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  1. Hi All Do you know if there is a profile for MK's LEBL GSX?
  2. Hi Robert_LH It was missing almost two months ago in LEPA for example Kiek wrote yesterday that it is still not solved
  3. Returning to the topic, Kiek Do you know if the RealTraffic problem with PSXT has already been solved, where traffic did not appear at the airports in the Spanish area? As you mentioned, there were problems with the Real Traffic server I want to continue using your addon. Best regards
  4. Sorry if this has already been mentioned sometimes depending on which airport the word "traffic" appears in yellow and the airport is empty For example today in LEPA. What does it mean and how do I proceed, I have not been able to locate it in the manual Thank you and happy christmas to all
  5. The same thing happens to me in LEBL for example. with update 4.0.0 In previous updates it was fantastic.
  6. Hello Kiek I had to delete all the xml from the airports\updated folder. the 53 elements. Well, no parked plane appeared to me, from then on they do appear, but that folder is empty. but this never happened to me with previous versions of your program.
  7. Hello Kiek Sorry, I meant that there are no airplanes parked in the entire airport. In previous versions, moving traffic appeared and in addition, there were parked planes as well. I attach the log. Sun Sep 17 11:16:07 2023 (utc) PSXTraffic version 3.2.0 for MSFS ********************************** parameters ********************************** from "C:\Users\jrcli\AppData\Roaming\PSXTraffic\parameters.xml" EXPAND_BACKWARDS_ONLY=false COLLISION_LIVE_PARKED_GND=true HIGH_PERF_AIRCRAFT=false LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=false HELICOPTERS=false FOLLOW_ME_CAR=false COLLISION_USER_AIR=true COLLISION_USER_GND=true FLY_OVER=false RANDOM=true SUPPRESS_STUB=true INITIAL_LOAD_ONLY=false SOFT=true HINTS=true ALWAYS_ON_TOP=false LIG_AUTOMATIC=true LIG_PRIORITIZE=false AFG_AUTOMATIC=true LEARN=false NAV_LIGHTS_WHILE_PARKED=true AUTO_RANGE=false AEROWINX=false LEARN_DESTINATION=false GUID_CHANGES=true CUSTOM_PARKING_PERCENTAGE=-1 LIGHT_SWITCH_CODE=8 FLY_OVER_RANGE=15 MAIN_WINDOW_X=400 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=20 DELAY_IN_SECONDS=30 MATCHING_DEPTH=5 PARKED_MATCHING_DEPTH=4 LATERAL_RANGE=40 PROGRAM_VERSION=3.1.2 PORT_NUMBER=10747 DESTINATION_AIRPORT= DESTINATION_GATE= FLIGHTPLANS_FOLDER= lfolder1=C:\Users\jrcli\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community afolder0=C:\Users\jrcli\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official afolder1=C:\Users\jrcli\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community BLOCK_CALLSIGN= MSFS_INSTALL_PATH=C:\Users\jrcli\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages ******************************************************************************** PROGRAM_VERSION=3.2.0 This is a version update from 3.1.2 -> 3.2.0 RUNNING=true RealTraffic detected at this PC "input\dbase.xml" read "input\fixes.xml" read "input\airports_msfs.xml" read ++++++++++++++++++++++++ liveries scan automatic starts ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 326 don't use titles read from files in input\regcodesAIG 0 don't use titles read from files in input\my_regcodes Automatic scan found: "C:\Users\jrcli\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community\aig-aitraffic-oci-beta" Automatic