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  1. I always have the "Add from" option on. Unfortunately, this does not help. In LittleNavMap I see the Origin/Dest.
  2. @kiek I got this developer feedback. BTW the correct function is not SimConnect_SetDataOnSimObject(), but obviously SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObjectType(), which is the one the Maddog always used, requesting SIMCONNECT_SIMOBJECT_TYPE_AIRCRAFT
  3. Thank you Nico, will check this. btw. Is there anywhere a tool where I can make a readout which informations exactly will be injected by PSXT to compare it with Vatsim?
  4. With Leonardo Maddog the PSXT was visible, actually not. I’m not sure what was changing. According Leonardo they did no changes.
  5. And by the way. The problem does not only affect BAW/SHT, Germanwings for example also. Germanwings as a company no longer operates, but the GWI callsign is still used by Eurowings. I think the reason is environmental certificates that would otherwise expire at GWI. But if you see a GWI callsign today, Eurowings is flying.
  6. I don't think that's technically possible. AIM checks the installed packages for flight plan and matching aircraft. Then the paint and CFG entry is loaded. If there is a change there, AIM "repairs" from the master data. But no problem, I check my airport files from time to time and replace SHT with BAW. It only takes a few minutes.
  7. Yes, that's right, a good thing. It would be great to still have the option to simply replace these callsigns. For example, if a SHT callsign, always use a BAW paint.
  8. Ok, thank you. In this case I have to rework my Airport files manually. All BA domestic flights are operated under SHT callsign.
  9. one more question If I define some registrations with complete registration and the "rest" by wildcard, will that work? For example: AIGAIM_British Airways Airbus A320-200;G-EUUA,G-EUUB,G-EUUD,G-EUUE,G-EUUF AIGAIM_British Airways Airbus A320-200 - OC;G-EUUG,G-EUUH,G-EUUI,G-EUUJ AIGAIM_British Airways Airbus A320-200 - OC Crest;G-EUU*
  10. Thanks Nico, got it. This is what it could look like for the BA A319 fleet, right? AIGAIM_British Airways Airbus A319-100 - Retro BEA;G-EUPJ AIGAIM_British Airways Airbus A319-100;G-DB* AIGAIM_British Airways Airbus A319-100 - OC;G-EUO* AIGAIM_British Airways Airbus A319-100 - LGW cfg;G-EUP* So when a SHT flight is generated with this registration, an A319 BA-Paint appears. What happens with parked aircraft. PSXT will create a SHT A319 in the airport-file, correct? How will it find the correct paint?
  11. I have assigned the BAW repaints of AIG (A319/320/321/20N) the codes SHT (Shuttle) for the subcompany of British Airways. However, after each update of AIG, the manager overwrites my entries. Is there a way to permanently see a BAW repaint for SHT in PSXT?
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