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  1. What is the proper call sign on the radio, Diamond or Twin Star? Or??
  2. anyone else notice the sim seems darker, it does on my setup.
  3. Finally got my new setup up & running, works great~!!
  4. This just happened again! Update back to old version in the Beta...FIXED--Just got anothe rupdate.
  5. FYI-- https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/update-to-1-33-8-0/607469/10?u=upsvac123
  6. I too am on the Beta, when i started the Sim today there was an update that changed my version to ...
  7. Im getting liveries not installed errors on vpilot when the liveries are there? SWA, AAL & UAL. Any thoughts? I haven't changed any paths just insatlled new AIG software. Thanks
  8. Does this program also control the live traffic? i heard the other A/C talking....
  9. Ok on my end (787) the elapsed timer doesn't start, I get no display numbers on the MCP for HDG & IAS. TCAS also shows it's not working on the ND display. Anyone else having this??
  10. How do we make the ND screen full map instead of split screen/ Thanks
  11. Anyone know of a good Normal Ops checklist for download? Thanks
  12. help!! On my end the AC is accelerating with engines at idle??
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