scan found: "C:\Users\jrcli\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community\fsltl-traffic-base" 1452 liveries found in C:\Users\jrcli\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community\aig-aitraffic-oci-beta 1150 liveries found in C:\Users\jrcli\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community\fsltl-traffic-base 2602 in total Errors: 66 invalid airline codes, see output\errors\InvalidAirlineCodes.txt 2 invalid type codes, see output\errors\InvalidAircraftCodes.txt 2 code fixes, see output\errors\Fixes.txt 3 incomplete [fltsim.x] sections, see output\errors\IncompleFltsimSections.txt Information: 1 empty aircraft.cfg files, see output\info\AircraftCfgWithNoFltsimSection.txt 39 liveries updated with real live data from dbase, see output\info\AirlineTypeConversions.txt Listing scanned liveries Processing scanned liveries ===> 14 in-line regcode clashes, see "output\errors\InlineRegcodes.txt" Offline regcode files processed, results can be found in "output\info\OfflineRegcodes.txt" 855 special liveries 9423 registration codes 39 opf liveries 424 airlines, 71 pax aircraft types and 16 cargo aircraft types 316 similar type definitions Generic liveries for 40 types Category Light: 18 pax liveries and 14 cargo liveries Category Small: 31 pax liveries and 1 cargo liveries Category Large: 1708 pax liveries and 35 cargo liveries Category Heavy: 730 pax liveries and 65 cargo liveries -------------------------- liveries scan ends -------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++++++++ airports scan automatic starts +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 39203 airport names read from "input\airports_msfs_names.txt" output\info\AirportsScanLog.txt written LELL copied to TO_BE_LEARNED_OFFLINE\LELL.xml ===> zip folder "TO_BE_LEARNED_OFFLINE", and mail to "leveld757@gmail.com" please!\n Airports scan successful -------------------------- airports scan ends ---------------------------- Waiting for MSFS ... MSFS (11.0.282174.999) connected Waiting for RealTraffic to connect to PSXTraffic ... SimConnect: User aircraft title: FenixA320_VUELING_ECJZQ Fenix aircraft detected, PSXT_MSFS will provide extra TCAS data! SimConnect: User aircraft model: A320, half wing span: 17.8 meter, category: Large RealTraffic connected QNH Reader connected Traffic Reader connected User aircraft on the ground at LEBL The parking airport is LEBL (BCN) Reading live traffic first, before parking starts (takes 15 seconds) ... QNH=1012.0 Start parking at LEBL (BCN) Reading airport file: "airports\updated\LEBL.xml" Parking percentage 30% set to default value There is no home carrier 11:16:54 airport file read from "airports\updated\LEBL.xml" for El Prat, PSXT_MSFS (37.2.3) Jun 15, 2023 publisher : LatinVFR altitude : 9 ft parking_percentage : 30% num_parkpos : 182 quality factor : -1/ 0 RT traffic week : g120 excludes g119 g119 excludes g120,g118 g121 excludes g122 g118 excludes g119 g122 excludes g121,g123 g123 excludes g122 g126 excludes g127 g127 excludes g126,g128 g128 excludes g127,g129 g129 excludes g128 A138 excludes g139 g252 excludes g250 g250 excludes g252 g139 excludes A138 r40 excludes r41 r41 excludes r40 r43 excludes r44 r44 excludes r43,r45 r142 excludes A142 r45 excludes r44,r46 A142 excludes r142,g143 r46 excludes r45,r47 g143 excludes A142,A143 r31 excludes r32 r47 excludes r46,r48 r32 excludes r31,r33 