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  1. Is there a dedicated place (like a subforum or something) where we can share handmade airports to make it easier to collaborate on airports that have spotty coverage (KMIA, KDTW, KSTL to name a few)? I have made handmades of KDTW and KSTL that I'd be willing to share with others, and I might peek at creating one for KMIA by moving aircraft of the soft-data to proper airlined gates
  2. Thanks for the detailed writeup! It is interesting how there is a lack of ground movement based on ADSB feeds (like ADS-B Exchange) vs the data that's available through FR24. I'm not familiar with why there's more coverage with one over the other, but I understand that the lack of ADS-B data is related to the lack of ground movement. It would be nice to fall-back to FR24 data or some other source where data is plentiful, but with how strict FR24's ToS is and how their data can be used in third-party apps, this also poses a challenge.
  3. As others have said, I know that traffic coverage on ground has been spotty, but does how far of an extent does that go? Do you see "live traffic" moving to and from gates, but just empty parking due to a lack of "learned"/available data, or is there a lack of live AND parked aircraft? I'm also on the fence for this one since because of the lack of ADSB data, but I feel like I could mitigate the feeling of an empty airport by "mocking" parked spots by manually assigning gates.
  4. I think this bug might still be happening after a re-download of 5.7.1; I'm not completely sure as I didn't want to risk landing at an empty airport. Here is my flow: 1. As soon as I take off from a departure airport, I set a destination airport (KLAX) so that it learns when I fly. This creates the LearnDestination process and UI 2. Assume that the destination airport does not exist yet in a learned file (learned/.../KLAX.xml) 3. The new file is "created" with airports in memory, so the file hasn't been written to disk yet (Test-Path .\KLAX.xml ==> $false) 4. When I close the LearnDestination process, it writes the contents from memory to disk 5. When I open KLAX.xml just after it was written, it hardcoded parking_percentage as 0 6. I assume that when PSXT loads this file, it'll read the percentage as 0 because some people really want to have only live traffic with no statics, by design I think that you should have the default value of parking_percentage to be -1, so that if the value is less than 0, it would fallback to the default settings, similar to the logic that's used based on the parking percentage parameters used by PSXT. Having a value of 0 would explicitly tell PSXT to not spawn traffic. Might need to include a check that says if the parameter doesn't exist, set the value to -1, rather than letting the parameter instantiate as "0" since it didn't exist. The reason I'm seeing this regression now is because I never turned on "Learn Live" or "Learn Soft" for any destination airport prior to 5.7. However, since 5.7.0 introduced enforced learning, this issue occurs for every airport that I set a destination airport to.
  5. EDIT: D'oh, I just noticed these parameters. Though it's not set, I would've expected 30, the default, to be used, right? <parameter name="CUSTOM_PARKING_PERCENTAGE" value="-1" /> <parameter name="GENERIC_PARKING_PERCENTAGE" value="-1" /> This was the first time I've ever flown into RJOO in this sim, so I wouldn't have set it initially. Here are the contents of the %APPDATA%\PSXT\my_parking_percentages.txt EDDF,60 FAOR,60 OEDF,50 OTHH,65 However, when I use the PSXT UI to set the destination of RJOO, it creates the RJOO.xml file in the airports/learned/.../*.xml, but somehow, it instantiated the percentage to 0 <parameters> <parameter name="airport_name" value="Osaka Intl" /> <parameter name="publisher" value="kado" /> <parameter name="num_parkpos" value="3" /> <parameter name="LATERAL_RANGE" value="40" /> <parameter name="AUTO_RANGE" value="true" /> <parameter name="parking_percentage" value="0" /> <parameter name="INITIAL_LOAD_ONLY" value="false" /> <parameter name="PARK_SOFT" value="true" /> <parameter name="MAX_FIT" value="47" /> <parameter name="LEARN_SOFT" value="false" /> <parameter name="MAX_LIVE" value="300" /> </parameters>
  6. Thanks for your help with trying to patch this condition! I tried 5.7.1 but am still having similar symptoms. This time, it reads from the learned file, but because I never set a parking percentage there, it still initializes the value at 0%. Is this expected? Also worth noting the LearnDestination UI doesn't have an input to set a parking percentage. I'd likely be able to set the value manually by closing LearnDestination and then manually editing the XM.
