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  1. Wow thanks for all that info, deffo helped me understand it more. I do have a dynamic ip address on my pc. you happened to mention firewall on your message there and it appears that what had happened is my firewall thought there was two different versions of LNM and such only one of them was allowed through. I allowed it now and its all working. Thank you for explaining that though as i feel i learnt something now. Thanks, Dylan!
  2. i'm really not that knowledgeable on internet protocols and such i don't know what Dyndns does. i use dns servers though. I Have BT internet in the uk and can just forward the ports easily though their router interface. Let me know if you need any other screenshots. The webserver works only on the Ip address link on machine that LNM is running on but no other device. Internet forwarding page set to: https://prnt.sc/10dr1z7 Little nav map: https://prnt.sc/10dr2ty
  3. So what would you reccomend? I keep the ports forwarded and use encryption or remove the port forwarding and remove encryption? I think i have tried everyway possible to do it and the only thing that works is the Ip address on the pc LNM is operating on
  4. I have tried with and without https encryption but neither works. I use chrome so im not sure if that'd be an issue
  5. Hey, I have been trying for months now to try and get LNM to broadcast the map onto a web server. It manages to produce the web server onto my ip ONLY on the pc im using the software on. The server "https://CENSOREDNAME:8965/" doesn't connect on the pc i'm using or any other device. Ports are forwarded to 8695 aswell. Any suggestions? Cheers!
  6. Hey guys, had good results from a year or so ago when i asked for a repaint so i thought i'd ask you wonderfull people yet another favour. if someone could play make a G-POLS repaint for the Nemeth Designs EC135 that would be awesome. pictures are here so you can see the helicoper:
  7. Do you still have this livery enko anywhere that i could use also? 😛
  8. That is nearly perfect, welldone. it just needs on the bandana i think it just needs to be a tiny bit more extended out.
  9. pretty darn close yea, just needs the bandana around the eyes and the black sharklets. good job! if you dont mind me asking. where do you get the templates for the planes?
  10. Yea thats the correct one, the tail is black not blue and same with engines, but got the right design yeah. soz it took a while to get back to you
  11. Sure thing boss. lol you're really active up in this place arent you
  12. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could make me a 2018 (new) air canada livery for the project airbus a320 / a319. would be greatly appreciated
  13. Hello, if anyone would be able to make me a global supertanker livery for the stock fsx 747-800 it would be much appreciated. Aircraft info: Name: Global Supertanker 944 Tailnumber: N744ST Aircraft: 747-400
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