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  1. A gentle nudge to get us back on topic perhaps?? This thread is about the coming SFO from Flightbeam ...
  2. Well, he didn't. ASFS makes "full use of the Active Sky weather data and synthesis system" and uses that to create wx presets and inject these into MSFS - just like REX and XEnviro. The success or failure of ASFS will very much depend on how often and intelligently these presets are injected as well as how smooth the transitions are implemented. All without any negative effects to performance.
  3. According to the product description on the HiFi website there are 2 methods available in ASFS: - ASFS Preset Weather Depiction Mode ASFS Preset weather depiction mode features advanced weather preset conditions control for the best accuracy within the preset depiction capabilities, and full use of the Active Sky weather data and synthesis system including historical and custom weather options... - Passive Depiction Mode Passive mode is used with live weather and allows MSFS’s internal live weather depiction to take full control of weather depiction in the simulator, while Active Sky FS provides Active Air Effects and all other non-depiction features... I encourage you all to go and read the full product description, but basically it looks to me that we get - yet another - preset-based wx injector. I'll wait for now. PS. Ooh, there are no proper cirrus clouds visible in the screenshots 😉
  4. Sorry, but you started it yourself a few pages back:
  5. I only fly the IAE version so can’t help with comparisons. I’ve seen both flaps 1, 2 and 3 as a result of the T/O calculator, with most often 2, then 1 and very rarely 3. There’s an acknowledged problem with the SRS not guiding you to V2+15, but only V2. I,ve seen this on a few flights, but the team is looking into it.
  6. My guess is that he probably doesn't use the external view, given his setup.
  7. Sorry Ben, but nothing needs addressing. Seems like a hardware problem on your setup.
  8. https://kb.fenixsim.com/honeycomb-bravo-setup
  9. Right Click - Save As worked for me.
  10. 3.7 is available here in this post:
  11. Not sure about this ... "Please note, this download is for DLSS 3 Ray Reconstruction specifically, the "d" at the end of the filename."
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