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  1. Hi, Same here, so I just turn off experimental versions in the preferences tab and after a restart it goes back to ver.3.66, and all buttons are fine. I am sure Keven will get out a fix soon. John
  2. Hi Fritz, Thanks for the info, I will check my FTX Central settings. John
  3. Hi Glen, I had this problem. I have Orbix Global, Orbix England, UTLive & and some UK2000 airports (with work arounds to run in P3Dv4). It does seem to be an Orbix problem, as it tries to put all of its scenery at a higher priority than the airports you have, in the scenery library. What was happening at say Gatwick was the UTLive traffic was not lining up right with the taxi lines and as you say traffic taking off and landing on R/W 08L/26R. What you need to do is go into the menu when the sim is running and into "World-Scenery Library" and make sure any "FTX_EU_EG" and "ORBIXOPENLC" (if you have Orbix Global installed) is a lower priority than any airports, same for the Orbix_Libs. The problem also is when you install any new updates from Orbix it puts all their stuff back to high priority again so you have to go in and change it. When I lowered all the orbix files, the UTLive traffic lined up perfect on the taxi lines and no more landing on 08L/26R at Gatwick. Hope this helps. John.
  4. bloxboy

    Help with installing extra MS Voices.

    O.K, thanks Dave for your help. I will try some more language packs to see if there are any desktop voices in them and if there is I will report via the forum. Thanks, John.
  5. bloxboy

    Help with installing extra MS Voices.

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the info, and the tutorial, but that's is what I have doing, adding extra language and speech packs, i.e, English Welsh, English Irish & Australian, but only getting the mobile versions of these voices. Is there a way to find out if a speech pack contains a desktop voice, apart from the Spanish voice. Thanks, John.
  6. Hi Dave and fellow P2A users, I am on the last few days of the trial and will definitely buy when it runs out. I am hoping to add a few more MS voices to give a bit more variety, and I know that Dave said in a post you can download extra language and speech packs, which I have done from within the Windows 10 settings page. So at the moment Windows is showing that I have 8 voices installed, all showing them as "Mobile", which I know are not compatible with P2A, but "David,Hazel & Zira", show up in P2A voices as desktop voices, and they are "Mobile" voices according to MS settings, so I am a little confused. So how do I get more MS voices that will show up as desktop voices for P2A ?. I do intend to get some 3rd party voices at a later stage. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John.
  7. bloxboy

    No Liveries for NGX in P3D4

    Hi, I have downloaded a few liveries and they show up in the aircraft list, but they are under "Boeing 737-800" in the list not "PMDG", they only list their house liveries. Hope this helps. John Coles.
  8. Hi, I have recently installed "Reshade 3.0.7", and although the presets seem to work o.k, and apart from X-Plane hanging when shutting down when Reshade is installed, not sure if there is a fix for this, the other problem since installing reshade is when I change airports there is no preview of the airport, i.e no graphic of the runways and parking spots, although they are listed in the left panel. When reshade is removed the graphic is back and normal. I am running X-Plane ver.11.01r2. Thanks, John.
  9. bloxboy

    Mouse Pan & Tilt Setting.

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for all your help, but I have just realised that the static cameras now work in P3Dv4 and the panning in that mode is perfect, so problem sorted. Sorry for taking up your time, and again thanks for your quick reply's and thank you for a brilliant program. John.
  10. bloxboy

    Mouse Pan & Tilt Setting.

    Hi Kevin, Still the same issue in build 118. I have made a short video (avi file) to show you the problem, but not sure how to upload or attach the file to this reply. Please help. Thanks John.
  11. Hi, I have an outside view setup that is high above my plane, so I can pan around an airport from a vantage point using my mouse to pan. But when I pan the view tilts (Rolls) the scenery, is there a way to correct this so it will pan level ?. I know the setting in camera settings is only for "Mouse & Tilt" on or off. I am running experimental version 0.2 .108, and P3D v4. Thanks, John.
  12. Hi Guys, The same thing happened to me last week, tried to order KCLT and KIAH with paypal, it said "Transaction Pending", so I phoned paypal customer service, and get this, they said because KIAH comes up with the description "George Bush Intercontinental Airport" on the invoice, it throws up a security flag, but I explained it was only software for flightsims, he said he would do something to get the transaction through within a couple of hours. This never happened, and the transaction was cancelled and the funds credited back to my pp account, so I ordered them on a visa cc with no problems. I think Paypal may have their security flags a bit too high. John.
  13. Hi, As the title says, when I plug in my X52 pro controller the screen starts to flicker, when I unplug the flicker stops. This has only been happening since the last update, I am running version :- 11.01r2 (Build 110102), previous to this update there was no flicker when ever I plugged in the controller. I have sent a bug report to the devs, but not had a reply. Sorry if this topic has already been addressed. Any suggestions would be grateful. Thanks. John.
  14. Hi, There is a new camera program coming out soon for FSX/P3D called "Chase Plane" by FSFX Packages. You really need to check out "Froogle's" new video on it where he raves about it, and it is only in Pre Alpha !. Already it can do cockpit views and outside views, with static views (like world camera in EZdok) coming soon. The interface is modern and looks very easy to use. They say release is early 2017, but I think they are going to release an open beta next month, check out the FSFX packages site for more info. I will be glad to get rid of EZdok as it has always been clunky and hardly updated, with the latest version of P3D v3.4.9. "World Cameras" don't work because the dev can't be bothered to update a file to make them work. Can't wait to get this new kid on the block and get rid of EZdok forever. Thanks for looking. John.
  15. Thanks Guys for your info, looks like I will be getting v3.4. Thanks Again, John.