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  1. The whole 15.81 Gb came down at 340mbits/sec - wow!
  2. According to the latest patch release notes, it would seem so: **Minor Update 1.0.33.EA** ```-Lots of continued work on speech recognition errors. - Refactor tune and auto-tune for better handling of all addon aircraft (Inibuilds A300 now working). As a side effect of this change setting frequencies in BATC won't do take effect until the aircraft radios are on. - Further updates to departure handling to ensure assigned runway, departure procedure and ATIS are all in sync at the point of clearance. - Further updates to runway allocation to map aircraft required runway length against active runways. This should prevent GA runways being assigned to larger aircraft. Additional bug fixes to always pick runway suitable for winds / ops. - Handle airport scenery that has Unicom and Tower on the same frequency - Handle issues on departure handoff for untowered airports where scenery has center and departure on the same frequency. - Format Center frequencies in Frequency Dialog to match all the other frequency types.```
  3. What makes you think that? Latest roadmap shows 23 May for SU15.
  4. Does anyone know what's going on over at the HiFi forum? The developer hasn't posted for 11 days now although he checks in every day. Plenty of questions, bug reports have gone unanswered.
  5. May 25th seems to be the target date now. Oh well …
  6. Sebastian explains about halfway through the video that the image is sharp all the way to the edges when worn on your head, it is simply due to the camera.
  7. Absolutely, agree wholeheartedly. And it's not just that, but many, many non-US procedures, ways of doing things etc. There are a lot of things to like when it all works out, but for the time being I'll refrain from using it. Please note that I state the above with 45 year's experience as a controller.
  8. You're right, seems to be gone for me as well. @Keven Menard can you enlighten us?
  9. I don't think it will. From the description on Flightsim.to (my bolding): "...there is no way to test with each and everyone of them but this utility should work with any aircraft that has some form of panel state saving.
  10. So, true to AVSIM form a BATC release thread quickly takes a turn with 2 members each promoting their favourite ATC add-on and obviously badmouthing the subject app. Yawn …
  11. I see that you just closed the subject in Flight Planning??? That subject was posted yesterday …. well before this one and the one in the MSFS subforum.
  12. Bad news … https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/8704-project-aivlasoft-has-to-be-ceased/
  13. I can honestly say that I have never experienced this. About 99% of my flights are to or from LHR with BAVirtual and a large portion of those will pass the area mentioned. Sorry, not much help I know, but at least another data point.
  14. Same here. If someone runs into you head-on it won’t disappear until I’m well inside that plane.
  15. I'd absolutely love a good HKJK. Will be a perfect destination for my BA 777 when PMDG releases it 🙂
  16. From when to when (GMT) ?, I’d like to check against this: https://metar-taf.com/history/RJAA?station_id=0
  17. Explained in the ReadMe.pdf which was installed in the same directory as the airport.
  18. Why don’t you ask on the HiFiSim support forum?
  19. They are aware: https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/forum-problem-with-gmail-accounts.14905/post-66961
  20. You took the words right out of my mouth 🙂 Like you I bought my first AS version in 2005 (ASV in June '05) and I have acquired every single version for the ESP platform since then. Although my primary use case is not the same as yours (FenixSim A320 for BAVirtual) I find the default wx engine entirely fit for purpose, except for the somewhat poor cloud depiction. DEP/DEST metars have been accurate, upper winds close enough to those used in Simbrief when planning to result in fuel consumption very close to planned amounts. I have been following this thread to help me decide whether I should purchase ASFS, but so far I'm not convinced. In fact, the fairly rabid rebuttals towards any sort of criticism of ASFS has actually had the opposite effect for me, but hey, it's still early days ...
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