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  1. Ill give this a try, not sure why i had no issues at all yesterday, thanks for the tip!
  2. 2 flights today I had the Longitude Autopilot go haywire and the aircraft spun out of control. Worked flawless yesterday.... Using the FDE FIX MOD. Anyone else notice this?
  3. Traffic option works GREAT! Great Work!
  4. Mine just updated, i had to click on the game in the store to get it to load, didn't do it on the check for updates option.
  5. I just went into the store & checked for updates- It says all good to go no updates. I also launched the game, no internal updates either?? HELP!
  6. Thanks all, good points all around!
  7. Does anyone have thoughts on the Bloom setting as far as smoothness when its off vs on? I'm interested in seeing of anyone has benefited from it being off. I do like the glint effects it provides but if it makes the sim smoother when off, I'm not sure. Thanks guys...
  8. This update worked great on my system, no issues at all. Great Work!
  9. Charts function wont load any charts except the Origin Airport on the Longitude. Any one else seeing this?
  10. Did this issue get fixed with the Microsoft patch?
  11. I notice the PFD & MAP doesn't progress through the waypoints, it stuck on my 1st waypoint leaving KDEN. The flight plan page shpws it progressing & it follows the input plan, just didn't update the map or PFD screens. I was also using the navigraph chart function.
  12. This Def made a difference to my system, eliminated the stutters & stops approaching cities & airports, also much smoother as well.
  13. I cant uninstall it via windows or the troubleshooting menu..
  14. There i sanother update in the install manager after the MS Store update, just loaded it
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