  7. Hey kiek, I noticed with the release of 5.7 that static parking percentages has moved to the learned airport file. However, there doesn't seem to be a default percentage for new airports that haven't been learned yet (for example, arriving at an airport prior to setting the destination airport). I thought historically, static percentages were either calculated by the quality factor, or defaulted to 30% - I never really changed this number in the past. But now, if the learned file didn't exist, it will set the fallback to the archive file, which doesn't have parking_percentage parameter defined, thus it sets it to 0, leading to empty airports. Consider this log entry: Is there any way to set a default value in the meantime so that I don't have to pre-learn an airport and manually set a percentage prior to arrival?
  8. If you are flying at an airport that has a LiveATC feed, you can listen along to that with a very minor delay for a more immersive experience (though that's not available everywhere)
  9. Seeing the same symptoms (yellow Sim indicator when SimConnect is lost; never re-established) in 5.1.2. However, the crashes no longer happen, and since switching from PSXTraffic to PSXT.exe, I have not had the sim lock up on me, which is a sign of success. Closing and re-opening PSXT isn't the end of the world during flight in all honesty. I've also read reports on an increase in SimConnect issues from other providers that rely on it, so I don't think it's just just PSXT having issues with it. Thank you for the additional effort in error handling - whatever fix you applied starting with 5.1.1 has reduced the crashes of PSXT, and transitively I assume, reduced the risk of the sim crashing from unhandled PSXT crashes based on past observation. Have had multiple successful cross-the-pond flights so far! Thank you again!
  10. Does anyone have this paired with BMWorld's KSEA? I'm curious if loading both DD KBFI and BMW KSEA will cause the SimObject limit to go over the limit, leading to landing at an empty SeaTac airport
  11. I believe so - either this was a symptom, or Asobo did something to force its own default textures to take precedence every sim update, which required manually patching the asobo_props\texture\TAXI_SIGN_BACK_ALBEDO.PNG.DDS file for the addon to work. However, it has been a really long time since I had to do that, and I don't remember seeing any MMMM/OOOO taxiway signs in the past year... I remember that during the very early stages of the product, however.
  12. I'm pretty sure this has been fixed by Asobo in one of the more recent SUs when they introduced the scenery ordering. Two big things that make it a value for me: 1. It corrects taxiway signs for the Asobo defaults that are incorrect 2. The big one for me - if you decide to replace the MSFS textures, which I choose to do: it fixes all of the sign styles worldwide so that they look realistic, compared to how Asobo styled it, which didn't look realistic at all. Bonus: The Real Taxiways signs are more legible in VR than the Asobo ones If you have third-party airports, you should go with the taxiway signs that are bundled with that scenery (unless they didn't make any custom ones). For any conflicts, you can always "exclude" an airport by renaming the BGL file named by its ICAO code.
  13. I also didn't get the pop-up warning but see a log file that wrote the same thing at .\path\to\Microsoft Flight Simulator\content\dlssg_to_fsr3.log. Install worked like a charm - going to test this out and see how it performs. Though I mainly fly in VR so I won't notice it during some aspects, it'll be nice to see the performance gains at busy airports when I'm not under the visor.
  14. Had a SimConnect stall during flight when MSFS temporarily froze. Used 5.1.1 and saw a new side effect. PSXT didn't crash! But, it also failed to re-establish connection for some reason (yellow Sim indicator, no RT indicator)... Therefore, an improvement, but still a weird edge case. Also, sorry if I'm the only one who's seeing this... I don't know what's causing it. Tail of Log0 and Log.txt UX Symptom:
  15. Reinstall + reboot didn't help. Problem still occurs when SimConnect stalls. Once PSXT.exe re-establishes a connection with SimConnect, PSXT terminates ungracefully
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