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  1. Hello all,I use for P3D a two monitor setup. On the main screen I have my 3D cockpit and on the second screen I have the PFD, ND and engine display. Would it be possible to create a 2D popup window with the flap and gear indicator?Best regardsJulian Reich
  2. Hi all, since a few weeks i tried several times to reinstall P3D v3. It always fails because it says that there are problems with the cab file. I tried the complete zip file download, I downloaded the individual files, I tried several browsers, cleared temp files, I checked the MD5 checksum etc. Sometimes there was a problem with the MD5 checksum. This could be solved when I redownloaded the file several times then somehow it was ok. But then while the installation the installation was again canceled because of a corrupt file. So am I doing something wrong here or where could be the problem? Thank you for any help ;-) Best regards Julian
  3. Did a quick test and yes issue went away :-) Thx alot...
  4. Hi all, since a few days i recognized following problems in the NGX and the 777. On Engine start as soon as i activate the fuel switch the reverser gets activated. This results in loosing V-Speeds and derarted thrust settings in the CDU. Also the displays indicate that the engines are running but when I move the throttle the engines are not spooling up. It indicates they are running but they arent. I have to use a trick to get the engines running. Go to slew mode, go in the air, disable slew for a milli second, go back to ground. Then the engines are running normally. The next problem is when I want to shutdown the engines after a flight. Turn off the fuel switches but the engines are not shutting down. Both problems happen since a few days and were never happening in the years before in several sims. I use P3D v4. Best regards Julian
  5. Haha, came home at 6AM after the nightshift. Read at 10AM on my mobile that its released. Thought short about to continue to sleep.... A minute later I was on the PC.... So far after a short flight it looks really nice. Frames here a bit better than in the NGX. Disabled the RAAS option in the installation but it installed it anyway. Someone found out already where to disable it?
  6. Awesome. Thanks alot. I was looking everywhere for a file something with "tractor" not "tractEUr" ;-)
  7. Hello, when I do a flight at night I was always wondering about an ocean out of red and white lights on the ground. They are visible until very far distance. I found out that theese are the lights of the static tractors on the ground. Is it possible to deactivate theese lights or better remove theese tractros completly? Please see the pictures attached. Thanks for any kind of help Julian
  8. Yeah I found that AFCAD and would love to use it, but the next problem is for me it is impossible to create an account in their forum. Always when I try no confirmation E-Mail arrives at my E-Mail adress. And without an account you can't download the file. Tried several E-Mail accounts. In the end I came to the conclusion to wait for their official patch and use Aerosofts version so long. I like the Aerosoft version but the T2G looks in my opinion a bit better. If the Euros I spend for the T2G version will help them to make the current buggy version better in a few weeks then i'm happy with that.
  9. Does anybody has the problem that only a few Jetbridges are visible? On T1 I have around 4 jetbridges. Also on the sattelite terminal there are no jetbridges. And regarding the enhanced AFCAD file I cant download it because I cannot register in the Taxi2Gate forum. The next thing is in my installation I also see the default airport buliding through the T2G airport. I could resolve this with an exclusion file from the Aerosoft Airport. Any help would be great :-) PS: I use P3D 3.1
  10. Same problem here with the support forum. No confirmation E-Mail. And another problem. I have only very less passenger jetways. For example at Terminal 1 or 2 I only have four or five bridges. The other gates are empty. And on the satellite terminal I have no jetways. Can someboday help me with that? I use P3D v 3.1 but hat the same problem in 3.0 Kind regards Julian
  11. Probably you're right with IVAO and VATSIM, but over the years I arranged myself with the very basic default ATC. ;-) So I'd like to use it again. But maybe now it's time to start trying online flying ;-)
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