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  1. Me included!. My wife bought a laptop last summer that came with W11 installed and asked me to do its initially setup, installing programs, etc. I didn't like the interface, and it was certainly difficult to me to install several simple programs. I'll stay with W10 until it's impossible to continue with it.
  2. I would say SimMarket was the ideal site for flightsim purchases in the past. Now, for different reasons, maybe the high cost of transactions for the developers, they're facing a lot more competition. They're also facing piracy, as the whole hobby is everywhere. As an intend to combat piracy and modernize a bit, they introduced a new App months ago with automatic installers that are actually not solving any of the piracy issues, in my opinion. Moreover, for some reason, the download speeds trough the new App are extremely slow most of the time (1990s internet download speeds type). I personally use ORBX (and the ORBX App) very often, as it offers addons from a lot of different developers, not only ORBX by itself. Another App I use often is the Contrail App, which I can only recommend very much. Buying through the Marketplace is not an option for me. It requires you to turn on your sim just to process each purchase, and that's a killer for me, why? just remember that the many and heavy resources our computers draw on every time the simulator runs are taxing our machines, so if possible, it's best to try to do everything from outside the sim, except the simulation by itself, of course.
  3. I was just about to say the same. I'd stay away from this for a while
  4. I've always thought that everybody should be better off by never using the latest video drivers. The only exception, as far as I remember, was just after SU10 when Nvidia and MS worked together on a driver that was released together with SU10 (pardon me if it wasn't SU10, but you get the idea).
  5. I would only recommend to those who want to have a trouble-free MSFS to purchase the Steam version from the beginning!.
  6. A common confusion with the internet speed units
  7. I had a similar issue when authenticating on the initial screen and then a message saying "Not Connected - Check your internet connection". At the beginning I suspected something was wrong with the MS servers again, but then I tried with my secondary internet provider (a bit slower) and everything was just fine. Wrote to my primary internet provider indicating the issues, and one day later the problem was solved even tough they didn't mention anything about the root cause of the problem. Don't discard issues with your internet connection even if the speed and latency tests are apparently Ok.
  8. Hi: Does anyone know what's the meaning of a message in green that's frequently (I always get it) displayed on the EWD in the ATR saying "TLU LO SPEED". According to the ATR's FCOM TLU stands for Travel Limiter Unit, which is related to the movement of the rudder to structurally protect it against forces produced at high-speeds. Until now, I don't have any idea on know how to get rid of it and be able to complete/pass the TO Config OK check, as it's always displayed and there's the ringing suggesting something's wrong with the aircraft's configuration before T.O..
  9. It's probably the best, but still too many liveries missing in certain areas of the world. That's why I'm still using AIG depending on where I'm flying to/from.
  10. The expectation for the final release (out of beta) for this AAU2 is when?, end May?, June?.
  11. Using 531.29 with zero issues. Will stay with this one for a while
  12. I can only recommend to check the videos in YouTube from "737NG Driver". It contains a complete set of chapters dedicated to flying the ATR as professional pilots should do, according to the FCOM (Flight Crew Operating Manuals).
  13. You can also use the Opera browser. It has an ad-blocker that you can configure to navigate in Flightsim.to and in many other sites as well without issues. In fact, after using Chrome and Firefox for years, in my opinion, Opera is way better.
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