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  1. Beta 8888. I will check on these settings! Thanks.
  2. Thanks all. I will try this home soon. It is just a shame that no one from the devs ever took LFPG as a project. It never was as interesting as the German airports I guess.
  3. Download interval at min = 5 minutes Flow?? What is that? I check the periodic theme reload? Haven't pinpointed that setting. Depiction smoothing is set quite low as well. I will get this up but thought to left it standart at first.
  4. Hi all, I do not post often, but I have a question. It seems Asobo hasn't fixed some standard airports from the package. The AI does not leave the runway after landing, getting stuck. Now, it also appears that no dev picked up the good task to make a nice De Gaulle. Hence my question if there is a good way to make LFPG better, I tried the conversion of TTG but lots of stuff like lighting is missing. I never learned how to edit airports in msfs, but perhaps there is already a mod to enhance LFPG? I do not fly there frequently, but hey it is a major airport so it would be nice to have it in working order for the flights I do😁. I wonder how often you guys fly to De Gaulle? Best regards, Pete
  5. Ok, perhaps a setting? I have fiddled around for ages and went back to passive mode instead of active. I tried to lower the weather change for smoother changes. But over time I see for example total overcast change into fair weather in an instant. Sudden wind turbulence jitter too when it happens! Am I missing something? Edit; preset / custom weather is selected of course for Asfs to take over.
  6. As fs, using it in passive mode for now. When will they fix the way of weather change. Weather is changing instantly no gradual transition like msfs stock. Works still best. Asfs is just injecting instantly new weather and places it all around you, unrealistic as hell.
  7. Hehe, imagine accurate failures being modeled and multiple "tire failure" on landing. The "woman" autopilot/AI sound will multiply for every tire that failed on landing🤣. Just like a YT video I recall..
  8. Ah then I misunderstood the comment hehe😁. I also hope it will be a nice addition to our flightsim world. For me a true Ace of the skies. Cannot wait for it, I am considering ops with martinair (cargo), KLM pax/cargo and Lufthansa Cargo. Also Fedex/UPS of course.
  9. Haha! Then a DC-10 also has the looks of a long cigar a.k.a. Graf Zeppelin? I find it rather a nice shape that attracts the eye! Seeing a trijet with that huge fat body roaring into the skies on takeoff is just pure Gold!
  10. Superb shots and what a nice military colour!! Question: I see you use AS MSFS. Do you experience stutters when as msfs is taking over/loads weather. I use beta 8888 now, but also have the issue that the active setting preset is not taking over the weather in msfs... Perhaps some bad session in msfs on my end...
  11. I had to shut down activesky msfs to stop the lag. Anyone else having issue with activesky?
  12. I restarted on my end activesky/live weather after a few legs in 1 session. It helped somewhat.
  13. Had some issues with 2 flights in one session. Flew from EBCI to LBSF then from LBSF to EHEH, PG ON, have to check rolling cache though. Lost ATC sounds during start of 2nd flight, it started to lag hard (have to mention that over a periode of time fsltl seems to load in a huge array of AI moving in same direction in front of me). Then off and on, lag. During descent and Final approach the sim lagged 2 minutes, resulting in quiet CTD... MSFS is still a buggy mess. Performance decays still seem to happen after 4+ hours of flight in 1 session?
  14. Why hyping this? I did not see anything... Some dislike speculation posting. I see it more often these days. A bit of a pity.
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