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  1. Thank you Simmarket and DD for these great airports. I am now back to flying long haul flights! 🍻
  2. I've given JustSim a bit of stick in the past (lack of immersion and bland textures) but i've just bought, installed and explored EDDS and LEPA and i must say i am quite impressed and like Rafal points out - 5 euros a piece...... A no brainer!
  3. Very sad news. RIP Jim.
  4. ASP4, ASCA and REX environment force is all i need.
  5. Hi Adrian. I own the FSDG version of LGIR and it still is a great scenery. Like you mention, it includes the surrounding city which is nice but no PBR which doesn't bother me personally. I have no idea if FT will release for P3D, one can only hope 🙏 If Justsim had done their version with Digital Design, i would have been tempted. That's my 2 pennies, lets see what the rest of the gang think
  6. Agreed. Superb looking, great on performance and a very fairly priced airport. What more could i ask for (apart from loads more projects from Markus 😁)
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I will pick this up in a couple of weeks, payday!
  8. Not much help i know but in my situation where i don't have time to fly long haul these days and find im able to perform 1.5 - 2hr flights i find both of these superb aircraft a must for my virtual hanger. Both very different and unique in their own rights and its nice to switch between the two.
  9. I don't remember 100% but isn't this issue down to max and min cloud draw distance not being the same in AS?
  10. I only own two on your list - Innsbruck - Orbx all day long and, Barcelona - Latin VFR, you get a nice amount of surrounding city included.
  11. Salzburg is a cracking scenery but i love Liverpool equally.
  12. FSLabs A320 is soooo adictive. I still love my NGX (and cant wait for the NG3) but at this moment in time, i cant stop flying the bus. Quality aircraft.
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