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  1. The operative word being ‘likely” - geniously curious??
  2. Just turned 70, been at it since Sublogic FS. Before that I programmed a Learjet25 sim on the Texas Instruments TI99-4A Home Computer (in assembler!!)
  3. He already changed it from SubtotalGuide - so at least there’s some humour buried somewhere 🙂
  4. Exactly - and as already suggested by @ckyliu on page 3:
  5. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2022/06/12/microsoft-flight-simulator-celebrates-franchises-40th-anniversary/
  6. Then why don’t you set it while approaching your TOD - as described a couple of times above?
  7. As the FAQ mentions .bgl-based AI I don’t think that MSFS AIG is supported as it is AIFP based.
  8. Having lived and worked 22 years in Belgium, I wholeheartedly approve of this post 🙂 My personal favourite amongst the Trappist beers is the Westvleteren 12, I’ve still got a few bottles left from when I drove down to West Flanders and picked up 3 crates at the monastery pre-pandemic. Cheers!
  9. Clever as the system may be it doesn’t really come to any use in real life at busy airports where speed instructions from ATC must be followed. That means using Selected speed from maybe 30, 40 miles out - maybe even further. Typically, you’d be given 240, 220, 200, then 180 when cleared for the LOC and once established on the G/S “maintain 160 till 4 miles”
  10. That’s all fine, but - as Anders suggested above - have you communicated your findings to the Fenix folks?
  11. Maybe create a new thread in the CUSTOMER LOUNGE #support-threads section? They definitely interact there.
  12. All described in the documentation here: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/fbw-a32nx/feature-guides/flypados3/ground/#ground-equipment
  13. But the same would apply to Darren Howie (Beta tester for FSL) who started the whole Fenix vs. FSL near the top of page 6 in his (by now heavily edited) post - amongst other things placing Fenix after FSL, ToLiss and Aerosoft (???) I rest my case.
  14. Well, given that their discord at the time of writing this has 29185 members I’m sure they’ve done even better 🙂
  15. Have you checked the Fenix KnowledgeBase ? And with a bit of searching before posting yet another Fenix thread you would have found at least 2 threads on the subject already …
  16. Instead of creating a new thread - and risk triggering some of the more sensitive Avsim members 😉 - I’ll just add this bit of information here: The Fenix KnowledgeBase articles have a new home: https://kb.fenixsim.com/ ,there’s a lot of good info there.
  17. Just go to CAMERA - CAMERA MODE SWITCHES - COCKPIT/EXTERNAL VIEW MODE and assign a joystick button to it.
  18. His videos on setting up the TM TCA Captains edition helped me a lot. The idea of using the thrust slider on the side stick base for setting the trim wheel is simply great 🙂
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