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  1. I can assure you that internet services work well here in Sweden - how else could I be writing this? Oh - and let’s keep the political cr@p out of here, ok?
  2. The exit is over there, just below the EXIT sign 😉
  3. Seriously? Just bookmark this link: https://www.flightsimulator.com/development-roadmap/ - it’s all in there, so no need to guess or be confused. And yes WU IX is next, Italy/Malta on May 17.
  4. Absolutely brilliant news 🙂 I was thinking about re-installing P2D, but today's announcement thankfully buried that idea.
  5. Yep, delayed … <link removed> was fake 😞
  6. IAEs are on the Fenix roadmap and the necessary update(s) will be free of charge.
  7. Simple decision for me: the Fenix A320 All my airliner flying is VA-based and the real-world airline stopped operating 737s a number of years ago. There's another benefit to this - after 1700Z today I can probably skip 95% of the forum threads 😉
  8. Richard, The only obvious difference is that I have the Marketplace version of FT EKCH, whereas you seem to have bought it elsewhere since it resides in your Community folder? Now, as to why on earth that should make any difference - I haven't got a clue, sorry.
  9. Richard, There’s a small mod at flight flightsim.to that will remove the static a/c at FlyTampa EKCH.
  10. … and why not in Hangar Chat?
  11. That theory lasted a total of 13 minutes 🙂
  12. Not true, there are many guides available on the official MSFS support site, 3 of them are even linked to in the first post on the 2nd page of this thread …
  13. I’m assuming that you’ve made them aware in their forum, right?
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