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  1. Is the license of the P3D CRJ version working for MSFS or do I need to buy a new one?
  2. I haven't done this. I will try and report back. I have the gameboost button enabled in my bios. Does this has to do with default clock speed?
  3. Thats all things I tried. I also tried to revert the graphic card driver to an older version. I was in the complete default v5 version, completly new installed with no tweaks and frames locked. I now just started installing addons. Fortunately the sim runs very well on my old system and looks very good. My workaround is to let scenery reload when I am on an approach to my destination airport by ticking a scenery off and on in the scenery library tab. I hope they could fix it in the next version. I also wrote this to the official P3D forum but until now no reaction. Anyway thanks to all for trying to help... Julian
  4. I did also so. Installed it in a different directory and a different SSD than before.
  5. I did a complete uninstall. Deleted all registry entries and folders. I also installed now V4 to see if this problem exists there too but V4 has no problems.
  6. Hi all, in P3D v5 with the latest hotfix I have the problem that since the last hotfix no autogen and no ground textrures are loading when I depart from an airport. When I load a flight everything looks fine. As soon as I fly to another airport I have no autogen anymore and very blury ground textures. I thought it has to do with a bunch of addons so I decided to make a clean install. But the problem stays the same. Default airport and default aircraft and no addons installed. As soon as I leave my departure airport no more loading of ground textures and autogen. I have the latest driver. I also tried with the FFTF settings. Frames locked to 30 also did not help. Hyperthreading off and on also no difference. My System is: Intell Core i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz, 24GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080. Also tried lowering the setting also with no succes. The only solution I have at the moment is when I go to the scenery library and turn off and on a random scenery that the sim is loading again. Thanks for any advice and best regards Julian
  7. Yup that was the issue. Thank you guys. Fixed it with the instruction above.
  8. Hi all, does anyone know how to fix this problem? At night I always have a glowing fog layer at the horizon. Tried a new installation and removed shaders and .gfg file already. https://imgur.com/2ixrzFphttps://imgur.com/2ixrzFp Thanks and best regards Julian
  9. Hi all, problem is solved. The issue was a broken RAM. Had 4 RAM Sticks with each 8GB. I took out the first two and the same problem happened. Then I took out the other two and the problem disappeared. My system is now rockstable. Thanks for your help. Julian
  10. Hi w6kd, at the moment it is always the scene6.cab and scene5.cab file. I also got radomly CTD and green screens downloading large files like while downloading the MSFS installation or orthos for XP. Could this be indicating a broken RAM? I dont use any overclock. How do I check if it is the RAM? Thanks and best regards Julian
  11. Hi all, I just wanted to reinstall v5. Unfortunately I am unable to install the scenery part. I always get invalid digital siganture error message on several files. I already downloaded several files which several browsers and download managgers. The error message seems to come randomly. Sometimes it is the cab file 5, sometimes 2, sometimes 8. I tried already all the steps from the pinned topics in the forum. Antivirus off, updated system, USB plugged off, etc. The MD5 checksum is correct and also before the installation I checked under properties of the file the digital signatures. They look all good but after the error message it says the digital signature is invalid. I also tried another SSD to install but it happens again. The problem only happens with v5. I installed v4 the day before with no problems. I am using Windows 10. Thanks for any kind of support. Best regards Julian
  12. @Skywolf So finally I found out what really causes the stutters on my side and maybe it will help some others. I activated the autosave function in FSUPC every 60 seconds. So every time a new save file was created it was checked by Windows Defender. This causes a microstutter every 60 seconds. If I disable the autosave funtion P3D runs smooth as silk. Also if you exclude the file location of the save file from being checked by Windows Defender will probably help in this case. Thanks to anyone who was trying to hepl me.
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