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  1. edpatino

    My P3D is loading up extremely slow

    On my P3Dv4.2 setup, the total loading time is 1 min, 35 secs, measured by stopwatch and to me it looks like it last forever. Cheers, Ed
  2. From the source (Urban Dictionary) (op. cit.): "Usually by new, inexperienced members of the board". So, I suggest to be more patient and tolerant with such cases. Just a suggestion. Cheers, Ed
  3. You should move to P3Dv4.+, which is a 64-bit application and your OOM problems will be gone. Previous versions of P3D (v3.+ or less) and FSX are 32-bit apps, and they are prone to OOM's. Cheers, Ed
  4. It works flawlessly for me in P3Dv4.2. Why don't you uninstall the aircraft completely and install again from the most recent complete installer?. Cheers, Ed
  5. IMHO the future here is VR, so I would not invest a big amount of money in monitors anymore. Cheers, Ed
  6. It will be released when you see the post over at LM Prepar3D's website 😂 Cheers, Ed
  7. I heard he had surgery recently. Hopefully he's right, but a few words from him would be nice. Cheers, Ed
  8. edpatino

    Upgrading from W7 to W10.

    That does not mean the Airbus will not work in a computer with W7. It should be other reasons to upgrade. At the end, everybody will have to, but not due to Aerosoft, of course. Cheers, Ed
  9. Thanks, yes, you're right. I've got better lightning after a few tests now. Thanks, Adam. At first, working with this setting alone was not good enough, but now I'm getting better VC brightness after a few tests. Thanks Elias. Interesting to know your settings. I'll do some tests with them. Something that recall my attention, that I've heard before but not tried yet, is the nVidia Inspector FPS limiter. It's just a matter of your preference, or why do you think it's better than the own P3D internal limiter?. Cheers to all, and thanks for your precious help. Ed
  10. edpatino

    Couatl crashes

    Well, that's the trademark of that annoying thing called couatl. That's the reason I'm not currently installing any FSDT product on my P3Dv4.2 setup. Too time consuming. Cheers, Ed
  11. edpatino

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Uninstall the liveries, but you don't need to delete the textures.XXX folders, right?. Seems to me that the update only deletes the liveries entries in the aircraft.CFG files, so if you made a backup of them, you would only need to copy them back, I mean, just the entries. Cheers, Ed
  12. Hi: As owner of a MSI GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G, I can tell you that you might do better with other brands, probably with Dell Allienware or Acer Predator. This last one is my target for my upcoming gaming laptop replacement. My MSI laptop worked well only during the first year, when it all of a sudden suffered from a total failure of the SSD start-up drive, then I had to reinstall everything to my other drive which is a HDD 1 TB. One year later, several weeks ago, when I was closing its cover, the mechanism got locked and the screen was about to get dammaged and since then I cannot close my laptop. This is only a two-year old laptop!, which most of the time remains at home, more or less like a desktop. After those bad experiences with MSI I undoubtely will not buy another MSI laptop for a while. It's evident to me that the materials used for its manufacturing are not of good quality. I suggest expanding your search and take a look in the Acer Predator website to know their offerings. This is what I recently did and I'll replace my current MSI laptop by the end of this year. Hopefully it'll not fail again until then. Good luck. Cheers, Ed
  13. edpatino

    TFDI 717 how is it?

    I've been a fan of the DC-9 series and the MD-80/90 real aircraft during all my life. To my opinion, it's regrettable that the TFDi B717 is still in beta for P3Dv4 (I don't really know if it has the same beta status with P3Dv3). Hearing those histories about CTD's changing views and some other things makes me uninterested in a product released almost a year and a half ago. I would consider buying it once I see its official release, if it happens sometime soon. Ed
  14. Also noticed that Q400 sales through SimMarket are not available either. Cheers, Ed
  15. edpatino

    690B Mods v3 .....

    Hi all: Anyone knows if the 690B mods v5 by Bill are compatible with P3Dv4.2?. Thanks, Ed