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  1. I also would like to know if Aerosoft are still doing a work around for it. Are they waiting for SU6 before they can say?.
  2. Hi, could you point to a video of PSXT in MSFS, I might give it a try. Thanks.
  3. Yea, some people are lucky to get AI Traffic, since SU5, I have no "Realtime" or AI traffic, no matter what I try to do to enable them. I just wish there was some sort of config file I could check to see if AI has been disabled, as not everyone has this problem, or is it another long wait from Asobo to fix it ?.
  4. Yes,Yes, please get your priorities right first Asobo, take a look at your bugs list and wish list.
  5. You can import more windows voices into Pilot2ATC, there are some videos on YT on how to do this.
  6. I have, Live traffic is turned on in the data settings, but still nothing.???
  7. Yea, since SU5 I have not seen any AI or any real time live traffic (even at big airports). Everything is enabled in the UI, the only thing I do see is static parked traffic. I know some have this problem, but most don't. Is it something that has changed in a config file somewhere and maybe needs re-enabling, or is it yet another Asobo fix we are waiting for.? John.
  8. I Agree, the taxi signs are very small and not easy to read unless you zoom in to them, otherwise excellent scenery.
  9. Thanks for the reply, it is odd that it seems nobody else has this problem, may have to do a reinstall to get it working again.
  10. Before SU5 I had plenty of real time AI traffic at many airports, but now since update I have waited at EGLL,EGKK,KLAX, for a while and no RT traffic, except for static. I even tried AI generated (offline) traffic after the hotfix and still nothing. all settings are on for AI traffic, and nothing in my community folder, so I am at a loss, as I have not seen anyone else with this problem. Any help would greatly appreciated. John.
  11. Probably waiting on Asobo to release some SDK stuff.
  12. Yes, he always produces good videos but how come he hasn't streamed any MSFS or any other fltsims for about the last 6 months ??.
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