r33 excludes r32,r34 r48 excludes r47,r49 r34 excludes r33,r35 A143 excludes g143 r35 excludes r34,r36 r49 excludes r48 r36 excludes r35,r37 r37 excludes r36 r12 excludes r13 r13 excludes r12,r14 r14 excludes r13 r3 excludes r4 g161 excludes g162 r4 excludes r3 g162 excludes g161,g163 g163 excludes g162,g164 g164 excludes g163,g165 g165 excludes g164 g172 excludes g171,g173 g171 excludes g172 g173 excludes g172 r181 excludes r182 r182 excludes r181,r183 r183 excludes r182,r184 r184 excludes r183,r185 r185 excludes r184,r186 r186 excludes r185,r187 r187 excludes r186 11:16:47 (utc) It is day 7, half-hour code: 22 [33 live ac callsigns detected ] 0 real positions found, day 7, hh 22 +/- 47 0 real positions found, all days, hh 22 +/- 47 0 soft positions found, day 7, hh 22 +/- 47 0 soft positions found, all days, hh 22 +/- 47 Finally (total so far: 0) Trying to place 0 small over all hours of all days: 0 real positions found, all days, hh 22 0 small added Trying to place 0 remote home carrier positions, all hours of all days: 0 real remote home-carrier positions found, all days, hh 22 +/- 47 0 remote positions of home-carriers added 0 positions to be filled (0% vs wanted 30%) No static aircraft to be parked, there are no parking options found ... UAE256 A6-EWI MEX->BCN UAE B77L =1= AIGAIM_Emirates Boeing 777-200LR RYR2NP EI-EFI RYR B738 =1= AIGAIM_Ryanair Boeing 737-800WL SXS2FH TC-SNT SXS B738 =5= FSLTL_FAIB_B738_Boeing VLG62LG EC-MHB VLG A321 =1= AIGAIM_Vueling Airbus A321-200SL - IAE Named VLG1LE EC-MVO BCN->CTA VLG A320 =1= AIGAIM_Vueling Airbus A320-200 - CFM Wifi UAE810 A6-EGL UAE B77W =1= AIGAIM_Emirates Boeing 777-300ER - Mid Dome VLG1519 EC-MGY VLG A321 =1= AIGAIM_Vueling Airbus A321-200SL - IAE Named RYR55GH 9H-IHH AGP->ZAG RYR A320 =1= AIGAIM_Ryanair Airbus A320-200 - IAE opb LDA VLG9CA EC-MVO BCN->CTA VLG A320 =u= AIGAIM_Vueling Airbus A320-200 - CFM Wifi RYR3UB 9H-VVJ BGY->MAD RYR B38M =3= AIGAIM_Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX 200 IBE30HP EC-IZH IBE A320 =1= AIGAIM_Iberia Airbus A320-200 EZY94TE G-EZWR PMI->BRS EZY A320 =3= AIGAIM_easyJet Airbus A320-200 CPA372 B-LXG MAD->HKG CPA A35K =1= AIGAIM_Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-1000 MLH9924 9H-MLA EWG A320 =1= AIGAIM_Eurowings Airbus A320-200 - CFM opb MLH White ABN9003 ZA-MMK TIA->OPO ABN A320 =3= FSLTL_FAIB_A320_ABN-AIR ALBANIA EZY83DL G-EZBY EZY A319 =1= AIGAIM_easyJet Airbus A319-100 AEA6037 EC-NVQ AEA B738 =3= AIGAIM_Air Europa Boeing 737-800WL - SN MAC375N CN-NMP NDR->BCN MAC A320 =3= FSLTL_FAIB_A320_MAC-Air Arabia Maroc RYR6882 EI-DYO RYR B738 =1= AIGAIM_Ryanair Boeing 737-800WL - Striped WL (rhs) VOE1327 EC-NCB VOE A319 =1= AIGAIM_Volotea Airbus A319-100 - EN FR PGT902M TC-RBA PGT A21N =3= FSLTL_FAIB_a21n_PGT-Pegasus DLH27W D-AIDE DLH A321 =1= AIGAIM_Lufthansa Airbus A321-200 VLG5HQ EC-MBE VLG A320 =1= AIGAIM_Vueling Airbus A320-200 - CFM EZY69NU G-EZBE BFS->PMI EZY A319 =1= AIGAIM_easyJet Airbus A319-100 VLG4WJ EC-LZN VLG A320 =1= AIGAIM_Vueling Airbus A320-200SL - CFM Wifi VLG48EZ EC-NFI VLG A20N =1= AIGAIM_Vueling Airbus A320-200neo MAC472 9H-MMO VCE->CMN MMO A320 =5= FSLTL_A320_ZZZZ EXS74G G-DRTN PMI->EDI EXS B738 =1= AIGAIM_Jet2com Boeing 737-800WL (TEMP) TVS2056 OK-SWB PRG->FUE TVS B38M =1= AIGAIM_Smartwings Boeing 737 MAX 8 EJU18MR OE-LKM BHX->PMI EJU A319 =1= AIGAIM_easyJet Europe Airbus A319-100 TAP827V CS-TVI MXP->LIS TAP A20N =1= AIGAIM_TAP