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  1. I like a Condor livery more, that's why I continued on this one first, but I will do both. Still a lot of trial and error to do on the rear fuselage and tail but when ready it will be easy to change into a Thomas Cook.
  2. To bad you stopped doing NGX paints. Your paints are great Steve! Thanx so far! Some time ago I made a try on the Thomas Cook. I only have little time to work on a paint but in some weeks I can finish this one:
  3. Thnx! Merry Christmas Steve and all other painters and simmers!
  4. Some Qatari -800 anyone? :smile: I made a start a while ago and came this far, then parked it somewhere in the paint hangar. Still a lot to do but I think I will be able to complete this one next weekend if you like.
  5. Hi guys, Trying the FAIB paintkit I found out about a handy program called ModelConverterX. Whit it you can preview your paint outsite FSX. Might be useful. Available at www.scenerydesign.org/modelconverterx
  6. On it's way to the AVSIM Library. Enjoy!
  7. Aligning the read on the rear fuse with the red on the tail takes a lot of time :unsure: . It will be ready eventually :smile: and send to the avsim library Work in progress
  8. Hi guys, I made an attempt on the Britsh Airways tail. First try in FSX and it doesn't look too bad I think. wip
  9. I have been thinking of making an British Airways Oneworld -800 myself but I can't find a jpg/png/svg file of the tailflag, so tha'ts holding me of making one.
  10. The CSA SKYTEAM is on its way to the AVSIM Library Enjoy!
  11. Hi Martin, Coming friday I will have time to complete the Czech Skyteam repaint and then a winglet and non-winglet version will be send to the avsim download library. Cheers, Ricardo
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