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  1. I like a Condor livery more, that's why I continued on this one first, but I will do both. Still a lot of trial and error to do on the rear fuselage and tail but when ready it will be easy to change into a Thomas Cook.
  2. To bad you stopped doing NGX paints. Your paints are great Steve! Thanx so far! Some time ago I made a try on the Thomas Cook. I only have little time to work on a paint but in some weeks I can finish this one:
  3. Thnx! Merry Christmas Steve and all other painters and simmers!
  4. Some Qatari -800 anyone? :smile: I made a start a while ago and came this far, then parked it somewhere in the paint hangar. Still a lot to do but I think I will be able to complete this one next weekend if you like.
  5. Hi guys, Trying the FAIB paintkit I found out about a handy program called ModelConverterX. Whit it you can preview your paint outsite FSX. Might be useful. Available at www.scenerydesign.org/modelconverterx
  6. On it's way to the AVSIM Library. Enjoy!
  7. Aligning the read on the rear fuse with the red on the tail takes a lot of time :unsure: . It will be ready eventually :smile: and send to the avsim library Work in progress
  8. Hi guys, I made an attempt on the Britsh Airways tail. First try in FSX and it doesn't look too bad I think. wip
  9. I have been thinking of making an British Airways Oneworld -800 myself but I can't find a jpg/png/svg file of the tailflag, so tha'ts holding me of making one.
  10. Some Siberian birds nearing completion
  11. The CSA SKYTEAM is on its way to the AVSIM Library Enjoy!
  12. Hi Martin, Coming friday I will have time to complete the Czech Skyteam repaint and then a winglet and non-winglet version will be send to the avsim download library. Cheers, Ricardo
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