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  1. What do you think the B787-9 needs to be updated/developed?
  2. You should have updated to v5 of the current cycle. I don't know about a different thread mentioning any issues, but it worth doing a trial.
  3. You run the Navigraph Hub and click Update if it's saying so.
  4. Where these cache files are normally located?. Seems to me I forgot to get a track of them.
  5. So, any word from AIG?. It's a known issue?. Still going on?.
  6. I normally go away for 5 minutes to avoid the very ugly view of the Dune thing. Hopefully SU15 will do its task.
  7. It happened to me 3 months after the MSFS release almost 4 years ago. I did verify files on Steam, and bum!, the whole sim was re-installed from ground zero. Caution.
  8. If you select the Steam option to verify files, as far as I know, it'll automatically re-install the sim.
  9. You can change the default descent speeds on the FMS VNAV page (Descent), but in any case the speedbrakes do an excellent job in slowing down the aircraft if needed.
  10. You can also download the zip version that comes with no installer (you do it manually, by simply unzipping the file and locate the folder where you wish).
  11. Hopefully it'll be fixed with the official SU15 release this month. Users in the SU15 beta have reported the issue has been solved for them (cannot tell, since I'm not in the beta)
  12. If it is from IniBuilds expect new upcoming patches to patch the previous ones.
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