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  1. Here we go again, and again... wanted a world update?, now, you got it!
  2. I wonder if this update is mandatory, otherwise I would like to forget everything about it. Haven't updated yet, so maybe I'm just in time.
  3. That's another thing. You got what it says below, just 4.63 GB
  4. Looks like many people here don't know a bit about a download size, or what's going on, when they're talking about a 12-17 GB update.
  5. It's true the sim has been updated a lot since release. Dozens of World Updates plus Sim Updates, but that not necessarily means the sim is improving overall. Sometimes, there are two steps forward and two to three steps backwards, ups and downs. To me, the sim was "reset" to day one with SU5 last July, which brought Xbox to the game and needed a huge re-programming of the most part of the sim, as the size of the SU5 suggested. Much has been said about the lack of a good update management policy and the quality of those. Hopefully it'll get better over time and changes are introduced in the way the title is managed mainly by MS (the boss). I was really expecting that by this time of the year, after almost two after release, we would have a better sim with a working AI Traffic, ATC, weather system and default aircraft with more functionalities (like opening doors, for instance), but it looks we're not even close to that yet. Just my opinion (and respect the others...).
  6. I had the same luck today, first time in DevMode after updating to SU9, and could successfully interact with the popup in fullscreen mode, of course, just for killing it out of sight. Maybe the "geniuses" did something, this time correct, in their backend.
  7. I suggest you get the links from the Official Forums and update the SDK outside the sim.
  8. They do. At least I saw a clear mention to it in the Maddog forums
  9. Not seen yet myself, but read comments on the twitter account of MSFS Official Support about this new issue, introduced today with the SU9 patch.
  10. If the pop-up comes again, try to put the screen in windows mode by hitting ALT + ENTER, then close the pop-up window.
  11. Looks like v1.25.9.0 it's a tiny patch received from Steam (and MS Store) of about 136MB and nothing more in-sim?. Anyone can confirm?.
  12. Thanks, and yes, good system but as you say, we both maybe don't have the latest. So, it's really excellent news to know the B737NG is Ok with it. Btw, do you also own the Maddog MD-80?. I suppose the first load would be in the same time range. Thanks again.
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