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  1. Less than one minute with Aerofly FS 2!. Cheers, Ed
  2. Thanks for all your comments!. Cheers, Ed
  3. FSX

    Very nice shots!. Cheers, Ed
  4. Morning route from Vail Eagle County Airport (KEGE) to Colorado Springs (KCOS) in an Horizon Dash 8 Q400. The sim is Aerofly FS 2. The average FPS were 110 during the flight. Hope you'll enjoy! Cheers, Ed
  5. Have you checked if your installed RAM memory is working well?. Cheers, Ed
  6. Exactly the same here. No way to avoid this pause on my setup, during more than 8 seconds. (That's why I'm flying more and more with AFS2). Cheers, Ed
  7. Everybody is talking about the girl, but no comments on the scenery itself?. Well, I do agree. Cheers, Ed
  8. Sceneries are as close as real as you'd imagine and all photorealistic. You can create your own areas using the GeoConversion process from real world images (using FSEarth Tiles, for instance) and design your own airports if you wish, which produces very good and appealing results without the need of having a 3D doctorate. Certainly AFS2 is not covering the overall world at this point in time with high-resolution areas, but some areas in the US (California, New York, Utah, Nevada, Colorado) and Europe (mainly Switzerland and Innsbruck, airport and city by ORBX) are represented, and a lot of its airports. I've created my own airports in Florida, USA and in South America, where I live most of the time. ORBX is also developing a complete region, PNW (North America) and certainly a good amount of very well detailed airports will be available within that region during the year. This sim is relatively new, if compared to well-stablished ones like X-Plane and P3D (and the old FSX), and some patience will be required to get more features covered, as indicated by HiFlyer, but the wait is absolutely worthy in my opinion. That's why I wanted to share the feeling!. Cheers, Ed
  9. Aerofly FS 2 is a gem. I've never seen nothing similar in any other simulator to date. VR flying is nothing but spectacular. POSITIVE AND REMARKABLE ISSUES: - Fluidity (FPS well over 80 in the most intense areas and normally around 120 if locked at 120 FPS). No more stutters for you. - Easy and quick configuration process - High graphics quality of the interior and exterior of the aircraft - Remarkable scenery quality - Close to real aircraft physics - Simulator reliability measured in terms of its ability to avoid the unfamous CTD's that plague other sims - Easiness to develop very acceptable scenery by its own users - Close collaboration between IPACS (AFS2 developer) and ORBX to develop new addon scenery (so far LOWI, KCGX and KMRY already released). Aerosoft will come up soon with more scenery. - Excellent support from IPACS and its collaborators in the Forums - VR flying as close as real and the most immersive experience you can imagine - Lots of default/stock aircraft included in the base package to satisfy the most varied group of simmers As the simulator becomes more mature, new features will be added. Visit the IPACS forums to find out current status and future developments. I'm definitively satisfied with AFS2 and expend 80-85% of my simming time with it. Cheers, Ed
  10. Please remember that Aerofly has just left the Early-Access stage this month, and it's now an officially stable platform, so we expect that new developers will come into the arena and develop study-level aircraft sooner than later. Regarding complexity, AFS2 has already produced the Q400 which, if it's not as complex as the Majestic for P3D/FSX, requires some degree of reading to fly it properly, apart of being superbly modelled both internally and externally, to the highest standards of realism. Additionally, for those lovers of VR (Virtual Reality) flying, as almost all of us are, AFS2 offers IMHO the best flightsim platform currently available, due to its high fluidity and graphics quality. Cheers, Ed
  11. FS2004

    Tambem para voce! Happy new year 2018 for everybody in the community. Cheers, Ed
  12. Expect a huge increase on the Aerofly FS 2 market share in the following years. Aerofly FS 2 is excellent, ORBX is aggresively supporting it and to tell the true, is taken me out of P3D progressively. Cheers, Ed
  13. Merry Christmas to all members of Avsim community and avid FS fans!. All the best for all of you. Cheers, Ed
  14. Aerofly

    Hey, very nice pictures!. Thanks for sharing. I'm also enjoying Monterey in AFS2! a beauty!. Congrats to IPACS and ORBX of course. Cheers, Ed
  15. Looks promissing!. Would like to see if it turns out to be a frame killer, any experiences yet?. Cheers, Ed