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  1. Fortunately is short enough for not having again those dreaded messages about "packages being out of date" that most of us experienced apparently after Asobo released their WU4 Beta to the very few testers.
  2. Merci beaucoup. Very nice done!. Thanks for posting.
  3. Of course, good idea for very complex restorations. Thanks for posting
  4. Nice work of course, but I wonder if at the end, the guy on the first video spent more money on the restoration than the actual cost of the tool itself.
  5. Well, at least is something you won't have to remember before landing
  6. Yes, I know, I have the MSFS premium version, but not every aircraft is installed. It's just me but I don't want to fly aircraft with the wheels out, only exception would be the Caravan.
  7. In fact, so underated that I even didn't know it existed. Checked myself and I don't even has installed it, neither I will.
  8. With helicopters things can go wrong even being at just a few feet above the ground, not to mention high on the air, as the video shows. Took once one of these helicopters from East Manhattan in NY that flies for about 20 minutes above the city to show it to tourists, and can tell you that the experience was so scary that I'll never do it again. There was a side movement and vibration that made you feel sick during all the flight. I was in the back with one of my daughters and my wife was seated in the front alongside the pilot, and suddenly my wife told the pilot to fly over the Empire State to take a picture and the heli hovered over the building pointing down and that was the scariest moment of my entire life!. Never again.
  9. I haven't tried VR yet in MSFS. To be honest, to me it's not my cup of coffee, I mean VR.
  10. Who's talking about Aerofly FS2 for PC anymore?.
  11. Nothing, zero, nada, niente, rien du tout!. If you want to pay for it, you can always donate to MS via PayPal of buy them a coffee...!
  12. You can check here: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status Looks like they're Ok
  13. This one is also available at Flightsim.to (MKVY): https://flightsim.to/file/11778/brighton-city-airport-shoreham-egka It looks pretty good too
  14. The CJ4 is the Cessna Citation Jet. The "Longitude" corresponds to a different model. Just to let you know.
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