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  1. I´m pretty sure "biggest" was ticked - but if you disabled it, it seems not working to me.
  2. Since 2-3 updates I have the problem that when loading the sim PSXT does not recognize that on which airport I am standing. I have noticed this so far in EIDW and KBDL. It recognizes smaller airports in the vicinity (so to speak, the PANC problem that now occurs increasingly). Am I doing something wrong?
  3. PSXT created a xml for FSDGs FSIA: <?xml version="1.0"?> <meta> <info name="author" value="PSXT_MSFS" /> <info name="version" value="36.2.1" /> <info name="date" value="Apr 17, 2023" /> </meta> <parameters> <parameter name="airport_name" value="" /> <parameter name="publisher" value="FSDG" /> <parameter name="altitude" value="4" /> <parameter name="num_parkpos" value="13" /> <parameter name="parking_percentage" value="30" /> <parameter name="auto_adjust" value="false" /> <parameter name="initial_load_only" value="false" /> </parameters> <parkpositions> <parkpos id="g1" latitude="-4.669830" longitude="55.511002" heading="215.2" radius="32.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="g2" latitude="-4.670187" longitude="55.511368" heading="215.2" radius="22.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="g3" latitude="-4.670312" longitude="55.511711" heading="215.2" radius="32.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="g6" latitude="-4.671086" longitude="55.512836" heading="215.2" radius="32.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="helipad1" latitude="-4.667698" longitude="55.509144" heading="0.0" radius="12.1" heli="true" /> <parkpos id="helipad2" latitude="-4.667528" longitude="55.508842" heading="0.0" radius="12.1" heli="true" /> <parkpos id="r24" latitude="-4.669112" longitude="55.507774" heading="36.3" radius="32.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r30" latitude="-4.672131" longitude="55.515228" heading="34.6" radius="10.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r31" latitude="-4.678131" longitude="55.525063" heading="34.6" radius="10.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r32" latitude="-4.680820" longitude="55.527374" heading="34.6" radius="10.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r34" latitude="-4.669469" longitude="55.508327" heading="35.5" radius="32.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r7" latitude="-4.669721" longitude="55.510498" heading="124.7" radius="10.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r9" latitude="-4.669331" longitude="55.510773" heading="125.0" radius="10.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> </parkpositions>
  4. Hi Nico, I tried a little bit, but unfortunately it doesn't really work. The long-term parkers never appear. Is there any way to flag these parkers as "generate always" or "generate first of all others"? Here is an excerpt from my EDDM.xml - maybe I did something wrong... <parkpos id="g901" latitude="48.348862" longitude="11.772802" heading="353.6" radius="30.0" cargo="true" ramp="true" /> <aircraft> <option airline="BCS" type="A300" real="true" day="1" /> <option airline="BCS" type="A300" real="true" day="2" /> <option airline="BCS" type="A300" real="true" day="3" /> <option airline="BCS" type="A300" real="true" day="4" /> <option airline="BCS" type="A300" real="true" day="5" /> <option airline="BCS" type="A300" real="true" day="6" /> <option airline="BCS" type="A300" real="true" day="7" /> </aircraft> <parkpos id="g902" latitude="48.348747" longitude="11.771682" heading="353.7" radius="38.1" cargo="true" ramp="true"> <aircraft> <option airline="DLH" type="A359" real="true" day="3" hours="7,8" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> <parkpos id="g903" latitude="48.348682" longitude="11.770673" heading="353.9" radius="39.1" cargo="true" ramp="true" /> <aircraft> <option airline="FDX" type="B75F" real="true" day="5" /> <option airline="FDX" type="B75F" real="true" day="6" /> <option airline="FDX" type="B77L" real="true" day="1" /> <option airline="FDX" type="B77L" real="true" day="2" /> <option airline="FDX" type="B77L" real="true" day="3" /> <option airline="FDX" type="B77L" real="true" day="4" /> <option airline="FDX" type="B77L" real="true" day="7" /> </aircraft>
  5. For me personally, it's fine the way it is. The discussion was about having a higher range on the ground or in the approach if needed.
  6. Hi Nico, Thanks for the auto-range feature, works great. I just tested it on the approach to KSNA. I discussed it with other PSXT users, and the idea came up whether you could possibly define the range yourself. Is this perhaps possible with the help of Parameter.xml?
  7. Normally I reduce to 20NM from about 40NM before landing, to 10NM about 20NM before (in extreme cases, such as in LGA, to 5NM). After landing up to the gate, 5NM radius is normally sufficient. The opposite is true for take-off. 5NM during preparation and taxi and take-off. From about 10NM I increase to 20NM and from an altitude of 10,000ft back to the standard 40NM. As I said, I only do this in really heavy conditions.
  8. These areas were almost impossible for me to approach with good FPS in P3d, if at all then only without traffic. If a reduction in traffic cannot be implemented automatically, no problem. I continue to do it manually.
  9. Hi Nico, Thank you for your feedback. But I have to disagree with you. Without traffic, these problematic areas are very performant. Even if I reduce the traffic it is still flyable. Only with a large number of generated traffic it becomes difficult.
  10. Yes, it sounds like it. My point is actually to get better system performance on approach. A perfect example is an approach to one of the New York airports. At 40NM (my default setting), 100 live aircraft quickly come together. Absolutely deadly in conjunction with the densely populated area. That's why I had the idea of whether it would be possible to change the radius when the airport file is loaded into PSXT. The same of course for the departure, if the parkers are removed, it would be good if the radius went back to the default setting.
  11. During the approach to large airports or cities (LAX, LHR, NYC-area), I like to reduce the traffic radius to stabilise the performance a bit. Is it possible to automate this? Possibly through a variable that is set at the same time as loading the parked aircraft in PSXT.
  12. All right. But just to understand: with this method, placement is not guaranteed. If percentage according xml the parking positions are occupied, it can happen that these parkers are not displayed. Correct?
  13. And another suggestion, if that is at all technically possible. How would it be if the option to use the second RT stream could not be selected in PSXT but in Learner? Do you know what I mean?
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