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  1. I do it whenever there is a SIM update or a video driver update.
  2. Go to your "C" drive or whatever windows is on & right click properties then, disk cleanup, make sure to select DX shader cache.
  3. Smoothest flight yet in this beta!, PMDG 737 KLAS -KDEN Both payware- RTX 2080 Super, i10900 CPU- Mostly High settings few Ultra- Clouds. RS set to 100. Vsync @ 50% of Monitor-so around 70 FPS. DX-11. No stutters or GPU spikes at all. From start to finish smooth as glass.
  4. Did they figure out the issue with AIG yet?
  5. Just tried the PMDG 737 CTD everytime after hitting fly now, it does load on the menu screen though..
  6. You have to delete the ATC assigned functions in the keyboard settings, they are numbered 0-9, delete the keyboard settings for each.
  7. [07MAY22] PMDG 737-700 Release Schedule Announcement - PMDG Simulations
  8. Since the last Sim Update every time i try to link my navigraph account to the in-game charts app or the G3000 charts function MSFS crashes to desktop right after authenticating on the web browser.
  9. Yeah it was short lived after a 3 hour flight the performance was horrible after landing, i reverted back to the original settings...
  10. This has def improved the smoothness 100%. great tip!
  11. Did a test flight from KTUS-KLAS W/ AS CRJ-700 used new VATSIM update- Flight was smooth as silk, no issues- Can def see a difference with Traffic since they updated to velocity.
  12. Yep sure did! I set the user.cfg to read only to keep my settings...PITA
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