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  1. Don't own it but I've always wondered why I don't 🤕
  2. Thanks for a brilliant piece of software, I'm loving your A320 and appreciate all of your hard work and dedication. Get some rest, you guys deserve it ffs!
  3. Looks great! I have has my eye on their Emergency lights as well. I will give the northern lights a try and emergency lights I think when the days get shorter 🤩
  4. Oh FS2004! I loved that sim and still check the screenshots out here on Avsim 😍
  5. Default until Activesky comes along 🤞
  6. Cant wait and congrats on your 1 year milestone!
  7. Good question and a tough one to answer but, I'm going for the city of London. Doing one of the activities low and slow blew my mind and performance was incredible too!
  8. Everything within reason. Reignited my fs love since ms 2002 pro
  9. Exactly. People have and want different possibilities to enhance their simming needs. Me, I would like/need the best most accurate weather depiction live I know the HIFI team will deliver on.
  10. And when you do bring it back, I'm there from day 1 🤞
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