually, never at the sametime), you can get a realistic ground movement, planes that land on the runway on the one side and realistic real-traffic inflight on the other side. I can do this manually, until takeoff I use my traffictool. After airborn, switch AI-Traffic to zero. Now I start psxseecontraffic to get realtraffic during flight. Now I am near my destination airport, I dsiconnect psxseecontraffic. I set my AI-Traffic to x% and see for the final my bgl-traffic until I will arrive at my gate. All this works great, but manuall. I look for an automated way (more or less). I hope you understand now better what I mean. @Nico: You are right! It´s not a little tool. Thank you for the GREAT, GREAT, GREAT TOOL! So fantastic, make the Sim great again! :-)
  10. You misunderstand me. I don´t want to use both at the same time. preparation, pushback, taxi to the runway -> bgl-traffic on // psxseecontraffic off short after airborn, climb, cruise, descent -> bgl-traffic off // psxseecontraffic on approach (for example at 5000ft or 15mi out), landing, taxi to gate -> bgl-traffic on // psxseecontraffic off
  11. Yes I know, but why impossible? Theoretically, you can use both traffic generators at the same time. I need only a way switch the bgl-generated traffic on/off.
  12. Thanks for these fantastic little Software, I like it! After some short tests: GREAT TOOL - when you are in the air, but on the ground not really nice. The parked aircraft are nice to see, but taxiing and inbound traffic is very scary so far. For my opinion would be the best solution a combination of BGL-generated traffic on ground and PSXseeconTraffic in the air. It Looks easy to switch off the PSX-groundtraffic, but how I can find an automatic setting to see bgl-traffic until airborn and from for example 5000ft into the Destination. Would be the FSUIPC-Traffic-Manager a way to do it?
  13. How I get a Fullscreen on iPad with iOS Safari?
  14. Hi Mark, any chance to get TFDi´s 717 into RemoteCDU?
  15. FSX-MS

    For the moment, it is indeed the best option....