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  1. edpatino

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Of course I will, but still thinking on it. Cheers, Ed
  2. edpatino

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Thanks Matt. Got them! (v1.86, as I read). Cheers, Ed
  3. edpatino

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Have anyone checked out if ISG1 avionics works well in P3Dv4? In particular with this plane?. Cheers, Ed
  4. edpatino

    Sky Simulations MD-11 For FSX and P3D

    Not mentioned, but probably the main feature of the release is its compatibility with P3Dv3 and v4, apart for still being compatible with FSX and FSX:SE, not for FS9. Cheers, Ed
  5. edpatino

    Runaway S340

    Yes, of course it shouldn't have to be that way. It happens only sometimes to me, maybe one out of five times?. I've been able to reproduce the same issue on other Carenado turboprops too, like the Dornier Do228. I think it's maybe something not working properly or a bug with their gauges. Regarding the GTN 750, I'm lucky enough, it works OK for me for all aircraft on which it's installed, Carenado and the others. Carenado aircraft are well known by their excellent texture and visual quality, but systems wise they don't have the best reputation in the market. That's the way it is. Cheers, Ed
  6. edpatino

    Runaway S340

    What I've noticed sometimes is that after the engines start-up, the RPM are abnormally high. If you want to start taxiing in that condition you won't be able to control your speed. What I've done is to reset the scenario or reload the aircraft, and start again. Hope this helps. Cheers, Ed
  7. edpatino

    Getting a new simulator and computer...

    Sorry Noel, not my style. I thought you were missing some part of the information you wanted to present. My mistake and apologies. Ed
  8. edpatino

    Anybody still playing Aerofly FS 2?

    One of the ugliest helicopters around, of course, to my taste. Even if IPACS releases it this weekend I won't be too interested. Cheers, Ed
  9. edpatino

    Anybody still playing Aerofly FS 2?

    May I suggest another poll, but this time around at the IPACS forums?. The new poll subject would be to guess how many seconds will the poll last without being deleted by the moderator? 🤣 Just kidding!. Cheers, Ed
  10. edpatino

    Anybody still playing Aerofly FS 2?

    No prob., thanks!. Cheers, Ed
  11. edpatino

    Anybody still playing Aerofly FS 2?

    In fact, it did. I voted for: "No, I gave up on it due to the slow progress and lack of features". Cheers, Ed
  12. edpatino

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    You will. Cheers, Ed
  13. Do what Elaine (Poppet) recommends to do in her latest post. Go one by one for every addon installed. She describes the procedure with good detail, as always with her. Cheers, Ed
  14. edpatino

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    These are the same guys that produced a DC-9 for FSX/P3D 32bit a while ago. The DC-9 product was not good regarding the quality of the textures and systems, and the livery install process was a mess. They abandonned the DC-9 support when they apparently shutdown their site for some time, and now they're reappearing with a "new" MD-11 and promises about a "new" DC-9. I wouldn't recommend to insist with those guys. Cheers, Ed
  15. If you put all of them back to the same place, you'll reproduce the original error. Cheers, Ed