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  1. I too have noticed this but more so with dawn & dusk shading even with no clouds, really dropping my frames, I had no drop with 4.3 or prior PTA. Thanks.
  2. rfelger

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    V- 4.4 has been released.
  3. rfelger

    EFB System Fault

    Yes sir, that is correct! Thanks Kyle.
  4. rfelger

    EFB System Fault

    Hey Kyle, yes I am, one I created.
  5. Greetings, I am receiving an EFB system fault in the Cargo-8. Each time it powers up, I've done 3 flights so far, it says " EFB state not restored (Different Aircraft Model)". I then select acknowledge new faults but it keeps doing the same thing. I'm using the same aircraft each time. Thanks,
  6. rfelger

    LAND 3 Isssue

    Gents, I just completed a test flight, I waited until both LAT & VERT deviation indicators were established with the ILS. Worked perfectly! Issue solved. Thanks again guys.
  7. rfelger

    LAND 3 Isssue

    Yes sir that makes sense. I will definitely wait till both are active before arming & see what happens. Thanks for your help my friend!
  8. rfelger

    LAND 3 Isssue

    Ok that makes sense, ill definitely make sure i get both deviation indicators & its stable before i select APP. Ill report back on the results. Thanks again for your help my friend!
  9. rfelger

    LAND 3 Isssue

    Hey Dan, thanks for the info. So I'm guessing maybe there is something inherent to the -8 that it defaults to the LOC/GP instead of flying the ILS approach selected in the FMC?
  10. Roger that Kyle, Sorry i didn't know where i should have posted so i did both.
  11. rfelger

    LAND 3 Isssue

    Ok ill do that approach again this evening. I think you may be on to something with the GS but i don't recall this happening with the 400.. I had lateral LOC guidance, then when it captured, i armed APP right after, & i don't recall if the GS was active. I was using the default ATC in P3D for test flights.
  12. rfelger

    LAND 3 Isssue

    Kyle, I always select LOC until its captured. So are you saying that I shouldn't arm approach immediately after the LOC is captured, & I should wait till the GS signal is displayed? I cant remember if the GS signal was on the PFD when I selected APP which I normally select right after the LOC is captured.
  13. Hi Kyle, yes absolutely it displays LAND 3 & FAC is displayed as soon as the LAND 3 is engaged well, I did notice that the ACARS page 2 has Autoland=NO. I'm not sure if that has something to do with it. Also the ROLL & FLARE are in white during the approach when LAND 3 is engaged. Yes I use Ultimate Traffic Live & Active Sky.
  14. Greetings, with the new -8. I've tried 2 Autolands, both with LAND 3 active. Right before the threshold, the plane veers off course. Both times this happened with no wind. The annunciator has FAC displayed, then when the veering occurs a line goes through the FAC letters on the PFD. I have the LOC to P3D option to ON. I selected the ILS approach to RWY-26 @ KPHX both times in the FMC. In the -400 Autoland worked perfectly. Is there a reason that the APP mode says FAC & the Autoland isn't working?? Thx
  15. rfelger

    LAND 3 Isssue

    HI, ok that makes sense regarding the FAC. I do have the LOC course to P3D on. Is this FAC a feature of the -8? I was landing in KPHX-ILS-Rwy 26 both times, in the -400 Auotland worked perfectly.