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  1. I would start using your new rig and update the dxdiag file. They add more testers every period...
  2. I was very surprised that I found a mail in my spam today, was send yesterday evening around midnight. It is my alpha invitation! Currently downloading and very excited. Not the best specs, so curious how it will run. (i7 4790k@4.4Ghz, 16GB RAM Geforce 1080Ti 11GB RAM Windows 10x64 1909)...
  3. Maybe you can also check this out. A comparison between Aerosoft, JustSim and MK-Studio LEPA: https://fselite.net/originals/head-to-head-palma-de-mallorca-airport-lepa-aerosoft-justsim-and-mk-studios/
  4. The scenery was developed by XHT, and they had a sort like SODE program to control the lights, textures etc. I think the issue lies there. You can contact them via https://www.xht-labs.com/forum/
  5. Still haven't got an invite yet. Hope it will arrive some day. Pretty curious about the new sim!
  6. Looking forward to your update! I have both the NGXu and the Aerosoft Airbus professional and hope they will get effects like my QW787 🙂
  7. Thanks for your work Urmel. Just a question out of curiousity. Is there a quick way to alter the GSX profile easily after changing the AFCAD/ADE file? Or just delete the current GSX file and let it create a new one based on the latest AFD?
  8. Working on another machine, so probably something on my end...
  9. Trying to download phhxd_v1.zip, the download finishes, but the file is corrupt. The same goes for tui_uk_g-fdzy.zip
  10. Yes, I know, but I don't know the correct values to enter 😉
  11. Hi all, FLying the new PMDG 737 now. I linked the default 737-800NG profile, but I get warnings about the runway length, although more than sufficient. Is anyone willing to share his/her profile for the NG?
  12. I did the same, but it is more of a workaround... There must have been something changed in RAAS???
  13. I checked, it was already set to FL180 (18.000 ft). My last flight went OK, so maybe it was a hick-up. Will monitor this for the near future.
  14. I would not expect this call-out, since I was below transition altitude and baro was set correctly...
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