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  1. This is unfortunatelly a well known problem everyone has. The reason for this is really bad ADS-B data, if I remember correctly. I wish that this will improve somehow, as I love flying in that region and both airports Stockholm and Oslo are really beautifully made.
  2. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate PSXT. I was flying in the sim from London Heathrow today and being in line for take off with all the real departing traffic and seeing all the other activity on the ground and on approach felt so incredibly realistic and immersive. I really really like this and can‘t imagine using MSFS without this anymore. Thank you!
  3. For some reason, today everything worked and the QNH changed values as supposed to. Must have been a temporary glitch the last two days.
  4. Yes, the QNH value at the origin airports are absolutely correct in the UI and match with both real METAR data and RealTraffic data. What I mean is: I depart from my origin, letˋs say KJFK, there the QNH is correctly set for example at 1016. Now I fly to my destination where the actual QNH is for example 1002. But even on approach at the other city the QNH in PSXTraffic UI stays at 1016 (like it was at my departure) and does not change to the correct arrival location value. This results in all arriving traffic flying at a wrong altitude. Just out of interest, at which point should the UI be changing the values? I have PSXTraffic running the whole flight.
  5. Hi kiek, I`m using PSXTraffic and on my last two flights (EBBR-EIDW and KJFK-KBOS) I noticed that the QNH from the departing airport in the UI is still the same value at the destination airport which results in too high or too low landings by AI traffic. Even if I restart PSXTraffic on approach the QNH value from the departure airport is indicated wrongly again. Has it always been like this and I didn`t notice before or is this a bug? Thanks for clarification.
  6. I have to say the same. Although I read somewhere that both PSXT.exe and PSXTraffic are supposed to inject from the same traffic file and therefore should be identic, I notice quite a difference in variation and accuracy of static parked aircraft when comparing both at the same time, at the same airport. PSXTraffic almost always beats PSXT. Why is that?
  7. Oh thanks, I wasn‘t aware of the threads. it used to be different with quite good ground coverage.
  8. Hi kiek, I just started up my ESSA scenery by ORBX. For some reason I can´t see any live traffic moving on the ground at all. They disappear right after the landing roll and only appear on the departure runway right at take off. Could you have a look at the log.txt please?
  9. Hi there, maybe I`m too blind to find it in the manual or quick start guide, but where exactly do I add my new licence code I just bought from Realtraffic? Thanks for help.
  10. Ah, I understand. I thought the Recording function was actually just that, recording what‘s going on at the destination airport, hence the name change. So this means, now this function will also learn and register the gates of aircraft and put this in the airport file?
  11. Hi kiek, I just read that from version 4.4.0 there has been a Destination Learning function added. I have the Realtraffic Pro Licence, using it with PSXT.exe but can‘t seem to find it anywhere, I already checked the manual as well but nothing in there either ot I‘m blind. Could you just briefly tell me how this works?
  12. Yeah, I just checked EGLL too and today it seems to be stable and good. But yesterday for example, planes where standing in a 90 degree angle on the taxiway, disappeared at the threshold or cut taxiways like crazy.
  13. At KJFK, KBOS, LSZH, EGLL, as far as I have checked so far. LPPT was quite alright.
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