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  1. Hi Mark, I opened a support ticket adressed to PMDG. They will Check it with dev. team.
  2. Hi, I purchased the License for the PMDG 748 EFB. 1. It works great, but only if I am in a "on Board" inside view of chaseplane. If I switch to an outside or view, the EFB shows no reaction. If switch back to inside, all is ok. It is only EFB related, the FMCs (of all other AddOn planes too) wotrks also in outside views. Any suggestionss? 2. Is there a information about the usage of the navigraph charts via the Remote cdu app in EFB? I know it is a license topic between PMDG and Navigraph.
  3. Hi mates, you can buy a 3 month license for only USD 9.99 if you buy in the next 48hrs. I bought my license some days ago - does anyone knows, if I can prolong it with this offer or starts the 3 month period in the Moment of buying?? I do not find any information at the website.
  4. airlinetycoon

    Size of Maddog CDU pic

    I found the same issue with the NGX too.
  5. airlinetycoon

    Size of Maddog CDU pic

    Hi Mark, I am not at home in the moment, so I cannot send a logfile. But I updated several time due to the upcoming update message, so I‘m sure, I use the actual version. Maybe the MD82 problem depends at the latest Leonardo Update (SP1)?
  6. airlinetycoon

    Size of Maddog CDU pic

    And regarding my other issue. Please see the attcahed screenshot of the Maddog FMC.
  7. airlinetycoon

    Size of Maddog CDU pic

    i did - but I am getting the update message anyway.
  8. Hi, 1. since the last update I can not use RemoteCDU for the Maddog anymore. The size of the bmp is nearly 50% of the ipad display. All other (717, 777, 737, 747) are ok. 2. When start the program get the update message and i downloaded the latest version. But I get the message anyway. Is there any bug? greetings andre
  9. airlinetycoon

    B744 - Seatbelt Sign

    Made the Update to v3.00.9019 and got the wrong Seatbelt message also. "Seatbelts off" is always visible, either if you switch into auto or into on position.
  10. airlinetycoon

    Brakes overheating to easily?

    I tried the slope adjustment with -10 and made an overweight landing. Everything works well, no overheating, no deflated tires. thanks for support to everybody who is willing to share the experiences with this fantastic product.
  11. airlinetycoon

    Brakes overheating to easily?

    Thank you. I have the same experience with 777 and the fslabs A320/319. It needs a lot of feeling, and it works. Whats suprise me is the fact that I have not such issues with the 747-400. anyway, I will check my config. @DaveCT2003 yeah, different views. Please keep in mind, I never said, there is something wrong with the product. I expect a bit more support for a $ 200 product than to hear, "hey everything is perfect for us, check your config, idio(x)t".
  12. airlinetycoon

    Brakes overheating to easily?

    Will do some tests with and without FSUIPC and will report. @all other guys: maybe someone has a valuable Suggestion for me
  13. airlinetycoon

    Brakes overheating to easily?

    I understand. I use the same FSUIPC-aircraft Profile with the 747-400s without any issues. I believe the calibration is not the problem.
  14. airlinetycoon

    Brakes overheating to easily?

    Same here. Landed really soft in Frankfurt (-45fpm) with an empty plane (delivery flight from Everett), 15.4t of fuel remaining, Autobrake Level 2, reverser until 70kt. Then I pushed soft my pedals (Saitek) for manual braking. Everything was fine and I taxied to my parking position. After 1 minute I got the Eicas Message „Brake Temp“, one minute later the tires begins to deflate. What I did wrong?