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  2. You could start using Named Assignments (p.73 of the manual)
  3. SierraDelta

    JustSim/Digital Design Brussels EBBR Released

    Nothing wrong there. Although poorly rendered, that structure is there in real life to protect central parts of Steenokkerzeel from noise.
  4. SierraDelta

    v0.4.222 Beta?

    Totally normal to see a Beta at this time, but v1.0 should be out this week. The manual has been released and is available here:
  5. Available now - downloading as we speak ...
  6. ... and it's RELEASED! Going for a download as I type 😄 edit 33 inclu vat, 27 without. Euros and 22 if you owned Mega Airport Madrid. Where did you get the 40 ? There is no Simmarket release. Strange 😞 Apologies, my mistake, for some reason I had stumbled across an AS site that was showing the price in US dollars!! 😏 Ooops, but I did remove the post almost immediately once I had realised the mistake. I must be 'losing it' in my old age 😕 Sorry for the angry post, it should have been removed! Although in my defence, if it had have been in euros, I think I would have been excused 😉 Patience, my padawan, simmarket releases always take some minutes to hours, as they first verify the files etc. Here you go: BTW: what baffles me all the time with sceneries from Simwings is their size. Yes, Madrid is a big arport, but 3+ GB? The Simwings airports are by far the biggest one regarding file size in my setup and honestly, I have no clue why...
  7. SierraDelta

    UK2000 airports

    Upper left corner - button labelled Forum ?
  8. SierraDelta

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    Could well be. There were a number of people reporting various issues on the QW forums (check there!) and they were largely resolved by upgrading to 4.2 - worth a try.
  9. SierraDelta

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    Gimme a break - 4 flights so far with no problems, maybe it's your VR usage that creates the problems.
  10. SierraDelta

    Last version of ChasePlane ?

    Next time, please read before posting... -------- To avoid spambots, do not share this Log Online --------
  11. SierraDelta

    FSlabs A320 Oil quantity question

    You did actually get an answer 5 days ago:
  12. On the contrary. I use both and have no problems.
  13. SierraDelta

    Problem With CP If/When P3D Crashes

    Not my experience, P3D is the most stable flightsim that has been on my systems. Look at your Windows Event Viewer reports to get an indication of what causes your crashes to happen.
  14. SierraDelta

    P3D loads on booot up

    Discussed here:
  15. SierraDelta

    Any news on 4.2 update?

    Already discussed here: