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  1. Bob, That's a real photo from SAS443's GoPro - see post just above yours.
  2. Noel, Once again, please do not compare older generation CPSs like yours with more modern hardware. When I fly the Fenix A320 in MSFS all 8 p-cores are working at least 80%, one or two will even stay above 90% most of the time. Why? - because the Intel Thread Director works very cleverly with the Win 11 Task Scheduler to distribute the workload evenly. On modern hardware MSFS is anything but main-thread restricted. Oh, and about the heat - I've got an Intel XTU profile that turns off 8 of the e-cores, average CPU temps when running MSFS is 63 degrees.
  3. P3D - no, MSFS - a resounding YES! I uninstalled P3D 5.3 in Nov. '21 and have no intention of re-installing. Some people have speculated that FSLabs could do a "PMDG NGXu" thingy (buy for P3D when released, get the MSFS version heavily discounted), but even if I would be more than happy to support FSLabs, I do not want to artificially "inflate" the perceived number of P3D users.
  4. Sorry, but on 27 April you replied this to me: Sooo, did you already but that 2nd license? Given that you erased the MS account with which you bought it the first time it would seem that money is not an issue 🙂
  5. I'm thinking that number of copies sold for P3D will reach 4-digit numbers, but I wouldn't want to guess the first digit 😉
  6. Sorry, but the OP listed l.o.n.g - range bizjets capable of 6000NM or more. The CL650 can do what - 4000NM?
  7. New update from Andrew, still not in beta: https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/topic/32755-concorde-may-update/
  8. No problems here, just downloaded latest EGKK version.
  9. Please elaborate - do you even own MSFS?
  10. This promotional video has some nice before/after transitions which shows the changes:
  11. Ray, It was mentioned in this thread when the Q&A was on-going: but things move quickly so at the time of writing this that thread is already on page 7.
  12. Not really, if you read this part: Clearly a reference to the MSFS Marketplace.
  13. I see what you did there Bernard 😉 - well done! Kudos to you for a fine post.
  14. And you base this on how many hours of testing the AAU2 beta???
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