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  1. In those screens it seems your trees are missing on the scenery. You appear only to have the buildings. The 787 looks very nice indeed. Not buying it for FSX though, will have to wait for P3D V4 version. I will buy it. 1000%.
  2. Okay I am rushing into the store to get the setup! Time to quadrupple my FPS that I get from my i7 6700K! This cannot be ignored! If 85% increase is true, it surely should feel like heaven!! And if I still get lag I will scream; SMITE ME!! ALMIGHTY SMITER (pulling off all my clothes and hairs, because bad performance always befalls the guy who looks at the greener grass over the fence) P.S. In the end, in case of bad performance with such a CPU I think I would already be smitten!
  3. Piotr007

    [AGAIN!!] P3D4 PMDG

    Same issue!!
  4. Quite strange though... Mighty PMDG and some pesky bug during hold mode on TOGA, when O see those numbers N1 exceed the set max I get agitated. Aarghh not again... come onnnnnm
  5. Piotr007

    737 ngx for p3d v4

    Patience is the key word. The forum is swarmed by unnecessary topics. It should be blocked by admins.
  6. Piotr007

    Weather Radar not showing in P3Dv4 PMDG777 + AS2016

    The knobs are not working Kyle. I hope you guys can fix this? TILT and GAIN is not to be set for Left + Right. There is no clickspot for those.
  7. Okay. That much is clear! Coffee Lake here we go! Krappy Lake X hahah.... More like Swamp Lake X.
  8. Piotr007

    P3D v4 64 bits 737NGX Beta

    Got it! Was more of a feeling I had coming up. P3D V4 compatibility is no.1 prio for sure. Perhaps the cockpit architect will come by in the near future to make stuff more tight.
  9. Piotr007

    P3D v4 64 bits 737NGX Beta

  10. Piotr007

    P3D v4 64 bits 737NGX Beta

    Cockpit geometry .... Well anyhow looks nice! That is why I also have ifly 737. Complementary...
  11. Piotr007

    what are you waiting for in V4

    Ah yeah, A new CPU and Motherboard. True.
  12. Piotr007

    what are you waiting for in V4

    1) FSLabs A320 2) PMDG 737 NGX 3) PMDG 748-i/F 4) QW 787 5) Aerosoft A330 6) LEVEL-D 757 7) TfDi 717 ------------------- That is about it...
  13. Piotr007

    Weather Radar Knobs not moving

    This is horrific. I did not even notice this. Have to test it when I get home.
  14. Piotr007

    737ngx tic toc tic toc