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  1. edpatino

    Aerofly FS 2019 for IOS Released

    I was very enthousiastic at the beginning of this year after ORBX announced it would develop scenery for AFS2 and except for two or three sceneries that were released a while ago, is evident that ORBX is not showing a real business interest in AFS2 anymore. After several months of using AFS2 and developing photoscenery regions and detailed airports for myself and exchanging it with a small group of AFS2 fans, I started to feel bored while flying over a "naked and dead" scenery, with no cars, aircraft and ships traffic, no real weather and no ATC. Flying low above an AFS2 scenery to me it´s like flying over Hiroshima or Nagasaki after the second world war, all grey buildings with no life. At the end I still feel AFS2 could be a better product but in my opinion IPACS lacks a business plan, a roadmap or a goal to further develop the product. While all this is hapenning, you can see P3Dv4 with PBR capabilities and better textures resolutions and XP-11 improving every day, and most importantly, with a substantial number of existing third party developers that support the sims, so it would be a long way to go for AFS2 to be able to compete with them. I tend to think for IPACS it will be probably better to look for an association with Lockheed Martin or Laminar Research to further develop those sims in order to stay itself alive in the following months/years. The best of luck for IPACS in 2019. Cheers, Ed
  2. edpatino

    So what happened to Navigraph survey results?

    It´s really strange that after 10 or more sponsors were behind a so extensive poll that took to almost of all us more than 15 minutes to complete, Navigraph or anyone of the sponsors are not mentioning anything about the date of release of the results, originally promissed for yesterday. Cheers, Ed
  3. edpatino

    DA62 VRAM Usage? Spikes to MAX....?

    I have the same issue here, running in 2D. GPU temps are on the high side, but still pretty safe. Cheers, Ed
  4. edpatino

    Aerofly FS 2019 for IOS Released

    I suspect the business goal for IPACS is maybe not to offer a professional simulator with the same depth as P3D or XP11+, but a good entertaining game instead. Cheers, Ed
  5. edpatino

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Yes, it does, and probably it will use Navigraph cycles for its G1000. Cheers, Ed
  6. edpatino

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Bought already, some difficulties through PayPal, needed to change to a Credit Card. Installation without trouble, as expected. First impressions: excellent!. The G1000 is really a jewel, very well defined and sharp!. A bit late for me here, and will test in flight tomorrow. For those on the US West Coast, you have the time to enjoy it today, lucky you!. Cheers, Ed
  7. edpatino

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Why do we need that, given that probably the best part of the DA-62 is the G1000?. Cheers, Ed
  8. edpatino

    4.2 to 4.4?

    Yes, that should be enough, you should uninstall the v4.2 Client and install the new v4.4 Client. That will give you the code changes needed to allow a quick install of v4.4 with its new features like PBR, etc.. If you want to add the new PBR feature included in the stock/default aircraft, you should also uninstall the v4.2 Content and install the new v4.4 Content (but you should check other addon content is not affected). The Scenery portion is also optional, and I'm not really 100% sure, but I think it will not add anything PBR-related improvement to the default scenery, and we should wait for the 3rd. party developers to produce PBR enabled scenery. Cheers, Ed
  9. edpatino

    SODE V1.6.4 now available

    Thanks so much. Cheers, Ed
  10. edpatino

    SODE V1.6.4 now available

    Install instructions are included or it’s just an update over the existing installation?. Cheers, Ed
  11. edpatino

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Is that the issue? that happens with all the aircraft?. Could anyone confirm?. Cheers, Ed
  12. Quite impressive and nice livery!. Thanks for posting. Cheers, Ed
  13. edpatino

    Lorby Scratchpad released (P3D V4 only)

    All Ok here. Everything working just fine. Thanks for the help. Cheers, Ed
  14. edpatino

    Top 3 P3D Airports - And Why

    There are a lot of good ones, already mentioned, by Flightbeam, Fly Tampa and don't forget FSDT. But everybody should try the airports by Jetstream Designs, mainly Linate LIML, a masterpiece!. And, they're not far from the release of Paris-Orly LFPO (end of this month). Cheers, Ed