Air Portugal Airbus A320-200neo RYR9YQ EI-EBV RYR B738 =1= AIGAIM_Ryanair Boeing 737-800WL VLG5SH EC-MMU VLG A321 =1= AIGAIM_Vueling Airbus A321-200SL - IAE Named RYR47NG EI-EBV RYR B738 =u= AIGAIM_Ryanair Boeing 737-800WL VLG6MK EC-MMH LGW->BCN VLG A321 =1= AIGAIM_Vueling Airbus A321-200SL - IAE Named RYR38QD EI-EFI RYR B738 =u= AIGAIM_Ryanair Boeing 737-800WL AAL67 N773AN BCN->JFK AAL B772 =1= AIGAIM_American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER AHO213 D-CHIC BCN-> AHO E55P =7= AIGAIM_Air France Hop ATR 42-500 - opb Amelia BAW484C G-EUUS BAW A320 =1= AIGAIM_British Airways Airbus A320-200 RYR3JX EI-EFO TFS->BCN RYR B738 =1= AIGAIM_Ryanair Boeing 737-800WL VLG64LZ EC-MHB BCN->ORY VLG A321 =u= AIGAIM_Vueling Airbus A321-200SL - IAE Named RYR2NP EI-EFI RYR B738 =u= AIGAIM_Ryanair Boeing 737-800WL VLG62LG EC-MHB BCN->ORY VLG A321 =u= AIGAIM_Vueling Airbus A321-200SL - IAE Named sendDataPacket to RealTraffic failed: 10053 Software caused connection abort RealTraffic client socket closed 11:18:29 RealTraffic gone? Wait for RealTraffic to re-connect ... 11:18:30 RealTraffic re-connected sendDataPacket to RealTraffic failed: 10054 Connection reset by peer RealTraffic client socket closed 11:18:31 RealTraffic gone? Wait for RealTraffic to re-connect ... RUNNING=false Exiting: USER CLOSED SIM QNH Reader has stopped User closed PSXTraffic Traffic Reader has stopped DESTINATION_AIRPORT= DESTINATION_GATE= BLOCK_CALLSIGN= ******************************* live traffic livery matching summary ******************************* Matches at step: 1: 28 2: 0 3: 6 4: 0 5: 2 **************************************************************************************************** MAIN_WINDOW_X=400 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=20 Sun Sep 17 11:18:32 2023 Regards.
  8. Hello everyone. Since I updated to version 3.2.0 I don't have any planes parked on my fingers. Yes, there is taxi traffic, taking off and landing but none of them are parked. Does it happen to you too?
  9. Hello again Dave attached my config forever and it has never failed mesince ever https://mega.nz/file/tgFizThB#mVOik_tH_RSNL4GErTcOpfnQ8jB_DYQoOejnxN5wepo
  10. Hello everyone, The same thing that Fabrice mentions keeps happening to me. exactly the same also with the 7b On the other hand, if I use the 6d, it works perfectly. I don't know if there has been any internal change, because I always keep doing the same thing. I have been using the pilot2atc for 2 years and it has always worked correctly. for exemple LEBL/LEPA LEBL LARPA UN859 TOLSO LEPA (SIMBRIEF) AIRAC 2309 FOR PILOT2ATC Not appear any Star and Via when clicking Auto Plan with te version 7a/7b With the version 6d appear the star and via https://mega.nz/file/F49ymSpC#mTSY0pKCGskP0yZqPxnZWYCUq1igI3t9pOypkZ_QyZw
  11. Hi Dave So what I don't understand is how in the 6D it works without problems without activating that option
  12. Hi srcooke Until now I never had that option activated and it always gave me a Star and a way. Activating this option does not work for me either. I have returned to 6D and without problems
  13. Since the last beta 7a, when I generate a flight plan neither the Star nor the Via appear, with flight plan generated with simbrief. before with beta 6D I had no problems. https://mega.nz/file/F49ymSpC#mTSY0pKCGskP0yZqPxnZWYCUq1igI3t9pOypkZ_QyZw
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