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  1. No, vegetation ticked is ok. Only when "particles" are enabled I get the device hung immediately.
  2. I believe I found my solution - I ticked in the P3d shadow settings "particles" on. When I disable this option, no Device Hung so far.
  3. I only deleted the P3d.cfg and the shaders, but installed all three components (complete P3d install) - maybe will try again and delete all dedicated folders.
  4. I did some investigations about my DXGI Device Hung Errors in v5.2. With default planes planes it works, no problems. With Addon aircrafts like Maddog (offical update released) and for example the NGXU I get this errors. My specs: AMD Ryzen 5900X / Radeon 6900XT default aircraft with EA = ok Addon aircraft with EA = Device Hung Can someone confirm this issue?
  5. Made a clean install without any Envshade - deleted all shader caches and folders incl. Windows 10 DX-Cache. I did - no response so far.
  6. Did it - no success. In the moment I switch to EA, I get the DXGI-HUNG-ERROR.
  7. When I use EA I always get a DXGI Error Device Hung - Radeon 6900XT on latest driver. I installed 5.2 completely. If I start without EA, no problems, with EA DXGI Hung after 30 seconds. Any ideas?
  8. Interesting. I use it in v5 and have no problems in conclusion with envshade. Btw. on higher altitudes the SH-lights are much darker than on lower, like in real life.
  9. I don‘t see any benefit with this addon. If you want a really worth upgrade for your P3d night lighting, have a look into simmershome SH slim lights. I deactivated all my ORBX lights worldwide and only use this small addon - the best: it‘s freeware! https://simmershome.de/slim-lights-asia/
  10. Thanks Umberto, I understood. For the jetways and deicing it’s the only way to select all nessecary options. I think a good idea will be to give the opportunity to disable the choice of the ground-operators, especially with no liveries. A random choice would be a good option.
  11. Hi folks, I want to control my GSX Lvl2 via Streamdeck. Is there anywhere outside a lua script or similar to bring the GSX functionality with FSUIPC to the Streamdeck Buttons?
  12. I was a bit busy in the last days. Thank you for your amazing work, Nico.
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