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  1. Thanks Alan for the advice, the ERJ145 looks like a good and smart interim alternative, until the e-jets come up with a good discount. Cheers, Ed
  2. Thanks for your post. What worries me more is that slow loading of 4k textures in the VC. Cheers, Ed
  3. According to what I just checked at SM, the version you can buy is the latest v3, at a discounted upgrade price in case you're owner of the v1. Cheers, Ed
  4. I was referring to the v3 too. This eventually be the version I would buy, but so far the comments are mostly not positive. Cheers, Ed
  5. At the FT forums several users have complained about low FPS after the SP1 release. The SP1 changelog includes some additions of HD textures to the internals of the aircraft. I don’t have these aircraft yet, but they certainly are on my wishlist, so any comments in this regard would also be appreciated. Cheers, Ed
  6. Most probably you'd need a super computer to be able to run this thing with decent FPS in a well known congested area by default. Could anyone post their findings?. Cheers, Ed
  7. edpatino

    FSDT Forum

    Still down for me. Fortunately there's not another noisy FSDT update available. Cheers, Ed
  8. If you look at the development costs of a simulator like MSFS2020, you'd find that to make that business profitable MS will need a more or less constant inflow of cash. LM did very well, as far as I know, in charging approximately every two years another license fee after they release a new major P3D version. The same would apply to MS. If they (and they know how to do it) want to continue development for the new sim and recover all costs associated to the initial development, the bandwidth infrastructure and the associated annual expenses of the streaming, they should ask for something like a monthly subscription and an initial "access" payment (GamePass in the MS jargon?). For sure, and they've already had the experience, they won't look for something similar to what happened with FSX, in those days when you purchased a set of disks and forget about future payments to them to keep the simulator alive and continuously progressing. Cheers, Ed
  9. Yes, that’s correct. VirtualCol not only updated the Dornier, but their entire fleet like the ATR, Dash 8 and the CRJ, with installers for 32 (FSX and P3D v1, 2 and 3) and 64 bits (P3D v4 and v5). Thanks to VirtualCol. Cheers, Ed
  10. This is really good news. I’ve been using this DLL with P3Dv4.5 and it works very well together with ASP4. Thsnks to Roland for this. Cheers, Ed
  11. Correct. And that's why I don't like betas anymore. Cheers, Ed
  12. Agreed. That way the new OOM victims will have their separate forums 🤣🤣🤣 Cheers, Ed
  13. I mostly agree. I asked at the HiFi forums if they are up to change their minds about compatibility of the ASP3D beta with P3Dv4.5hf2 at least. I don't want to "upgrade" to hf3 either. Cheers, Ed
  14. Just incredible!. Thanks for posting. Regards, Ed
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